20+ Transmasc Inspired Sex Toys

Over the past number of years, the sex toy industry has expanded their anatomical inspirations from cis male penises to include parts such as vulvas and buttholes and mouths, both with realistic and fantastical designs. Most of the designs out there appear to be based on cisgender anatomy, but there’s a growing number of designs on the market based on transgender bodies and represented by transgender characters, particularly in the fantasy realm.

I’m highlighting transmasculine toys because 1) as a trans guy myself, I think we’re fucking hot; 2) I want to celebrate the diversity represented in the indie sex toy scene, both by creators and their creations; and 3) the sexuality and sensuality of trans people is a topic that I love to explore, especially when presented by our own selves. A lot of these models are designed either by or in collaboration with trans individuals, making them part of our self-expression in the fantasy toy and furry world.

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Twilight Meadow Creations’ Raido and two Zayns from Made To Were

Fantasy Toy Models

This list includes models that are either fantastical in nature or made by fantasy toy shops; are made from skin-safe platinum-cure silicone; and appear to be based on or similar to medically transitioning transmasculine anatomy or are based on transmasculine characters (according to the product description or confirmation offsite).

Multi-function models are listed under all categories for which they are advertised.

Last updated: 3/16/24

βœ” Character is transmasc or design is based on transmasc anatomy
✨ Toy designed or produced by or in collaboration with trans people
πŸ’œ Toy designed by me
πŸ”’ Toy is no longer available
(Please note: The absence of βœ” or ✨ does not necessarily mean that these don’t apply, just that they aren’t confirmed as far as I know.)




  • Bad Romance (Kraken Monster Lab)
  • Beau’s Chest (Bat Bites) βœ”βœ¨
  • Bronco (Lifecast) (The Prince’s Court) βœ”βœ¨πŸ”’
  • Moda (Sp0re Prints) βœ”βœ¨
  • Hydor (Bat Bites) βœ”βœ¨
  • Isonade (Hodge Podge Entourage)
  • Ocypete (Knotty Myths Toys) βœ”βœ¨
  • Pelagio (Gelatinous Creations) βœ”βœ¨
  • Raido (Twilight Meadow Creations) βœ”βœ¨
  • Sweet Heart (Kraken Monster Lab)
  • Syx (Kreature Toys) βœ”βœ¨πŸ’œ
  • Zayn (Made To Were) βœ”βœ¨


Two Zayns from Made To Were, Dalmachd from Base Seagsaidh, and Raido from Twilight Meadow Creations

The Question of Respect

There are two points to consider when talking about toys like these: The recognition of trans people and our sexual appeal, and the fetishization of our bodies by those who see us as an exotic porn category.

The line between respect and fetishization is not a clear one. This isn’t a concern just in the sex toy industry, but also in matters such as media representation and writing fiction. For some, making a sex toy based on trans anatomy which is accessible to cisgender customers crosses a line. For others, our own genitals presented in the same manner as cis genitals is both deeply validating and arousing.

There’s also the matter of personal experience and expectations. There are views both within and outside the trans community that we need to act a certain way sexually that aligns with our gender, but this doesn’t reflect the true diversity of our experiences. Why not let a man enjoy being penetrated in whichever hole he enjoys? Why not let a woman enjoy penetrating others? Why not explore the many ways we can experience non-penetrative sex? Why should anyone keep these things under wraps to conform with cisheteronormative expectations, and why should we treat anything else as a fetish or stereotype? The acts that we can simulate with these toys are real things that real trans people enjoy.

Intent and presentation are both important, but there’s no way that will be universally viewed as respectful. No matter what, there’s going to be someone out there who finds a model based on transmasc anatomy to be fetishistic, either for the presentation alone or for the specific simulated sex act, and there’s going to be someone out there who buys a toy to fulfill an exotic fantasy with no regard for us as people.

For all those who write off these models or for any creeps who may buy them, there’s many more trans people who love them. In my experience, most customers interested in transmasc toys or media content are either trans themselves or supportive of trans people. These are the people who are building a community supporting the creation of these sex toys and the exploration of our bodies and sexuality. These are the people for whom I write and create.

We need to have discussions about what’s respectful and what’s not, and we need to have them without dismissing trans people’s opinions out of hand. I don’t think there’s any one right way to go about making and marketing models based on trans anatomy and that can be a difficult truth to navigate, but keeping trans people in the conversation is key.

A Note on Terminology

The terms “transmasc” or “transmasculine” typically encompass transgender men, nonbinary people whose gender is male-adjacent or male-inclusive, and individuals who medically transition in a similar way to trans men. Language is ever-changing and some people who may fit into those categories do not use the same terms, so while I use transmasc as an umbrella term here, I recognize there are others for whom this article is relevant to their bodies and experiences.

“FTM” (female-to-male) and “AFAB” (assigned female at birth) are sometimes used to refer to transmasculine individuals, but they are not universally accepted since the terms are based on birth designation rather than one’s current self. Unless an individual specifically uses these terms, I would recommend against using these to refer to individuals or characters.

Anatomical Variety

Medical transition may include surgeries and/or hormone replacement therapy (such as testosterone). There are multiple ways that one can medically transition, and some trans individuals do not medically transition at all. Everyone’s journey is different.

The toys in this article showcase anatomy that is common, but not exclusive, to transmasculine medical transition. The anatomy of these models is not limited to only this experienceβ€”other individuals, regardless of gender, may have similar bodiesβ€”nor is it intended to imply that these are the only bodies that transmasc people have.

Any fantasy toy out there could potentially belong to a transmasc character. Those who do not medically transition and those who do not see a certain level of growth on T may find that designs with vulvas and small clits more closely align with their anatomy than models with t-dicks. Those who have undergone phalloplasty may consider most dildos already out there better reflect their own anatomy.

Final Note

All of the paragraphs above reflect my own thoughts and opinions. These are not set in stone and I’m far from a definitive voice on trans matters. All I ask is for everyone to respect trans people, think critically about the design and presentation of sexual content of trans people, and consider that what makes one person uncomfortable can make another feel validated and euphoric.

Beyond the topic of sex toys and sexual content, I encourage readers to support trans people in your communities. Support local organizations that help LGBTQ+ individuals and contact your lawmakers regarding legislation about LGBTQ+ people. Help us survive, thrive, and live openly and authentically.

This article contains affiliate links and I may earn a commission from qualifying sales.

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