Review: Twin Tail Creations Dante the Anubite Knotted Dildo

When people think of fantasy dildos, one of the first things that comes to mind is knots. It’s a feature that is almost exclusive to silicone fantasy toys, primarily canine-inspired ones, and there are a lot of knot fans out there.

I consider Dante, which I purchased in 2017, to be my first knotted toy. While I did previously purchase a different knotted toy, it was too firm for me to use at all, so I never got the knotting experience from it.

Dante on purple fabric


Medium Dante is 7.75″ tall, 6.5″ of that usable, and the balls are hefty, about 2″ long. The shaft has a circumference of 6.5″ (2.1″ diameter) and the knot gets up to a circumference of about 8.25″ (2.55″ diameter). In medium firmness, 00-60, it’s fairly resistant to being squished.

The finish—TTC’s Silky finish—is a velvety matte texture. This makes it rougher than some other toys with smooth matte or glossy finishes. Personally, this provides more sensation for me—and it’s one of my favorite finishes out there—but some people have described it as feeling more like sandpaper.

The pour is a fade from metallic blue to cyan to white. It has very little shimmer along the shaft and base, but the very bottom of the toy is entirely shimmery. The base is a mix of white, pale mint green, sea green, and cobalt blue.

Dante's base

The model is advertised as Dante the Anubite, featuring explicit art of a jackal-type furry on the model page. Design-wise, the toy is canine in nature, and it has ridges along the shaft prior to the knot, with bumps on the underside. I am not a fan of designs closely based on real animals, so I was happy to find a toy in this shape that’s clearly fantasy enough for me to enjoy.

At time of ordering, this custom toy cost $90. There was no color upcharge on account of selecting a surprise color (For Science!).


I purchased Dante through TTC’s Dante product page (which doubles as a custom order page) as medium size, medium firmness, no suction cup, and the For Science! color option, which guarantees a non-single-color toy but leaves the exact pour and colors up to the makers.

I had the option to input notes during the checkout process. TTC allows a few color inclusion/exclusion requests when ordering For Science! toys. My only request was to avoid UV/GITD (glow in the dark). However, in a more recent order, this form was never available in the checkouy process and I had to contact TTC directly to make my color request. They have two additional For Science! pages, one with a form and one without. If you have any color inclusion/exclusion requests, I would advise using the page with the form (Custom Order – For-Science! – Guided For-Science! Order Form).

The toy arrived in an individual plastic bag inside a box padded with paper or tissue paper (at this time, I cannot recall which). It came with one of the gear squishies pictured below and care information printed on thick paper.

When TTC launched their rewards program in 2020, I retroactively received 90 points for my order ($9 store credit).

Four squishies

In Use (Vaginal)

At just over 2″ diameter along the shaft—roughly my preferred girth—the first few inches of the toy are fantastic in use. I’m not one for short toys and I love the knot on this, but when I’m warming up, the shaft alone is spectacular. The ridges and bumps protrude the perfect amount, and in this firmness, the texture is prominent but not overwhelming. The Silky finish bolsters the impact of the texture.

The knot is a natural stopping point for the shaft. The difference in girth is sharp enough that it’s not going to slip right in. It takes some pushing to take the knot, and I need to be aroused enough to have the appropriate depth (vaginal expansion) to take that much of the toy. If the tip of the toy feels uncomfortable or even painful inside me, I’m not ready to take more length yet.

Inserting the knot gives a nice, stretched feeling. Once the knot’s in, it’s really good at staying in. If I use way too much lube, it might slip out, but otherwise, this knot ties very well. Of the few knotted toys I have, this is the only one that will stay in easily. The short amount of shaft after the knot allows me to thrust or ride without removing the knot, though if I want to pop the knot in and out, I can. When I purchased this, I hadn’t ever used anything above a 2″ diameter, but I was able to fit the knot without any trouble.

Riding and thrusting both work out for me. My favorite way to use this is doggystyle: The knot ties better backwards, and the balls, which are well positioned to slap against me in use, lend well to my werewolf fantasies.

This toy works best with water-based lubes. The finish and texture provide enough surface area that the lube won’t dry up fast, and the viscosity of water-based lube slightly reduces the intensity of the Silky finish. With oil-based lube, the finish is a tad uncomfortable for me.

My only regret is that I didn’t get a suction cup on this one.

In Use (Grinding)

Grinding against the shaft works out well with this toy, especially given its length. The drag from the Silky finish makes this toy one of my favorites for frotting.

In Use (Oral)

Dante is great to suck on. The gentle head makes for an easy fit, and the shaft gives my mouth a nice stretch. The texture and finish do not inhibit use or make it unpleasant at all.


This is my favorite knotted toy so far. The knot itself is nicely proportioned and ties well, I love the shaft’s texture, the specs are perfect for my preferences, and the finish is one of my favorites. I’m a big fan of TTC’s For Science! color option since I love surprises but don’t want a single solid toy, and it’s a great deal for no color upcharge. The design and toy are high quality and work out for my fantasies.

A Note on TTC

I must disclaim that I do not currently intend to purchase from Twin Tail Creations again in the near future.

TTC has proposed reselling used toys from other makers (1, 2), claimed not to resell returned toys (1) then clarified they do resell returned toys despite not using heat-sealed bags (2), insulted customers (1), and claimed that sketching a toy design does not count as designing a toy (1). The owner, Lokoti, discussed TTC with fantasy toy community members while implying he was not part of the company (1, 2) and has said that making supposed bad-faith accusations of holding discriminatory views is as bad as being alt-right (1). This is on top of seeing a number of customers receive disappointing pours of their mineral vein colorations, which appear to be highly inconsistent.

While I have hope that they can improve as a company and as individuals, and while their toys are beautiful and high quality, I am not personally comfortable supporting this company at this moment. I don’t ask that others not buy from them, but I do ask that people take this information into consideration when determining whether to make a purchase.

Twin Tail Creations Website
Dante the Anubite Model Page

This post does not contain any affiliate links. Any discounts received have been clearly noted within this post.

Original post date: April 3, 2021

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