Review: Masterwork Toys Adventurer Dildo

My toy collection had it all: Dragons, devils, and a menagerie of various fantastical creatures. I’d bought as many monster toys as I wanted, and while that was pretty great, I realized I was missing something that tends to be a first in most people’s collections: A human toy.

Granted, I had my small Titan, but I’m into realism. I wanted a hefty human dick to match the fantasies in my head, with high detail and nice balls.

Many companies advertise that their materials achieve a realistic feel, but those can be toxic and unsafe, even ones that say they’re made from silicone. (See Dangerous Lilly’s post on this for more information.) For a soft toy like this, I only trust platinum-cure silicone from reputable makers. Tantus’ dual density toys and VixSkin’s unique silicone formula would be a solid bet for a more realistic feel than single-density fantasy silicone toys, but in this case, I opted for the familiarity of single-density silicone.

*Note: This post was written when the Adventurer was a single-size hand-sculpted model. It has since been remade in a multi-size lineup. The Adventurer in this review is comparable to, but not exactly the same as, the new medium-size Adventurer.

Adventurer on green fabric


The Adventurer is a single-size dildo.* It is 7.5″ long with 6.5″ usable, with a girth of 6.5″ circumference (just over 2″ diameter). The size is comparable to many medium-size toys out there. In 00-50, it feels sturdy and not plush or skinlike, but with enough give not to hurt.

The pour is a shimmery three-color marbled fade from purple-blue to light sea green. The toy looks shiny, but the finish is more of a smooth matte finish than glossy.

Because of the curve, this toy does not stay standing up on its own. It will stand on a completely flat surface, or an angled surface that offsets the tilt, but it threatens to fall over at the slightest touch.

At a glance, the surface appears to have more imperfections than some other toys, such as what looks like a cut where the shaft meets the balls. The shaft texture includes numerous lines to interrupt the smoothness the toy would have otherwise. These are typical traits for toys whose molds were created from handmade clay models rather than 3D printed models. I thoroughly inspected my toy and found that none of these features should cause any damage to the toy.

This toy was listed as a flop on account of a popped air bubble under the ridge of the head. I am careful to clean the air bubble and to check that area in case the damage worsens; so far, it has not gotten any worse, and I cannot feel the flaw in use. I would not normally purchase this kind of flop out of fear the damage may worsen, but I was picky about the colors I wanted.

The Adventurer requires extra thoroughness when cleaning on account of the heavy detail around the head, especially the frenulum.

At time of ordering, this toy cost $70, including flop discount. Base price was $75.

The air bubble under the ridge


I purchased this toy during an inventory drop (restock) on Etsy as a premade toy. It arrived sealed in a plastic bag with tissue paper in the box.

In Use (Vaginal)

The firmness is perfect for me, density-wise, but the texture is so prominent that maybe I should have gone for soft instead. It feels nice and thick inside me; the girth is perfect for my tastes and not too squishy.

The head pops in and out very nicely, and the ridge continues to provide stimulation internally. The ridge popping in is strong enough to be nearly painful, so I’m hesitant to use this on my most sensitive days, and would advise to go for soft firmness instead for anyone who is averse to strong texture. The continued textured sensation deeper inside is not something I get with most toys, but I really like it with the Adventurer.

The foreskin and frenulum are highly detailed, adding additional sensation and friction. The general texture on the shaft adds drag, making the ride less smooth and more intense.

The toy needs to be held in place when riding, but is a great experience for both riding and thrusting. Using this toy in standard orientation, I get the sensation from the coronal ridge along my G-spot and solid stimulation when the blunt tip hits my A-spot. Reversed, the underside of the curve provides constant G-spot stimulation—in fact, it’s the best toy I have for this kind of stimulation, between the shape and the texture. I prefer taking the toy’s full length, but even half of it is a fun experience.

The Adventurer makes me “cream” in a way that other toys don’t, which I suspect is due to the prominent ridge. Personally, I love this, as I enjoy the visual aspect.

This toy works well with both water- and oil-based lubes.

In Use (Grinding)

This is a fantastic toy to frot against, given all its texture. Both the shaft and frenulum work out great for this purpose, but would be nicer in soft.

Product photos from the Etsy listing © Masterwork Toys


The Adventurer is a detail-heavy human dildo that perfectly suits my desire for a realistic human toy in terms of design. The texture is more prominent than it looks and the shape works well for both G-spot and A-spot stimulation. While I prefer most toys to be 00-50 and enjoy the amount of squish this toy has overall, it’s possible I could enjoy the texture more in 00-30.

I would recommend this toy to people who enjoy texture and are interested in a realistically detailed human dildo. For those interested in a less human toy with similar features, Masterwork Toys’ other current model is the Shifter, which has a fantasy spin.

Masterwork Toys Etsy Page

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Original post date: May 16, 2021

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