Review: Neotori Finn Catboy Dildo

Neotori’s Finn is one of the few feline models I’ve seen in the realm of fantasy toys. Feline-inspired toys typically feature a barbed texture, promising unique and intense stimulation. There are a few different ways to approach barbs—such as the tiny, pointy spikes of Xenocat’s Symbiote or the diamond-shaped bumps on Xenocat’s Uropa—and Finn features two different kinds of barbs.

Not to mention the appeal of a feline furry character. Finn the Punk, a kinky, charismatic, planet-hopping biologist, is Neotori’s official character for this model, but we can’t forget about feline fursonas (or Khajiit, Charr, or other fantasy species of which one can imagine sexy cat-men).

The fantasies and textures, both of which are right down my alley, come together in a recipe for delight.

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Finn in sunlight


Medium Finn is a tapered toy, starting out thinner at the head and reaching its thickest at the base. It’s 8.5″ tall with 7″ usable, with a girth of 1.4″ diameter (4.25″ circumference) at the head, 2″ diameter (5.75″ circ) halfway down, and 2.3″ diameter (7.25″ circ) at the base. In standard firmness (A00), it’s decently squishy, comparable to a gummy bear or relaxed muscle, with the tip being the squishiest part. It’s a little softer than my 00-50 toys (most shops’ medium firmness).

The shaft is straight without a curve. It features three main textures: Two layers of intense barbs around the head, sparse and gentle barbs along the bottom half, and a Jacob’s Ladder piercing along the underside of the shaft. On close inspection, some of the barbs along the head look scuffed, but these are aesthetic flaws only since they do not worsen with use or agitation.

The colorway is a limited event coloration called Event Horizon. It features a deep midnight blue with bright blue shimmer marbled with vibrant orange with gold shimmer. The orange glows under UV light. The shimmer on my Finn is absolutely beautiful.

The base


I received this toy in exchange for a review and did not go through the standard ordering process. With expedited shipping, the package was delivered to me in the US only five days after it was shipped from Germany.

In addition to Finn, I received a host of other goods, including So Many Bags and a heap of stickers:

  • Three Nekoras Chonkys

  • One Fenya Chonky

  • Five MiniToris

  • Three packs of character stickers

  • A ton of holographic “NT” stickers

  • A business card

  • A thank you card with care instructions on the back

  • Cotton bags (three large, two medium, two small)

All silicone items arrived in sealed bags. One Chonky and three MiniToris match my coffee-themed Noax and Theotolax, which is absolutely delightful.

The bags and holographic stickers are new additions to the shop this Friday! One of each will be included with every order, with extras available for purchase. I love that the stickers are subtle enough that I can display them anywhere. I’ve turned a few of them into magnets so they can hang out on my desk’s magnetic wall.

All the bags feature images of Neotori’s character Lina, from chibis to pinups. They are made of organic, fair trade cotton and have Grüner Knopf tags. The large bags (12″x17.5″) are absolutely massive. The medium bags (10″x11.5″) are a very comfortable size for my medium Finn; I could fit another toy or two in there. The small ones (6″x7.5″) are too small for most of my toys, but perfect for housing squishies.

At time of writing, a custom medium Finn in this event coloration costs 49.95€ through Neotori’s site, which converts to $56.37. On Neotori’s Etsy, the same item would cost 74.95€ or $88.78. I generally recommend purchasing through a site’s own storefront since Etsy takes an additional fee, and in this case, it’s much cheaper.

Finn and the squishies I received

In Use (Vaginal)

Finn’s head has a wonderful amount of texture with the slight downside of it being a little too thin for me to feel it that well; it’s not as snug a fit as I’d like. Still, it’s a fantastic texture at my entrance, and when I angle it the right way, it rubs against my front wall deliciously.

The barbs on the lower half of the base are gentler than I expected them to be. They’re soft and not spiky at all, making them rather smooth. This provides a texture that isn’t overwhelming, but may be a little too subtle for those who prefer intense texture.

The piercings along the underside really stand out! They’re my favorite feature on Finn. When rubbing against my lower wall, I don’t really get into it, and they can be too much if I’m not using enough lube. When rubbing against my front wall, however, they’re exquisite: Constant, off-center stimulation, strong enough to make every bump noticed. I have one other toy with piercings along the shaft—Bad Dragon’s Flint—and Finn shines in comparison. The other upside of using Finn in this orientation is being able to hold the balls for easy thrusting.

Finn is long enough for deep stimulation, which I love, though it doesn’t work for consistent G-spot or A-spot stimulation due to not having a curve. I haven’t yet figured out a good angle for either of those spots. A gentle curve could have worked very nicely for this model.

I keep wondering if I would have preferred a large Finn over the medium. It would probably shine when it comes to head girth and would provide more intense deep stimulation, but wouldn’t be as easy to maneuver and the piercings could get overwhelming. I’m not currently able to compare, but I wouldn’t be afraid to size up on this one, though the medium is satisfying enough at its size.

This toy works well with both water- and oil-based lubes. To reduce friction from the piercings, I would advise using water-based lube.

In Use (Grinding)

I don’t get much out of grinding against the shaft and there’s not any texture on the base, but the head is excellent to frot against, although it’s a little awkward to position the toy for that. The barbs are close together and just prominent enough to make for an amazing experience. I would love a hand-sized grinding toy made entirely from that texture.


Neotori’s Finn, with its multiple textures and associated anthropomorphic character, held a lot of appeal to me from the start. The textures are really nice without being overwhelming, with a head that’s great for frotting against and good for deep stimulation, and piercings along the underside that offer fantastic stimulation. The head is thin and the shaft doesn’t have a curve, two things that don’t quite suit my preferences, but these do not detract from the experience.

I would recommend this model to anyone who enjoys moderately textured toys or is in search of a good feline-inspired model, and I would recommend Neotori in general. They’re great to work with, I love the skin-like finish on their toys, their pours are beautiful, and all the models I’ve tried from them are lovely.

I was provided a coupon code for my readers, Frostychonky, which will add a free Nekoras Chonky to any order made through Neotori’s website.

Chonky on top of Noax

Neotori Website
Finn Model Page

This post no longer contains affiliate links. I do not receive any compensation for use of the coupon code. I received the toy in exchange for an honest review.

Original post date: November 23, 2021

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