Review: Ruff Tough Toys King Dildo

Ruff Tough Toys, a Queer and Latin@ owned shop, opened this September with a lineup of hand-sculpted toy models. There are a few hand-sculpted models that I love—such as Adventurer—and while they may look rougher than 3D-sculpted toys, they can certainly find ways to shine. I had some reservations about how Ruff Tough Toys’ models would work for me, but I couldn’t be certain until trying one out.

King in the sunlight


The base

King is a take on a classic shape: It’s a canine dildo, featuring a knot and four piercings along the shaft. It debuted in a single size, standing over 10″ tall with 9″ of that usable. The upper shaft has a girth of about 2″ diameter (6″ circumference), and the knot, which starts 6″ down, comes in at a diameter of 3″x2.25″ (almost 9″ circumference). In soft firmness 00-50, the upper shaft has a nice amount of squish, while the knot is somewhat difficult to squeeze. The finish is moderately glossy.

The pour is a two-color marble of white and gold, both of which are impressively shimmery. The gold looks like molten honey and the colors swirl together beautifully on the base.

The toy has a number of imperfections, including shallow nicks and what looks almost like patches of peeling silicone, but they do not worsen when agitated. Individually, these are within my expectations for toy flaws (especially those originally modeled with clay), but there’s a higher number of imperfections than any of my other toys. There is one deeper hole beneath the knot, but it is easy to clean and does not worsen when I pull at it, so I am not concerned about its safety.


I received this toy in exchange for a review and did not go through the standard ordering process. Ruff Tough Toys sells their toys via Etsy on a custom basis, where they will pour toys on request in signature color combos, single colors, or two-color marbles.

I requested a marble of copper and white in soft 00-50 firmness. I was sent an image once it was made, and unfortunately, the copper turned out to be bright red, giving the toy a candy cane appearance. Ruff Tough Toys was graciously able to repour the toy using gold instead of copper. (It’s a general rule of mine not to request repours, especially for review toys or new shops, but I prefer to avoid red toys if at all possible.) The listings do not indicate which colors are shimmery, but the copper, gold, and white all turned out to be very shimmery.

The toy was closed in a ziploc bag and accompanied by a care sheet, a sticker, and a drawstring bag.

All items received in the package

In Use (Vaginal)

The first thing I noticed about this toy was the pointy tip. I’ve heard people complain about painful, cervix-poking toys, but wondered if I was immune or desensitized and therefore wouldn’t be impacted by it.

Turns out it’s pokey.

Depending on the day, I may or may not be sensitive enough to feel a vague discomfort from the point wherever it is internally, but it pokes my cervix 100% of the time when I have those first 5-6 inches inserted. It causes a dull discomfort that tells me not to go further. I can’t even attempt to take the knot without risking pain (not that I could take the whole thing either way, given the length). On my first try, I was tempted to write it off as completely unusable, but I’m pleased to find I can use it on my less sensitive days.

Pointiness aside, the upper shaft is nice and filling. Pressing against the top of the knot makes me feel like I’m being stretched open. I knew from the start that this toy was too long for me to take the knot—and that the knot may be too thick to even try—but I didn’t realize how hot it would feel to have to stop at the knot, literally unable to take more.

The piercings on the shaft provide nice texture, neither too subtle nor too prominent. There’s a rough spot from a mold imperfection beneath one of the piercings that almost chafes in use, so I have to keep turning the toy slightly to avoid irritation from repeated friction in the same spot.

The base is wide, making it easy to grip, but thin, which does not provide much support. I prefer thrusting my toys, but in order to thrust effectively, I need to put pressure right in the middle of the base, causing my fingers to cramp. A smaller yet thicker base would work a lot better for me.

This toy works well with both water- and oil-based lubes.

King from multiple angles © Ruff Tough Toys


Ruff Tough Toys’ King has room for improvement both in design and production. The pointy tip is uncomfortable and the production flaws could cause issues. The size works for me, despite being unable to take the knot, and the texture is simple but pleasing.

I’ve been in contact with Ruff Tough Toys regarding the tip and the hole under the knot. They have taken down the listing for King as they work on both remaking the mold and making a smaller size, and they expect to relist the model for purchase soon. I think they’re off to a good start and they’re lovely to work with, but have some areas to improve.

While I could not recommend this model in its current state, I’m hopeful that the remade and smaller versions will be improved, and I’m eager to see how this shop grows and develops over time.

Ruff Tough Toys on Etsy

This post does not contain any affiliate links. I received the toy in exchange for an honest review.

Original post date: October 25, 2021

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