Review: Paladin Pleasure Sculptors Titan Dildo

Small toys aren’t usually what I go for. I like a medium sized toy: Something decently sizable with a fair bit of texture. Small Titan is both smaller and less textured than my usual preference. I purchased this one as my first human-shaped toy on account of the head and wanting another of PPS’ beautiful pours. It has since become one of my go-to toys.

Titan on blue fabric


The Small Titan is 7″ long, with 6″ usable, and a max circumference of 5.75″ (about 1.8″ diameter). I selected medium firmness, shore 00-50 silicone. The result is a toy that’s decently squishy but not too much so, with texture that’s on the subtle side. This is larger than many small-size toys out there.

The finish is smooth and slightly glossy. The colors are shimmery and sparkly. The blue/purple color at the base is PPS’ “Tricky” color.

At time of ordering, a three-color Titan in small cost me $55.

Titan, Snark, and minisOrdering

I contacted PPS through email to discuss colors for a guided surprise Snark and this Titan and receive approval and a quote for my order, after which I placed my order through the website. I had intended to order a purple/gold/translucent Titan, but the result ended up purple/silver/translucent on account of some miscommunication about the colors. After reaching out to confirm my order was correct, I was offered $20 in store credit. The miscommunication went both ways and I did receive a functional product, so I think this was a really generous offer and I appreciate it.

The toys arrived in individual plastic bags inside a box padded with tissue paper. Matching teenies and a couple of stickers were included, along with the receipt.

In Use (Vaginal)

This is slightly smaller than my typical size preference, yet still feels filling at the base. It’s firm enough to make me feel like it’s stretching me. It works well when I want a smaller toy with less warm-up required. It provides some nice G-spot stimulation and, when fully inserted, a little A-spot stimulation.

The ridge of the head is notable: Smooth enough to not catch or be harsh, but prominent enough to feel it pop in and out. Despite the smaller size, I really enjoy this feature of the toy and it would be worth purchasing for that alone.

I benefit from the stimulation of the bumps around the middle of the toy, but I have a hard time actively identifying the sensation. The bumps are too soft and subtle for my preference, but given that this is a small toy with gentle texture, that’s not a surprise. The bumps are okay for grinding against, but again, I would have preferred firmer.

Titan is enjoyable for thrusting. The base can be grasped easily as long as it’s not slick. There’s not anything to grind against at the base, and the base isn’t heavy enough to make riding easy.

This toy works well with both water- and oil-based lubes and is easy to clean.


The size and shape of this toy work really well for me, and it suits a human fantasy without being realistic. The amount of squish that the firmness provides is excellent, but leaves the bumpy texture too soft for me. The colors are beautiful and poured in a unique pattern. It’s easily a favorite of mine, and someday I would love to get a medium-size, medium firmness Titan as well.

Paladin Pleasure Sculptors Website

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Original post date: March 22, 2021

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