Review: Carnal Compendium Cedre Mini Penetrable

Cedre from Carnal Compendium was my third mini penetrable. At this point in time, it’s easily my favorite. The pour is beautiful, the silicone is soft and plush, the texture is delightful, and I’m a sucker for merfolk fantasies.

Note: The toy version reviewed in this article is no longer available. A newer version is available for purchase.

Cedre on teal fabric


Cedre is an open-ended mini penetrable/masturbation sleeve/FtM stroker* geared towards “clitoral, trans masc, or microphallus stimulation.” (For an introduction to mini penetrables, check out this overview by Mx.ed reviews.)

This toy is just under three inches long. The entrance and tunnel are 0.8″ long by 0.5″ tall, which can be stretched to 1.5-2″ across either way. In extra soft 00-20 silicone, it feels plush like a marshmallow. It has a smooth matte finish (also like a marshmallow) that is slightly tacky on account of the softness.

This pour includes three colors marbled together: Shimmery green, shimmery black, and metallic sparkly gold.

The model comes in one size with two styles: Anatomical and Scaled. These relate to the appearance on the entrance of the toy, but not the internal texture. The one I have is Anatomical, which I interpret as a non-scaly merfolk cloaca.

On one side of the toy, near the flat end (opposite the entrance), there is a raised logo that looks like an “A” and “N” combined, from the store’s previous name of All for Naughty. There is a small seam just inside the opening (which I cannot feel in use) which most mini penetrables have due to the type of mold used to create it.

At time of ordering, this premade toy cost $30.

* Not every trans person uses the terms FtM or MtF, and these toys work for a wider audience than just transmasc people—anyone with small enough bits may enjoy a mini penetrable.

Product photos from product listing © Carnal Compendium


I purchased this from the Carnal Compendium site as a premade toy. The toy came in a sealed plastic bag inside a box padded with tissue paper. Included in the box were a sticker and a green squishy in the shape of a book. I believe it came with a care sheet, but I cannot at this time recall for certain.

In Use

I have only been on T (testosterone) for a few months, so I only have about an inch of length and half an inch of girth (diameter) to work with. Cedre is larger than ideal for my current growth, but I believe I will grow into it over time. I may revisit this toy later on to review it from the perspective of having had more growth.

This toy is a bit too wide for my bits when excluding foreskin/hood; unless I am fully warmed up and erect, I do not benefit much from the internal texture, but I can feel some of it. Including foreskin/hood, I need to stretch the entrance a tad to get in there, which is a little messy when lubed up but not an issue, and it doesn’t provide much pressure to my head but does add sensation along my shaft. It is logistically difficult to squeeze near the entrance due to lube and positioning, so I can’t do that to make it tighter.

Cedre’s tunnel is wider one way than the other. In standard orientation, this provides more pressure from the top and bottom; turned sideways, it provides more pressure on the sides. I find that turning it sideways makes it grip around me better, making me feel like I’m actually being stroked and providing more sensation from the texture. Grinding against the texture around the entrance does not do much for me.

While I may not have much length to work with, I can move this like a standard stroker to have the internal texture stroke me. I also benefit from pushing it against me from the back end while penetrating it, which presses some of the texture from the middle forwards against my tip. I continue to try it out at various angles and orientations to figure out what works best for me—but it’s all pretty good regardless of what I try.

The internal texture, viewable on the site, is a hybrid of ribs and bumps, which gives me a prominent ribbed sensation. In extra soft, it’s perfect for me: Notable but not overwhelming. Sometimes I’m surprised that I can feel sensation so much stronger than I can internally, since I can barely feel soft texture on dildos, but in the end, these are different organs we’re talking about.

Holding the toy at the middle or the end is comfortable for me. I can use it while riding a dildo at the same time, provided that the dildo is not thick enough to interfere with my external bits.

I can gain some suction by putting my finger in the other end, but due to the oblong shape of the tunnel, this doesn’t work out great for me. It may work better with a bullet vibe or larger fingers. (As it is, I’m not fussed about suction; I find that mini strokers allow me more movement without suction.)

Carnal Compendium offers Cedre Mini Penetrables in all the same firmness options as their dildos. A harder firmness would allow for stronger suction, but the internal firmness could be overwhelming, depending on personal sensitivity.

This toy works well with water-based lubes. I do not use oil-based lubes with this toy on account of the difficulty of cleaning out the inside. It doesn’t take much lube for it to work effectively. It can work with only the tiniest bit of lube or my body’s natural lubrication, but in general, I would advise a couple decent drops of lube.

Cedre, a squishy, and a sticker on blue tissue paper

Note: Foil and pigment from tissue paper can rub off on silicone. Be careful when leaving toys on tissue paper.


Cedre has a wonderful texture, design, and pour. This is the most matte mini penetrable that I own, and the finish along with the texture make it my favorite one to use, on top of the merfolk fantasy. It works alright for me with limited growth, but even though I’m not large enough for ideal use, I still love it. The pour is beautiful and I would trust this shop with any color combination I wanted to order. If Carnal Compendium releases another mini penetrable model, I will be highly interested in buying one.

I would recommend this model to anyone with decent growth from T who’s interested in a mini penetrable, and would suggest getting a harder firmness (maybe medium 00-50) for people who prefer stronger suction and do not mind or would not benefit from the internal texture.

Carnal Compendium Website
Cedre Mini Penetrable Model Page

This post does not contain any affiliate links. The version of this model that I reviewed is no longer available. A newer version is available for purchase.

Original post date: June 5, 2021

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