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Wandering Bard Toys focuses heavily on D&D-inspired dildos, one of two shops I know of that centers itself around this theme (the other being Pleasure Forge). From classics like dragons and kobolds to lesser-known monsters like tarrasques and displacer beasts, the Bards have come up with a compendium worthy of a seasoned adventurer.

Before purchasing, I’d only heard good things about the shop and the Basilisk model. The Basilisk was nominated for the 2021 AltPorn Awards in the category of Best Sex Toy Sculpt, and it may not have won, but getting a nomination is an achievement and well-deserved recognition in itself.

Given its beautiful curve, moderate texture, and creature theme (I am a monsterfucker, after all), I thought it would be a great addition to my collection.

Basilisk on purple fabric


The standard Dungeons & Dragons basilisk is an eight-legged reptilian beast with spikes on its back, vicious claws, and sharp teeth, whose gaze can turn others to stone. The Bards’ rendition is a fair bit friendlier and far less spiky, but remains thick and powerful.

The Basilisk’s prominent head has gentle texture that curves like ram horns along the edge of the glans. The top side of the shaft features eight layered scales, while the underside features seven pairs of nubs akin to a Jacob’s Ladder piercing. Two more nubs are centered along the underside of the shaft, one beneath the head and one near the base. The base hsa two large scales or folds on either side, with the shaft emerging as if from a cloaca. Wandering Bard Toys’ harp logo features on one side.

The medium-size Basilisk is a decently sized medium. The top half is comparable to most shops’ mediums, but it ends up on the larger side by the bottom of the shaft, making for a good stretch or challenge, depending on one’s experience.

It stands just under 9″ tall, with 6.75″ of that usable. The head is hefty, with a maximum girth of 6.5″ circumference (2.25″ diameter), and the shaft gradually grows from 6″ circumference (2″ diameter) under the head to 6.5″ circumference (2.25″ diameter) halfway down and 8.25″ circumference (3″x2.5″ diameter) right above the base.*

In medium firmness 00-50, it has a fair amount of squish, but is denser than some of my other toys in 00-50 of similar size.** The surface is matte, with skin-like texture and a dull shine.

My toy is a three-color marble of blue, peachy pink, and light purple. All three are shimmery and the entire toy has light blue sparkles throughout. The colors were not named on the listing, but I believe they’re light blue, pink pearl, and lilac from the shop’s named colors. The colors are a little darker and more saturated in person than they appeared in the listing photos, but this level of color variation is normal; screens and lighting can make a difference in the perceived color of a toy.

* These numbers are different from the official listed specs, but I assume we’re measuring at slightly different parts of the toy or different angles.

** Shore firmness (such as 00-50) typically refers to the silicone that was poured to make the toy rather than the actual firmness of the final product. The final firmness varies depending on multiple factors, including product size, pigments, and temperature, but the variation is usually minimal.

Product photos from the Etsy listing © Wandering Bard Toys


Wandering Bard Toys offers custom-made toys alongside inventory drops (restocks). Since they had their customs closed for a while in 2021, I waited around for a drop and purchased this toy from inventory.

The Basilisk arrived in a sealed bag. The box also included a cotton drawstring bag with the shop’s logo, two character stickers, a silicone D20, and a business card with care instructions on the back.

At time of ordering, this toy cost $95.

All the items received

In Use (Vaginal)

I’m going to be honest: There are a few things I was worried about with this toy. Would the bumps along the underside be too subtle? Would the ridges along the top be too rough? Would the texture not interest me given that they’re relatively common and simple features? I looked forward to trying it out when I purchased it, but wondered if I’d end up disappointed.

Thankfully, the toy turned out to meet the hype.

The bumps along the underside are subtle but can be felt, and the ridges along the top are absolutely fantastic. They’re smooth and subtle enough to make for a comfortable ride while providing plenty of stimulation for the sort of textured experience that I love.

Compared to my other two toys with similar plates—Bad Dragon Flint and Creature Feature Toys Emblazoned Artemis—Basilisk is my favorite of the three, texture-wise. While the shape may not be the same, Basilisk’s texture is much closer to what I had hoped for from Flint, and it’s more comfortable to use.

I love a nice, prominent head, and the Basilisk’s head offers a great stretch with mild texture. Once it’s inside, it’s great for G-spot and A-spot stimulation thanks to both the curve and the size of the head, and doesn’t take much effort to angle it correctly.

When turned backwards, the underside of the shaft presses against my front wall in a way that offers broad G-spot stimulation. The low-texture underside against my front wall is a nice variation from the high-texture top side. However, the ridges against my lower wall tend to drag a bit, creating more friction than I like even if I’ve used plenty of lube.

Being on the larger end of medium toys, this toy is very filling for me without being too much of a stretch. I love that most of the time, but if I’m on my second or third go, I might be too sensitive to use it comfortably; the head in particular makes me ache when coming out if I get to that point.

The base is relatively easy to grasp, but not ideal, and can be difficult to keep hold of if it gets slippery.

This toy works well with both oil- and water-based lubes. Because the matte surface can make the toy drag or feel a little rough, I would recommend that most people use this toy with water-based lube.

Close-up of Basilisk's head


Wandering Bard Toys Basilisk is a fantastic model that features a moderate level of well designed texture, making for a great textured experience without being uncomfortable. The curve is wonderful in any orientation, providing A-spot and G-spot stim, and the girth is nice and filling. It’s become one of my go-to dildos.

I would recommend this toy to anyone who enjoys moderate texture. Since it can be overstimulating at times and has a matte texture, I would suggest considering soft firmness or a smaller size for more sensitive individuals.

Wandering Bard Toys Website
Wandering Bard Toys Etsy

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Original post date: January 9, 2022

2 thoughts on “Review: Wandering Bard Toys Basilisk Dildo

  1. When you say that the basilisk’s plates are more like what you were hoping for from Bad Dragon Flint, what do you mean by that? I’m trying to decide between the two models since they seem very similar. What makes you prefer the basilisk over flint?

    1. With any ridged or ribbed toys, I want to feel the texture in a way that I can tell exactly what’s going on. So when a ridge pops in or out, and when a ridge rubs against me inside, I can identify the sensation. With Flint, it’s more like white noise, and honestly a little uncomfortable. It probably has something to do with the placement; having the plates on the underside swell is a lot, while having them along the top keeps it from being overwhelming.

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