Review: Pleasure Forge Bone Devil Dildo

Pleasure Forge stands out for a lot of reasons: They’ve got toys in an array of shapes and sizes, their pours are beautiful, and they hit the fantasy nail on the head by referencing fantastical monsters many of us are familiar with. I may have never thought about banging an illithid before, but after seeing their take on it? Sign me up.

Bone devils look spiky and uncomfortable, but nevertheless, PF managed to craft a dildo design for that monster. Whether you imagine it as a cock, tail, or other appendage, this toy fits the fantasy of getting properly boned.

I can’t say I wanted this toy when I first saw it. The pointy head didn’t appeal to me as much as a nice thick one, the shape looked funny, and as much of a monsterfucker as I may consider myself, I didn’t vibe with the thought of bone devils.

I can safely say I’ve changed my mind.

Bone Devil on purple and gold fabric


Medium Bone Devil is 7.2″ long, with 5.7″ of that usable, and a girth of up to 5.6″ circumference (2″ diameter). In medium firmness, 00-50, it’s quite bendy and squishy. The base is 4″x3.25″ and just shy of 12″ circumference. When measuring, I found my toy to be up to 6″ circumference, with a diameter ranging from 1.5-2″.

The finish is smooth and shiny without being glossy. It feels soft like skin.

This toy was poured in a named colorway: Winter Dream Cake. The colors include pale purple, shimmery light blue, light yellow, and translucent silicone, with gold and silver glitter*. The translucence gives it an “ink in water” effect that I find absolutely gorgeous, and this toy turned me onto the use of translucence in pours for this effect. The translucent silicone glows blue in the dark.

* The glitter is most likely mica, which is much safer to use in toys than craft glitter.

At time of ordering, this toy cost $59.50 with a promotional 15% discount. Base price was $70.

Product photos from the product listing © Pleasure Forge


I purchased this toy during an inventory drop (restock) on Pleasure Forge’s website on Black Friday 2020 as a premade toy. PF uploaded the listings ahead of time during what they call a “pre-shop,” where all the listings display as sold out prior to the scheduled drop time. As stock drops can be a bit hectic with multiple customers vying for the same toys, I browsed the new Bone Devils during the pre-shop and had a second, third, and fourth choice picked out ahead of time in case I didn’t get my first pick.

My first pick was sold out by the time I got to checkout. Thankfully, this Winter Dream Cake Bone Devil was still available, so I checked out with my second pick along with an Illithid dildo and a jar of lube*.

* PF does not currently stock lube.

The toys arrived in individual plastic bags wrapped in tissue paper and at least one teeny was included. There were no flaws when I checked the toys, though there were little black flecks in the bag with the bone devil that looked like tiny paint chips. When I reached out to PF, they could not help me identify the flecks, but did confirm that this toy should not have had that much lint/debris in the bag. Once we confirmed that the flecks washed off and there was no damage to the toy, they provided me a 15% off coupon code.

Bone devil on a purple and gold bag

In Use (Vaginal)

It took me a couple of tries to get used to this toy, but now I love it.

The ridges are up to 2″ diameter, but the toy doesn’t feel like it’s that girthy. If I want this toy for girth purposes, I’m going to have to size up to a large. However, the texture is where this toy shines.

Each ridge stands out, especially in medium firmness. I am not particularly sensitive: Sometimes I can’t even feel soft or small toys. Having a toy with such strong texture can be a great change from smoother models. In this case, it can even be too much texture for me at times, but for the most part, it’s exactly what I want when I’m looking for texture.

Few toys have texture or shape that stands out along the sides of the shaft; it’s typically along the top or bottom. I love texture along the sides, so it’s really nice to have a toy where I can have that without having to rotate it sideways. That said, the ribbed sensation is spectacular when this toy is turned sideways, pressing the texture against my front wall.

The curve of the toy helps this toy provide A-spot stimulation, but only just, on account of the usable length. Turning the toy backwards presses the curve against my G-spot really nicely. The combination of the ridge along the underside along with the ribs is the smoothest orientation for this toy, but still nicely textured.

The head is large enough to give a sensation of popping in and out. It’s okay for G-spot stimulation, but not intense in this shape and firmness. Turned sideways, the largest part of the head presses against my front wall better, though it’s off-center given the curve of the toy. The tapered tip would make for a smooth entrance, but given the squishy firmness and parts of the shaft being only 1.5″ across, it’s wobbly and needs a bit of help getting in.

The base is thin at the edges but otherwise relatively sturdy. The shape makes it excellent for gripping, which is great considering I find this toy much nicer to use thrusting than riding. Since the base isn’t heavy, it needs to be held down when riding. When not in use, it stands up on its own without issue.

This toy works well with water- or oil-based lubes, but I prefer water-based as it makes the experience a tad bit smoother.

A close-up of the translucent silicone


I’ve come to love this toy despite not having a great initial impression of it. It’s like a dream for a texture fan like me. The pour is gorgeous and the size and shape are wonderful. It doesn’t work out as a girthy toy, but I may someday get a large, soft Bone Devil to scratch that itch.

Pleasure Forge Website
Bone Devil Model Page

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Origina post date: April 22, 2021

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