Review: Xenocat Artifacts Uropa Alien Dildo

When XCA shared previews of this model on Twitter, I couldn’t wait to get one of my own. The blue-and-white of their first pour preview was ethereal, the texture looked intense, and the overall design was perfectly alien.

Uropa on blue fabric


The Medium Uropa is a stout toy: 7.5″ tall, with 6″ usable, and boasts a circumference up to 7.25″ (roughly 2.3″ diameter). When measuring it myself, I found the usable length to be 5.7″.* The base is hefty, at 15.5″ circumference and 5″ across either way. The one I purchased is in soft firmness, 00-30. Squish-wise, I find it comparable to most mediums in 00-50.

The finish is shiny. The colors are a Moonlit Lake inspired pour and include a dark blue to white fade along the shaft with some shimmery sea green along the bottom half of the shaft. The base shows a swirl of blue, purple-blue, and shimmery sea green. The white part of the toy is glow-in-the-dark blue, which is bright at the tip and fades along the shaft.

At time of ordering, this premade toy cost $110. More expensive than some medium toys, but the base alone takes a lot of silicone.

*Due to the nature of silicone, shop numbers are approximate and individual products may vary.

Product photos from the Etsy listing © Xenocat Artifacts


I purchased this toy on Etsy as a premade toy. Four photos were provided, one of each side, along with two photos of a stock model next to a can for size reference. This toy was posted as part of an inventory drop (restock), before which there was a preview on Twitter. Etsy doesn’t always load these correctly, but I luckily managed to get this toy to load quickly enough to buy it. Since drops can be competitive and there were only five medium Uropas in this drop, I had to go fast to buy the one I wanted.

The Etsy listing included the following disclaimer: “The Uropa model has a small chance to get air bubbles along the top barbs along the side of the head of the toy. This problem should be fixed in future releases.” I thoroughly inspected my toy once received and found that there were no air bubbles or flaws. There were a number of tiny bumps around the toy that didn’t look consistent, but these turned out to be texture from the 3D printed model and were all symmetrical across the toy.

I had ordered another toy from XCA the week prior (a Petite Naveah stroker) but it hadn’t yet shipped. A couple of days before the inventory drop, I reached out to them on Etsy to see if it would be possible to hold this order and combine it with the Uropa (if I managed to purchase one). They confirmed this was possible, so after I ordered the Uropa, I messaged them both order numbers to request combined shipping. Both toys arrived in the same box.

The toys arrived in individual plastic bags inside a box padded with paper or tissue paper (at this time, I cannot recall which). They arrived with a sticker, two cards, one care sheet, and two chits (squishies). I love the shimmery sea green chit; it’s one of my favorite colors.

Uropa, silver Naveah, and the other items from the box

In Use (Vaginal)

When I received this toy, I was very comfortable with 2″ diameter, but 2.5″ diameter was a bit too much. The girth of this toy, at about 2.3″, suited me well. Now, I’m comfortable with thicker toys, and this one remains a nice girth.

The texture on this is prominent. The bumps on top are exactly what I like against my front wall, and the heavily ribbed texture on the underside is great no matter which way I turn it. The underside is excellent for a texture fan like me, and is definitely more intense than the top side of the toy.

I was hesitant to purchase this toy in soft 00-30. Sometimes, I can’t quite feel texture or girth in toys that are soft, but in this case, it proved to be the perfect firmness. The texture is great, but on days where I’m more sensitive than usual, it’s overwhelming. On normal days, it’s just right, but sometimes almost too much. Medium 00-50 could have made the underside of the toy push into painful territory.

This is solidly a riding toy for me. I prefer to thrust, but the shape of this one makes that awkward. Whether riding or thrusting, the last inch of the toy is difficult to reliably insert due to the size of the base. This does not impede my enjoyment of the toy, though, since the sensations are strongest at the first couple inches of my entrance, and the extra inch doesn’t make much of a difference. It does mean it would be hard to grind against the base, but I can’t grind against the base much anyway. Most bases don’t work out for me that way.

On account of the length, I cannot get reliable A-spot stimulation; anything under 6″ makes that difficult for me. I was a little sad to find that my toy was slightly less than the advertised usable length of 6″, but I purchased this one for the texture and girth, not the length.

This toy works well with water-based lubes. I have not yet tried oil-based lubes with it. Despite being shiny (and therefore relatively smooth), it has enough texture that water-based lube has plenty of surface area to grip to the toy.

In Use (Grinding)

Grinding against the shaft is a treat. The head isn’t comfortable to grind against, and the top bumps don’t impress me, but grinding against the underside is fantastic. The texture on the underside runs along the shaft in two columns, and rubbing against or between them is a wonderful sensation. I’ve had times where that was pretty much all I did with the toy.


I love texture, and this toy hits the spot in that regard. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys texture and girth, but would also suggest going down a step in firmness to account for the intensity of the texture. The base is more bulky than I would prefer and doesn’t do much for me, but it is beautiful and matches the overall design. The design is of great quality, with well defined texture that doesn’t get lost or overwhelming with too many details, and the pour I purchased is a lovely fade. For grinding, I do not benefit from the base, but the shaft works out excellently.

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Original post date: March 28, 2021

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