Review: VaaChar Asena Penetrable

It’s not a secret I have a thing for werewolves. I write about them, design them, and fantasize about them. Who can resist the monstrous allure of those muscles, fangs, teeth, and piles of fluff?

VaaChar’s Asena helps me play out my werewolf fantasies in addition to being a neat model in its own right. What drew me to it was not just the fantasy (though that’s definitely a good enough reason on its own), but the way I imagined it feeling. There’s a growing market of mini penetrables typically marketed towards trans men, but I’ve found that some larger penetrables also work for my body thanks to their tightness and design. With Asena’s folds providing notable texture at the entrance, I hoped this would make for a fun, intense experience that I couldn’t find with my other toys.

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Asena from the front

Design & Specs

Asena is a canine-inspired penetrable. The entrance is a set of labia split three ways, joining in the center with almost no gap between them. The outside is covered in sculpted fur that curls towards the entrance. The top side has a set of six teats and a clitoral bump.

While I may imagine a werewolf, Asena does not yet officially have character art or a character description. The design itself is stylized, though its appearance may be too close to reality for some, given that it lacks clearly fantastical features.

Medium size Asena is about 6″ long. Internally, the texture features prominent ridges in a roughly triangular tunnel. It’s widest right behind the entrance, with the internal diameter ranging from 0.6-1.2″. The front is 2.5″ across. The gap at the center between the folds (which are super flexible) is less than 0.5″ across at widest.

There are multiple seam lines: One circular around the front, one running the length of the toy on the top and bottom, and one along the inside of the folds which is not immediately visible. While I can feel them when I run my fingers across them, they are unobtrusive and I forget about them in use. (Seam lines are a natural occurrence with some silicone toys based on how they were produced.)

The pour I received features pink and dusky maroon with white threaded throughout. The colors have a lovely subtle shimmer and the ribboned marbling is a beautiful effect.

The surface feels skinlike and is slightly shiny. It’s a little tacky, but not as much as penetrables in 00-20 tend to be. I believe this one is A00, but the firmness is not listed on their site. Between the thinness and the softness, it’s easy to bend Asena right in half.


VaaChar recently moved from Etsy to their own storefront. Toys may be ordered on a made-to-order/custom basis by choosing specs and up to three colors from the model page. A three-color marble, with two colors having mica, would cost $119. For colors not listed, additional requests may be added to the order notes, or VaaChar may be contacted directly to work out the details before ordering.

My pour was a semi-surprise pour based on pastel and purple inspirations. The pour I received suited the vibe I was going for and the marbling is gorgeous, so I’m super pleased with it.

Asena arrived alongside Oisin and a set of minis.

In Use

For me, Asena’s a mixed bag.

The internals don’t work out for me. With me only having 1-1.5″ of length, and the widest part being right behind the entrance, I don’t get too much from it. I can scrunch up the toy and press it against myself, or tilt the tunnel up or down, in order to get some friction against my head, but it’s not very impressive. It’s a little bit of a disappointment to me that it didn’t work out well, but that’s not the primary reason I went for this model.

The entrance is where it’s all at. The three folds are highly flexible, making it easy to press in while also being thick enough to provide some decent sensation. It isn’t tight like something squeezing or like a mini penetrable, but the lips provide constant pressure even while moving. This provides a stroking sensation and a wide range of movement without popping out, something that I’ve been looking for but unable to find in my other full or mini penetrables.

There’s a variety of ways to play about with it; I don’t just have to use the centermost point of entrance. I can move Asena in a way that any of the spaces between two folds can stroke me. If I press the toy down at the same time, I can get more pressure on the top of my cock. But the center itself is pretty nice; I particularly like having the point of one fold catch on the edge of my head, which is one of my more sensitive spots.

The result of all this is that my shaft gets a lot of the action and I feel most sensation at the bottom of my shaft, but my head is more or less untouched. Regardless, I can orgasm from this alone, which is a major plus for me personally.

Grinding-wise, the clitoral bump is fun to rub against, but not something I’d spend a lot of time doing. For cis women and/or those without any growth, I think that the bump and the folds could make for a good experience, but it could be awkward adding pressure given the relatively small size of the stroker.

Top of Asena, showing off the marbling

In Use: Strap-On

Being a fullsize penetrable, Asena’s internals may not work out for my own cock, but they work well for strap-on use. Large Oisin fits into it very well, especially with the thinner upper shaft and tapered head, and small Paladin Pleasure Sculptors Titan works well despite the tighter fit.

Asena doesn’t stay put particularly well when set down on a surface to thrust into, given that it doesn’t have much weight of its own, but it’s easy to use when sitting back and stroking. It’s incredibly validating to go through those motions and to do so this easily. Larger strokers, like Bad Dragon’s masturbators, are unwieldy and can be exhausting to use given their size and weight, but Asena is much more lightweight.

Asena compared to Bad Dragon Snowball and Chillow Fantasy Madeye Vortex


VaaChar’s Asena works well for me as a trans man when it comes to the texture of the entrance and use with a strap-on, but falls short when it comes to the internal texture. The sculpt is appealing to me as a werewolf fan and the toy itself is beautiful and high quality.

I would recommend Asena to people with growth from T who are looking for a stroker that won’t pop off with more movement, one where the entrance itself moves as part of the experience, or one that fits a werewolf fantasy in general.

VaaChar Website
Asena Model Page

This post does not contain any affiliate links. I received the toy in exchange for an honest review. I have not received any monetary compensation for this review.

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