Fantasy Sex Toy Gift Cards and Discounts

Gift cards and wishlist purchases are great ways to show someone you appreciate them or to get your future self something nice. In an age of online friendships and long-distance relationships, it’s safer and more convenient than buying something to reship to someone else. And with the huge variety of silicone fantasy toys out there—grinders and dildos and penetrables all in different shapes and sizes and colors—putting the choice in the recipient’s hand is a safe bet.

Or maybe you’re just here for the discounts, which is totally fair.

Gift Cards

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Last updated: 5/8/2024


Wishlists allow one person to put together a list of items they would like, which they may then purchase later on or which may be purchased for them by someone else. They’re a great way to buy exactly what someone is after.

When it comes to fantasy sex toys, most wishlists work with custom listings but not premade inventory.

In addition to shop-specific wishlists, Throne is a general wishlist app that is compatible with products from many other sites.

Discounts and Rewards

While we’re talking money, let’s also touch on discounts like sales and rewards programs.

The following shops have reward programs that award points when purchasing. These points may be redeemed for shop credit, discounts, or small items like squishies to add to your order.

Most shops feature discounts at one point or another. The following are good ways to find a discount:

  • Flops: Flawed but safe toys
  • Newsletter discounts
  • Commercial holidays like Black Friday or Christmas sales
  • Coupon codes sent out as thanks for a purchase
  • Affiliate links from bloggers, content creators, or other community members
  • Sales throughout the year

If you’re itching for a discount from a shop, I would highly recommend signing up for their emailed newsletter and following them on social media for updates.

If you’re looking to buy from an international shop and the currency exchange rate is fluctuating, it could be worth buying when your currency is stronger. Right now, the US dollar is the strongest it’s been in decades compared to the British pound, Australian dollar, and euro, so it’s a great time for buyers in the US to purchase from international shops. (Not so much the other way around, though.)

What About Free Toys?

The good news is that there are ways to get fantasy sex toys without spending any money! The not-so-great news is that it comes down to chance, requires work to be done, and there are scammers out there.

Giveaways are plentiful on Twitter. Shops—and occasionally bloggers, content creators, or community members in general—raffle off custom or premade sex toys in exchange for retweets and comments. Additionally, there are contests for things like naming a new model, making art, or other creative endeavors. Other social media platforms may also have giveaways. A list of ongoing giveaways is maintained here.

Blogging, sex work, toy design, and other content creation can result in “free” toys if a shop is interested in partnering up. The toys are “free” in that they don’t cost money, but they do cost labor. All of these options require a lot of work to be put in, you may need to be established and have a following already, you need examples of quality work, not all shops are willing to collaborate, and it’s not easy. My blog is definitely a passion project and I put more in than I get out of it (if we’re calculating what my time is worth), while my design work is the result of years of art, design, and 3D modeling experience.

I don’t want to discourage someone from taking those routes! If something appeals to you, go for it. Practice, hone your skills, and see if you enjoy it. But it’s not a quick ticket to a free toy.

If you get an offer to review a toy on Amazon—which may happen even if you’re not an established reviewer—you could be sent the amount required to purchase the toy so that you can buy it and then leave a review on the site. Some vendors contact individuals on social media so that they can build up positive reviews on Amazon this way. But is it a quality product? Is it safe? Is it toxic? There’s a lot of reasons not to trust sex toys from Amazon. Not only that, but these review schemes are against Amazon’s terms and I have heard that these vendors issue chargebacks for reviews under 5 stars.

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