Trans Erotica: Celebrating Gender

Before I’m a blogger, I’m a fiction author. Sci-fi and fantasy have long been my genres of choice and I have read and written countless stories since they first captured my heart.

Fanfiction in particular has found a home in my life. Adventure, introspection, self-indulgent fun, and philosophy—fanfiction covers such a broad scope, including nearly anything one can imagine, and it’s something anyone can write or share regardless of skill or profession. For my part, I explore all of these topics and more, delving into both fantastical and deeply relatable experiences. Naturally, this includes porn.

On Writing Smut

Where there’s a fandom, there’s an omega in heat. Smut is a cornerstone of many fan communities. Written erotica encompasses PWP (porn without plot/plot what plot), fully fleshed out epics, and so much in between. Most of it involves cis characters in all sorts of scenarios, kinky and vanilla and healthy and unhealthy, the content as varied as any other type of fiction.

I write erotica for the same reasons I write other works: Character development, exploration of topics, introspection, and fun. Plus, I’m a sexual person who wants to create and share fantasies.

I’m not saying all my smut is particularly meaningful. There’s no inherent deeper meaning to me writing about werewolves and mermen getting it on. But much of my erotic content (and my other content, for that matter) is entwined with my relationship with gender. Most of the smut I write features at least one trans character, with a heavy focus on a transmasc sexuality experience that reflects my own. There’s a lot of PIV (penis in vagina), lots of cum, roughness, passion, and fantasy cocks or toys, because it reflects what I enjoy and fantasize about.

I am my own audience. And, thankfully, there’s a lot of other trans people reading my works who love and appreciate them, too.

What I Write

As mentioned, I write primarily transmasc smut and I’m a fan of PIV. The content draws on my experiences in a number of ways, from the way I feel about my body to using dildos as a reference point for the details I write. Perhaps the area where I have the least experience is interpersonal intimacy: I’ve never had sex.

In some stories, I explore topics like sex as an unhealthy coping mechanism, accidental sexts, or virginity kink—scenarios that don’t fit neatly into everyone’s comfort zone, especially when it comes to trans or gay characters. I craft a respectful narrative for each of them, but if i’m writing it for the porn, the sex remains at the forefront.

All of my erotica is currently hosted on AO3. (Note that any co-authored fics are not fully written by me.) My current smutty stories are below, sorted into categories. I encourage you to click on individual links or the previous link to view story descriptions.


  • Mirrors: Bullet vibe, strap-on
  • Bliss: Panty vibe, fantasy dildo (based on Pleasure Forge Merfolk)
  • Smitten: Fantasy strap-on (based on Twin Tail Creations Dante)
  • Cherry: Wand vibe, mini penetrable, fullsize penetrable
  • Gag Gift: Mechanical tentacles


Something Resembling a Plot:


Problematic Porn

I’m of the opinion that creators have a responsibility to cultivate communities around content that is not hateful or harmful. This isn’t something I want to go in-depth on right now as a general topic (if you do, this Medium article can make for a decent discussion-starter), but my general opinion is that narrative and intent are the most important aspects of a work, nobody is perfect, not everyone’s values align, and in most cases, content should not be judged based on the author’s identity.

That’s not to say we need to be hypervigilant about the smallest things or make sure that the people around us are making ethically perfect content. People have gotten on my case for nitpicky and imagined slights based on the content I enjoy writing despite my narratives being clear about my intent. There’s some bad faith takes out there, but for the most part, I can chalk it up to people striving for extremes of moral purity and people looking for a fight.

Following that, it isn’t surprising that writing trans smut is controversial. On one side, you’ve got people who think trans people are undesirable, or those who think we’re sexy and exotic, more like sex objects than human beings; and on the other side, those who think content like PIV invalidates others’ dysphoria, or those who think any trans erotica is fetishistic.

I won’t deny that there is fetishistic fiction out there for all sorts of LGBT characters, but there isn’t always a clear delineation between what is good or bad. I encourage everyone to determine their own values and where the hard lines and gray areas fall, and to understand that people within the same community will have wildly different views on this.

I am fortunate to have found a fandom community that is filled with creators both trans and cis writing for a trans audience and with trans input, with so many who support and create sexual content that is as respectful as it is hot. The question becomes “What is and isn’t appropriate to write involving trans characters?” My answer to that: If you would accept it for cis characters, especially those of the same gender (if binary), it’s probably fine for trans characters, but sensitive topics could use some extra care, caution, or a sensitivity reader; and no matter what you do, someone is going to be uncomfortable with it.

Wrapping Up

Writing trans erotica is as important to me as all my other writing. It allows me to explore and share insights into my sexuality, along with simply enjoying it for the hell of it. For the most part, people are kind and supportive, but it’s stressful to feel like I have to walk a balancing act to avoid getting harassed or called out for daring to write about the same content that cis people write about cis characters without a second thought. There shouldn’t be a need to justify writing something that embraces and celebrates my gender and sexuality by dressing it up in plot that I have no interest in writing. There’s a limited amount of time in a day, after all, and I’ve got things to do.

I continue to write for the love of it. Stories and sexuality are both dear to me and I wouldn’t be able to let either of them go. I take pride in who I am and I refuse to hide that.

I am transgender, I am unique, and I am a writer, with all that it entails.

You can find all of my fanfiction here. Click this link to filter for explicit content only, or this link to filter for only stories featuring trans characters.

Original post date: September 18, 2021

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