Review: Xenocat Artifacts Cyerce Symbiote Alien Vplug/Grinder

Every now and then, a sex toy creator comes up with something truly unique and innovative. That’s how we got toys like mini penetrables, grinding pads/rubbies, and strap-optional strap-ons, all of which fill their own niches in this market.

Xenocat Artifacts (sometimes abbreviated XCA) has been on my radar since 2017 or 2018, when I really started delving into indies. (Indies, by my definition, being most fantasy shops aside from Bad Dragon.) I didn’t buy from them for a while, but couldn’t resist purchasing their Uropa when it was released. When they started advertising their wearable Cyerce grinder, I was intrigued but not quite sold on it. As soon as they revealed the Symbiote version—which includes an insertable portion—I was much more interested.

I waited for the initial hype to pass before finally snagging one during an inventory drop. I’m so glad I got one because this new genre of toy works so well for me.

Symbiote on blue fabric


Cyerce Symbiote combines two features: A wearable, grindable base and an insertable shaft that acts as a plug. XCA offers two other Cyerce models: Stowaway (a wearable grindable) and Chrysalis (an insertable with no base).

In large, the shaft has a usable length of 5″, with a maximum diameter of 1.75″ (5″ circumference) that slims down to 1.25″ (3.75″ circumference) above the base. The base is 9.5″ long, and 2.25″ wide at the widest part. In soft firmness, 00-30, it’s fairly squishy.

The finish is shiny. This toy is a three-color marble of lime green, steel blue, and a light, desaturated purple. All colors are shimmery, like they’re metallic or pearlescent, and the green glows under UV light.

There are a number of small flaws, including pigment specks in the silicone and multiple asymmetrical “skin tags.” Only one of the pigment specks can be felt when I examine the toy with my hands; I’m keeping an eye on that spot in case it breaks the surface, but so far, it has remained intact. The skin tags appear to be the result of flaws in the model/mold itself. All of these flaws are within my expectations for a handmade silicone toy like this. I have no concerns aside from that particular pigment speck, and none of these flaws impact my enjoyment of the toy.

Update November 2022: The pigment speck that I could feel broke open a month or two ago. I cleaned it out fully so that no mica was left behind. There’s now a small nick on the surface of the toy where that speck was. Since I was able to clean it out and the nick is nearly unnoticeable, I’m very comfortable continuing to use this toy.

At time of ordering, this toy cost $60.

Product photos from the Etsy listing © Xenocat Artifacts


I purchased this premade toy during an inventory drop on Etsy.* Two images of the toy were provided in the listing, along with two images comparing it to a soda can and other sizes of the same model. I find the colors to be more saturated in person, but otherwise fairly accurate.

The listing contained notes regarding the aforementioned pigment specks along with possible air bubbles, noting that they may be present but should not impact the toy’s use.

The toy arrived sealed in a plastic bag with a sticker, two cards, and a chit squishy.

*Xenocat Artifacts no longer sells on Etsy and has moved to their own storefront as of late 2022.

All the above mentioned items

In Use (Vaginal)

The Cyerce Symbiote’s description and advertising indicate that it is intended to be worn while moving around: Insert the shaft, pull on some tight underwear, and go about your day or do whatever you may wish to do while wearing this toy, presumably causing the base to rub against you with every step or bend or other movement.

Tried it. Didn’t work.

I didn’t make enough movement for any grinding to happen. If I did move enough for some kind of shift, then it would be too much, the base shifting one way or another and requiring me to adjust it. I suspect smaller sizes may be less prone to this.

The good news: I didn’t actually purchase this toy with the intent to walk around or sit in place while wearing it. I bought it for humping purposes, and it absolutely delivers.

Blankets, pillows, towels—if it’s soft and humpable, I’m into it. To my dismay, after experiencing bottom growth on T, I’ve found it much more difficult to get the same pleasure that I used to when doing this. It’s harder to get the pressure in the right place, there’s more room for chafing… It’s really a shame.

Using the Symbiote solves all of that. It provides a sturdy yet soft surface to press against, providing all the pressure I could want when combined with something plush behind it, with lovely texture to boot.

This toy can be oriented so that either wing is the one used for grinding. One has more prominent, prickly texture, while the other has tiny bumps. Both are good, though I can’t feel the tiny bumps particularly well, at least in this soft firmness, so I prefer the prickly side.

The plug sits inside without much movement. Sometimes I almost forget that it’s there; it provides some sensation, even pressing gently against my G-spot when the more bulbous side is facing forwards, but it’s thinner than my typical toys. I would have preferred something around 2″ to 2.2″ diameter to really give me a filled feeling, more constant G-spot pressure, and help it lock in better, but it is nice to have something inserted.

The spikes at the base of the plug are almost magical. They sit right at my entrance, which is particularly sensitive, and they make the entire experience more intense through constant stimulation. It’s incredible. It can be nearly too much if I’m particularly sensitive that day; for that reason, it might be a good idea to have a Stowaway as backup for those days, but I haven’t yet purchased one.

I strongly recommend water-based lube for this toy if using it around fabrics, since oil-based lube may not wash out as easily. Both the shaft and the grinding surface to be used should be lubricated. If wearing underwear, expect to get lube on it.

In Use (Anal)

Symbiote is advertised as a vaginal plug, but it works for me anally. The base on the large size is just long enough that I can grind against the end of it while the shaft is inserted anally. Granted, I don’t get the benefit of most of the texture, but it’s still pretty good. The tapered tip enters easily and the swell locks in extremely well.

In Use (Vaginal, Base Insertion)

If you’re like me, you may have a tendency to say “but what about more?” when faced with a thin toy. With this toy, I looked at it and thought, “What if I inserted the base?” Given the intended use of the Cyerce Chrysalis, it’s not a stretch to use the base of the Symbiote for a similar purpose.

Ultimately, I’m not a fan. Inserting one wing of the base is alright; one side is textured, one side is flat and uninteresting. The firmness is soft, so it’s difficult for me to feel much texture internally. The rhombus-like shape doesn’t impress me. Pressing both wings together for insertion is more difficult than it seems, and the end result just feels weird, again because of the overall shape.

Cyerce Symbiote under UV light


Xenocat Artifact’s Cyerce Symbiote and Stowaway are the start of a new genre: Wearable grinding sex toys. While they’re advertised to be worn while doing something else, I primarily enjoy using my Symbiote for pillow-humping purposes. It truly brings this act to the next level for me, providing new and more intense sensations for the perfect humping experience.

I cannot emphasize how much I love this toy. I’m hooked.

XCA has mentioned previously that this is the start of a line of toys. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for any other wearables, especially with insertable portions like this, because this is one of my absolute favorite toys.

Xenocat Artifacts Website
Xenocat Artifacts Shop

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Original post date: October 9, 2021

1 thought on “Review: Xenocat Artifacts Cyerce Symbiote Alien Vplug/Grinder

  1. Oh, I didn’t know they have this model in large! I have a standard size one, also in 0030, and love it a lot. I enjoy just wearing it around the house, it gives a nice subtle stimulation and pleasant feeling of fullness. It’s more teasing than orgasmic for me, but that’s exactly what I bought it for. At the end of the day, it’s got me ready to go & in the mood for some of my other toys. Plus I absolutely adore the sculpt! the alien look is so wonderful, I love that about XCA’s sculpts; they all have this believable alien anatomy & texture to them.
    I haven’t tried humping with it yet but thanks to your review, I will!

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