Reach out to me via this form or on twitter if you have questions, comments, requests, or anything you would like to discuss regarding my blog. If you fill out the form, I will respond via email to the address provided. Scroll past the form for more info.

I am always available for inquiries and will let you know my availability and what timeframe works for me. See my links page for my current priorities.

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Work With Me

All posts include my own honest opinions and relevant disclaimers.

I work with companies to publicly review products on my blog, test products with private feedback, and write sponsored blog posts. I share my reviews on Twitter and an active collector Discord. I additionally make at least 2-3 posts on Twitter featuring the product before the article is posted.

Social media promos: I can show off a product, make a mini review/first impressions review, or otherwise promote a product on Twitter while engaging with my audience. This is a great option when my review queue is full, if the product is small, or if you want the promotion much sooner than my review wait time.

Blog post reviews: I can write a review in exchange for a copy of the product. If multiple products are involved, these may be reviewed in the same article or separate articles. I may charge a fee if the combined product value is low.

Themed blog post articles: I may accept products to be featured in articles focusing on a set of products from different shops, such as group reviews. Any reviews will be shorter than a full article and may not include details such as ordering and shop info, but will include in-use details and may include comparisons to other products.

Sponsored blog posts: I may accept payment for a blog post that is not centered around reviews but rather a topic instead, whether toy-related or not, with links to the site sponsoring the post. (Such as a post about pours, or a post about werewolf fantasies/erotica.) 

If interested, please get in touch and we can discuss details.