Review: VaaChar Oisin Dildo

VaaChar’s Oisin the Red Deer departs from my typical tastes: It’s long, slender, smooth, and tapered. But I just had to give it a try both for the unique shape and for the fantasy. Anthro bucks aren’t unknown in the fantasy world (certainly not since Bad Dragon‘s Sveinn), but the models are few and far between, so this was my first.

As a shop I hadn’t heard about until recently, I was curious about VaaChar’s quality and style. What are their toys like? How would their custom pours turn out? How interesting are the features that make their toys unique?

I reached out to VaaChar and spoke with Charrez, one of the owners, about working together. They were so polite and nice to work with from the start. After we worked out the details, I ended up with both Oisin and Asena to review, and VaaChar had added mica to their repertoire, meaning they can now pour shimmery colors. (Not that their matte pours aren’t beautiful—there’s some gorgeous examples of VaaChar’s matte marbled toys out there—but I’m personally really pleased with the way the shimmer turned out.)

Design & Specs

Oisin is a deer-inspired fantasy design featuring a strong curve that starts just above the base and tilts upwards at the tapered head. Veins climb up along either side of the shaft and a thin medial ring sits about a third of the way up. At the base is a pair of large, relatively flat balls.

Large Oisin stands almost 8″ tall with 7.5″ of that usable, with a girth of up to 2″ diameter (6″ circ) on the shaft and 2.25″ (6.25″ circ) for the medial ring. The tip is 1″ thick (3.5″ circ) and just above the ring is up to 1.75″ (5.25″ circ).

In soft A00 firmness, which is similar to 00-40, it’s fairly squishy and bends easily. The lower shaft has slightly less give due to the girth.

There are a couple of small aesthetic flaws on the toy, including a rough patch right beneath the head and a tiny cluster of bumps below the medial ring. I don’t notice these in use, they do not make it any more difficult to clean, and I barely notice them unless I’m looking for them.

For my custom colors, I asked for pastels marbled with white and gave the shop artistic freedom on color choice. The end result is a marble of white, light translucent olive green with green shimmer, and light pink. The shimmer is subtle and the translucence is difficult to capture in photos, but the effect is gorgeous.

The finish is smooth matte, which feels similar to skin. It’s a lot like Neotori’s finish.


VaaChar sells their products through Etsy on a made-to-order basis. Limited color options are shown when ordering, but buyers may reach out to the shop owners to discuss additional options, such as three-color marbles or colors that aren’t listed (like shimmery colors, which aren’t on their standard color list at this time). Their Etsy currently hosts one listing for each size and firmness, with the size listed on the product image and the firmness in the product title.

The toys arrived in their own bags. I also received a set of minis, which are some of the largest in my collection. (Great for squishing!)

A large Oisin costs $73.25 and minis cost $8.49 each.

In Use: Vaginal

Despite the way that Oisin appealed to me, and despite the fact that I specifically requested this model, I was worried that I wouldn’t like it. It would all come down to the ring and the curve.

Let’s start with what I was most looking forward to: the ring. I love a good medial ring. I’ve got a couple of equine toys and it’s my favorite feature of such toys, hands down. A great medial ring gives a strong sensation when popping in and out and makes for an intense ride.

The girth of Oisin’s ring works out nicely: I get the pop, I get the increased sensation from the ride, and it’s nice. What’s really nice is that, while I’m thrusting, I can angle the outside so that the ring rubs against my cock. The downside is it’s not as intense or good a feeling as I get from other toys, and I think that comes from how short the ring is. It’s more like a thin band than a full ring, so compared to some of my other toys, it’s underwhelming.

As for the curve, it’s unique and interesting. It gives me more of a sense of movement than a straight or standard curve dildo would, which is a really cool effect that none of my other toys have. The upward curve of the top half of the shaft provides some gentle G-spot stimulation when I angle it correctly. The overall sensation from the shape is pleasant and I find that I enjoy it more than I expected for a toy with almost no texture.

When I go as deep as I can, Oisin either pokes against my cervix uncomfortably (when upside-down) or slips behind it (when using with the head side up). Toys have only slipped like that for me when they’re long and have a thin tip. It’s not bad, especially when I get the full girth at the base when doing so, but it can be a hassle if I then pull it out too far (since then I need to maneuver it back again). The point where it slips back is a moment of “so is it going to do the thing or is it going to poke me and hurt?” But once it’s in, I’ve got an inch or two of thrusting freedom and I can hilt the toy to get the full girth at its base.

In Use: Anal

Oisin may not work out great for me vaginally, but anally? Hoo boy. I might have a new fave.

The tapered tip makes for easy insertion. It’s not too thin as to be wobbly, but it’s also not too thick to be uncomfortable. The shaft slides right on in, and before I know it, half the length’s in and I haven’t felt a stretch. It’s really impressive, honestly; I can take most of the toy with no discomfort whatsoever. Is it the smooth shaft? The small head? The unique curve? Maybe it’s all three. Whatever it is, this toy treats me nicer than the rest of my collection.

Speaking of the curve, there’s no weirdness at all anally. No cervix to get in the way means no problem. There’s pressure in different areas depending on the orientation of the dildo, which changes up the experience a bit.

Thanks to the lack of texture, there’s no discomfort when I pick up the speed and the toy doesn’t feel overwhelming at all.

Other Uses

This is the first dildo I’ve really tried docking with. The tip tapers enough to fit in my foreskin, which gives me an incredibly validating experience, especially given that it looks like a dick. Not a lot of those have small enough heads for this!

Between the thinner tip and thicker base, the toy is decently sized yet is also able to penetrate fantasy masturbators like VaaChar’s Asena or Bad Dragon’s Sahleen. While I can’t speak to how it would fit in a harness, it is pretty fun to give it a handjob and a sleevejob. (Is that a word? It is now.)

This toy works well with both water- and oil-based lubes.


The best feature of VaaChar’s Oisin is its curve. It gives the deceptively featureless toy a lot of character and makes for a unique experience in use. Though the length and tapered tip don’t always play nice with my cervix, this dildo works great for me anally.

I would highly recommend Oisin as an anal toy for anyone looking for a smooth ride or a starter toy, but would not recommend it to anyone who might be worried about cervix poking. VaaChar’s James or Ryker could be better options in those cases.

VaaChar Website
Oisin Model Page

This post does not contain any affiliate links. I received the toy in exchange for an honest review. I have not received any monetary compensation for this review.

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