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Zini Bloom is unique among the vibrators I’ve owned in that it’s the only one with a heating element. The thought of that really interested me; silicone dildos don’t seem to retain heat that well and glass ones only stay hot for so long. Combine that with a lovely curve and it seemed like it could be the perfect vibrator, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

About HoneysX

HoneysX is a retailer that carries a wide variety of products from various brands, including big names like LELO, We-Vibe, and Satisfyer. They aim to provide “a select list of the world’s finest adult sex toys” and guarantee “genuine, body-safe, high-quality products.”

The vibrator lying horizontally

Design & Specs

Zini Bloom looks like a handle with a flower bud on top. The curve is ideal for G-spot stimulation. The tip is made of a softer, squishier silicone to better retain and transmit heat. The handle is pink and the tip is light pink.

It’s made of ABS plastic and silicone. I am unable to verify at this time if this is made from platinum cure silicone and I cannot get in touch with the manufacturer (or even access their website at The handle feels similar to the silicone on my other vibes, but the tip feels more plasticky.

The toy features two functions: Vibrations and heating. The heating is an optional addition. After turning on the product using the “—” button, the vibrations can be activated using the “O” button and the heat can be activated with the “+” button.

The heating function takes a few minutes to heat up the soft tip of the toy. Once hot, it maintains a fairly steady heat while the toy is on, and also retains the heat very well after turning it off.

The vibration patterns, of which there are ten, are pretty standard. While the toy advertises five intensities, I can’t figure out what this means or if the vibrator has a standard, non-pattern function. Maybe it’s a feature in the non-heated version of the toy?

It comes with an instruction booklet in Chinese, including the following instructions for the buttons:

Short press — for 0.5 seconds: Turn on
Hold — for 1 second: Turn off
Press O: Start vibration mode
Press O: Change pattern
Hold O for 1 second: Turn off
Press +: Activate heating mode
Hold + for 1 second: Turn off heating mode

The buttons: +, O, and —


Zini Bloom can be ordered from HoneysX’s website alongside other toys, lube, and accessories from other brands. Both the Bloom and Jundaoai HB-1 arrived together within two weeks, each of them in their own product box inside the plain cardboard shipping box. The Bloom has its own bag and a USB pin-style charging cord.

At this time, the Zini Bloom costs $65.99.

In Use – Vaginal

Vibrations-wise, it’s not my thing. The patterns just don’t do it for me. The closest I can get to a solid vibration is one of the patterns that’s like a constant flutter, but that does not interest me very much. The vibrations are buzzy and, while not super loud, they’re not as quiet as I would like. It would really benefit from a standard vibration mode.

If using this toy for its vibrations, I recommend using it internally because the soft tip really dampens the vibrations and isn’t great for clitoral use.

The curve is nice. I’m a sucker for a good G-spot or A-spot curve and the Bloom has the right angle to make it work. The impact is diminished given the softness of the tip. While I can get it angled perfectly, it gets a bit messy once I’m more warmed up because the toy isn’t long enough for me. I’ll have the whole thing inside up to the buttons just to get the stimulation that I want past the G-spot, and will end up swapping to another toy.

The tip, shaped like a flower bud

The heating feature is by far my favorite part. I’ve never had a heated toy before. While silicone can retain some heat and glass can do so pretty well, I find that it fades faster than I’d like, so this was a whole new experience for me.

When I first tried out the heating feature, I could not get enough of it. I went to sleep thinking about it. I masturbated even when I wasn’t that horny because I needed to feel that heat. It adds a layer to the whole experience; toys have shape, size, texture, and now this one has heat. Even now that I’m past the phase where it’s a novelty, I crave that warmth sometimes to the point where I feel desperate.

It has me wishing many of my other toys were heated. Could you imagine if dragon dildos had this feature? I’d absolutely love it.

Oftentimes I’ll turn on the heat for about 10 minutes, then turn it off. It stays hot for quite a while, and if it cools too much, I just turn the heating back on for a few minutes. I figure it saves some of the battery and hopefully mitigates the risk of overheating. I don’t know much about the safety of heated sex toys and can’t find many resources, so I have been following the wisdom that applies to heating pads and handwarmers: Don’t use for too long at once (maybe 15-20 minutes of skin contact at a time) in order to avoid risk of burns.

HoneysX Safety & Marketing

Despite HoneysX’s claim that they commit to high-quality and safe materials, they carry a lot of questionable products, including ones whose materials include “medical grade silicone” (which is not a thing). Very few of their products actually list platinum cure silicone, which is the standard in safety. (Tin cure silicone is not as safe due to the potential to degrade or to carry toxins.)

That said, many of the name brand products they carry, such as LELO, are reputable for their high quality and use platinum cure silicone (even if they don’t specify platinum cure in the site’s description). I would recommend purchasing products that are known to be of safe, quality materials, and doing a bit of research if you’re not sure. (Since my blog is very dildo-centric, I’ll make a specific note about dildos: The only ones I would trust from their site at this time are Blush brand.)

Their website includes messages on products, such as “# sold in last # hours” and “# customers are viewing this product.” These are randomly generated numbers (which is visible when one uses Inspect Element). When I contacted HoneysX about this, they let me know that it was a default Shopify function and that they would look into it. Their site also features very gendered marketing, categorizing toys as “For Men” or “For Women,” which personally puts me off a bit.

The logo on the handle, which has flames on one side and the word ZINI on the other


Zini Bloom from HoneysX is an interesting toy with a neat concept and appealing visuals. It has a nice curve for G-spot stimulation and a heating function that I love, but falls short when it comes to vibrations and may or may not be made from platinum cure silicone.

HoneysX has an admirable goal as a retailer to carry high quality, safe toys, but they fall short, carrying some products from brands that are highly questionable (which I won’t name here) or which don’t provide sufficient safety or material information (like the Zini Bloom). However, they also carry a wide variety of quality brands like LELO, We-Vibe, and Satisfyer.

I would not recommend the Zini Bloom. I would recommend toys from name brands like the ones listed above. They have more power, are guaranteed platinum cure silicone, are quieter, and have a standard vibration setting. Quality insertable vibes are usually going to be a higher price point, so if you’re looking for a cheaper toy, you may need to shop around, find a good sale, or sacrifice some power or quietness.

HoneysX Website

I was provided this toy in exchange for an honest review. This article contains affiliate links and I may earn a commission from qualifying sales.

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