Paladin Pleasure Sculptors Elemental Line

Paladin Pleasure Sculptors Elemental Line

Paladin Pleasure Sculptors excels in designs that make the most of their overall shapes. They carry a few models with notable texture and fantasy themes, but they lean towards dildos that are smooth...

Masterwork Toys Adventurer

Masterwork Toys Adventurer

My toy collection had it all: Dragons, devils, and a menagerie of various fantastical creatures. I'd bought as many monster toys as I wanted, and while that was pretty great, I realized I was...

Paladin Pleasure Sculptors Titan

Paladin Pleasure Sculptors Titan

Small toys aren't usually what I go for. I like a medium sized toy: Something decently sizable with a fair bit of texture. Small Titan is both smaller and less textured than my usual preference. I...

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Renders of dildos that I designed

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