Review: Love Smiths Bundle of FTM Masturbators

It’s not always easy figuring out what size toy works for you. With dildos, there’s a lot of information and some frame of reference, between reviews and whatever else one has previously inserted. Trying to figure out sizing for mini penetrables is a different beast: How do you know what size you need? How do you measure your own bits? Is texture or tightness more important?

This bundle of seven toys from Love Smiths aims to find a good fit for everyone with sizes geared towards different levels of growth. I wanted a good idea of what size and texture I enjoyed best, and I wanted to add a few toys to my small penetrable collection. Knowing that I might outgrow some of them soon as I just started T this year, I decided I’d be better off buying the set sooner rather than later.


The bundle includes seven open-ended mini penetrable vaginas based on fantasy races, each with its own size, external design, and internal texture. They include Goblin, Gnome, Tattooed Elf, Human, Dwarf, Ork, and Troll. (For an introduction to mini penetrables, see this overview by Mx.ed reviews.)

The length and width of each toy is shown on a graphic on the product page in centimeters. They’re around 3.5-3.8″ long (9.3-9.8cm), with the Gnome shorter at 2.67″ (6.8cm). The internal width ranges from 0.25″ (0.7cm) to 0.5″ (1.3cm). This makes them some of the smaller mini penetrables out there. Each toy has a seam inside the opening (which I cannot feel in use) which most mini penetrables have due to the type of mold used to create them.

All of these toys come in extra soft 00-20 firmness and the finish is super glossy. While they have an amount of squish comparable to other extra soft mini penetrables, the glossy finish makes it feel like they have a harder surface and much less skin-like than other toys.

The color options for this set are limited to a single color for all of them, the same two-color marble for all of them, surprise colors, or promotional colors. (Models may be purchased individually for separate single or marbled colors.) I chose surprise colors because of the low price, I enjoy surprises, and I like unconventional pours, as shown in the sample image on the Etsy listing. Some of the colors I received glow in the dark or are UV reactive.

The bundle is advertised towards trans men on HRT. My one gripe about the advertising is the specific use of the term FtM for Love Smiths’ mini masturbators: Not every trans person uses the terms FtM or MtF, and these toys work for a wider audience than just transmasc people—anyone with small enough bits may enjoy a mini penetrable. Even though I’m a trans man on HRT, I do not identify as FtM and would prefer more inclusive branding (like mini masturbators rather than FtM masturbators).

At time of ordering, this bundle cost $177.59, or $25.37 per toy.


Love Smiths maintains two storefronts: One run by their own site and another on Etsy. I purchased this set via Etsy for convenience since Etsy stores my payment info, but I generally recommend purchasing from a shop’s own storefront since sites like Etsy charge an additional fee. The package shipped from France to the US via DHL 8 days after I placed my order, and only took a few days to get to me. Etsy estimated it would take three weeks, so this was a much faster turnaround than I expected.

I left a note when ordering to request no blood red if possible. I understand that such a request may not be accommodated for a surprise color order, but I really prefer to avoid having any of my toys vibrant/blood red. Fortunately, I did not receive any toys with blood or bright red; I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but I’m happy with the outcome.

The toys were sealed in a plastic bag and packed with biodegradable packing peanuts, which melt when they come in contact with water. They came with a cotton Love Smiths bag and a care sheet which included a 10% discount code. The bag was a very nice addition, though it does leave a fair bit of lint on the outside of my toys.

In Use

I have only been on T (testosterone) for a few months, so I only have about an inch of length and half an inch of girth (diameter) to work with. I may revisit these toys later on to review it from the perspective of having had more growth.

I get some enjoyment out of all of these, but they’re very hit-or-miss based on the day and I am very rarely able to finish with them. My favorites are the Troll and Dwarf.

I cannot fit my foreskin/hood into any of these toys. I only use water-based lube with these toys; I do not use oil-based lube due to the difficulty of cleaning out these toys.

Tattooed Elf

The Tattooed Elf has a floral design on the outside and minimal internal texture. Mine is a light, buttery yellow with a splash of semi-translucent silicone at the front. The entrance has minimal detail and texture.

It’s the tightest of the set and about half the width of my bits. At first, I couldn’t figure out how to use it at all; even erect and with growth, my shaft is pretty bendy, so I can’t just push it in there. Neither can I stretch the entrance on this or any of the other toys since it’s hard to grasp them well enough for that.

I managed to figure it out with some maneuvering, but that’s about as far as I get. It essentially suctions onto my head, but since it’s so tight and my shaft isn’t firm, the head basically stays held in place no matter how I move the toy. I can get a good sensation from a fast stroking motion, but the toy itself can’t stroke me, in the end. Popping the toy on and off myself is painful on some days and nice on other days, depending on how sensitive I am.


The Goblin is the shortest of the lot. It has a gentle bumpy texture on the outside and a ribbed texture internally. The entrance has wavy labia and a bisected clitoris. Mine is predominantly green, with multiple other colors marbled in: Blue, magenta, white, and yellow.

This one is a snug fit with slightly more movement than the Elf, but it’s still too tight to get much out of it since I can’t really get my shaft in there and sometimes it is painful to pop my head in and out. The texture is not as prominent as I would like. This one is the easiest to get suction with by inserting a finger into the back.


The Gnome is a nature-inspired design with a webbed texture on the outside and unique texture internally. The entrance has highly detailed, bumpy labia. Mine is a shimmery pink/red.

Because the labia extend outward, that takes from some of the little length I am able to use, giving me less opportunity to enjoy the internal texture. This toy is thicker at the end than the entrance, and I find that the thinner middle section bends in use, making it unwieldy for quick, rough, or firm usage. This one also has the somewhat painful feeling when popping my head in and out.

I do not get much out of this one with my current growth, but I’m looking forward to trying this again when I have more length to work with.


The Human has minimal texture both externally and internally, with a bellybutton on the outside and very gentle ribbed texture inside. The entrance has labia spread outwards. Mine is a dark, metallic red, with a gorgeous shimmer and beautiful dappling.

This one is also pretty tight, but more comfortable than the Elf and Goblin, if less interesting on account of the low texture. Aside from the slight change in tightness, I do not notice much difference between this and the Elf.

Check out that metallic dappling


The Dwarf has a veiny texture and bellybutton externally and a ribbed texture internally. The entrance has thick labia and a large, erect clit. Mine is predominantly blue with a little bit of pink.

It is a more comfortable size than the first three toys and the texture is neither too subtle nor too strong. It isn’t something I favor, but it’s a solidly okay toy. Unlike the tighter toys, this one is large enough to stroke me.


The Ork has a partly scaled external pattern. The internal texture has prominent bumps at the front and a ribbed texture further on. Mine is split into three color layers: Blue (with a litte pink) at the front; shimmery white, metallic gold, and black in the middle; pink at the end; and some blue and black highlights, possible from spilled silicone.

I do not have the length to reach the ribbed texture, but I can definitely feel the bumps. They are strong and intense to the point of feeling painful at times, especially with the glossy finish. If they were half the size they are now, I think they would be much more enjoyable, but as they are now, I like the texture sometimes and can’t manage it other times. Unlike the tighter toys, this one is large enough to stroke me.

A peek at the Ork’s internal texture


The Troll has a very detailed scaly pattern externally and a gentle horizontal pattern internally, with a gentle bumpy pattern near the end. Mine is a split of shimmery brown at the front and shimmery green on the rest of the toy.

This has to be my favorite of the toys. While I wish the texture were a little stronger, it’s still a nice experience. It’s too small to fit my foreskin/hood but a little too large for me without, so this is definitely one that I will grow into and I definitely look forward to using it more. Unlike the tighter toys, this one is large enough to stroke me.

When inserted vaginally, the external texture is prominent and really nice. I’d probably enjoy the matching Troll dildo this company makes.

A peek at the Troll’s internal texture


I took a gamble on this set of toys in the hopes that most of them would work for me. While I can use them all, the experience is underwhelming and I often find myself reaching for a different toy to finish the job. Half an inch wide is about my minimum comfort level, as I now know, and these max out at half an inch wide. I also now know that glossy penetrables are probably not for me.

I would not recommend this full set for someone trying to figure out what works for them. I would recommend anyone with growth from T to try the Dwarf or Troll, or nearly any other toy that’s 0.5-0.8″ wide, when trying to figure out what works for them. The rest of the toys clearly work for some people based on positive reviews I’ve seen, and of course I am continuing to use mine as they provide an interesting experience, but they do not personally impress me.

There’s a lot that I like from my experience with Love Smiths: The option for surprise colors, the discount on a bundle of toys, and the clear recognition of trans people as part of their audience are all fantastic. (They even note on their site that a trans person tested these toys for them.) Eco-friendly packaging and an included cotton bag were both great to see. They have beautiful models on their site. Right now, in June 2021, they have special Pride colorations for their toys, with profits to be donated.

I am confident that I would enjoy a dildo from Love Smiths despite my disappointment in the mini penetrables. I don’t have anything bad to say about the company itself and would not hesitate to recommend them as a whole. Unfortunately, most of these mini penetrables are just going to be too small for many trans people on T to comfortably use.

Love Smiths Website
Bundle of FTM Masturbators Product Page

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Original post date: June 26, 2021

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