Review: Neotori Noax Dragon Dildo

Neotori’s designs tend towards sleek and smooth. Mundir, Ferin, Jorhan, Theotolax—all low-texture. Mundir and Ferin are two of the models I see most out in the wilds of social media. They’re all beautiful, but smooth toys aren’t exactly my style.

Noax is one of Neotori’s more textured toys. It boasts beautiful, defined ridges with a few notable bumps along the underside, while still blending in with the shop’s aesthetic.

I was hopeful that this chunky texture would work well for me—and I was right.

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Noax on coffee fabric

SpecsThe bases with hearts on them

Medium Noax is on the thicker side of things. It stands about 6.5″ tall, with just over 5″ usable. The diameter is 1.5-2″ near the center of the shaft and reaches about 2.7″ at thickest, lengthwise (2.25″ the other way) for a circumference of 7.75″. Overall, this is slightly larger than the specs on the site.* It’s a little shorter and thicker than many medium-size toys out there. The toy tapers from a small head into a hefty knot, with four distinct ridges making up the body.

In A00, the toy is squishy in a way comparable to a gummy bear or relaxed muscle, as Neotori describes it. It’s a little softer than my 00-50 toys (most shops’ medium firmness). It feels a little firmer than my Theotolax on account of being a thicker toy. The surface is matte and soft like skin, smooth and velvety without any rough texture.

The pour contains three colors: Warm chocolate brown, light pinkish brown, and cream with subtle gold shimmer. In the center of the base of the toy is a heart like a lovely piece of latte art.

* Due to the nature of silicone, shop numbers are approximate and individual products may vary.


I received this toy in exchange for a review and did not go through the standard ordering process. The toy colors are not part of the standard lineup, but Neotori’s customer support (found on their FAQ) is available to discuss non-standard colors and color matching. I requested a coffee-themed pour and the colors were determined by the makers.

The package arrived 15 days after it was shipped from Germany. Tracking did not update until the package was in possession of DHL in the US, and the package was handed off to USPS for delivery.

In addition to Noax, I received a medium-size A00 Theotolax in the same pour, three Nekoras Chonkys, two Fenya Chonkys, and a pack of five MiniToris. All silicone items were in heat-sealed bags. They came with a business card with social media tags on the back and two thank you cards with care instructions on the back (one featuring the character Qwim and the other featuring the character Finn).

At time of writing, a custom three-color* medium Noax (including one shimmery color) costs 49.95€ through Neotori’s site, which converts to $58.43. On Neotori’s Etsy, the same item would cost 64.95€ or $79.18. I generally recommend purchasing through a site’s own storefront since Etsy takes an additional fee, and in this case, it’s much cheaper.

* This is my own estimate of the color cost for this toy and may not reflect the actual charge.

All the above mentioned items

In Use (Vaginal)

Fitting this whole toy while riding is a piece of cake. Despite the texture, the tapered girth is fairly even, making it easy to slide it all the way in even though the knot is on the higher end of what I’m used to. The relatively small tip makes it easy to insert, and the short usable length means I don’t have to worry about it being too long to take the whole thing.

With the smoother side against my front wall, Noax provides a decent amount of texture. Each ridge stands out on its own, rippling against my skin like a massage. When turned sideways, the texture feels stronger than the top side, but not quite as perfect as the underside.

Turned so that the bumps along the underside rub against my front wall, it’s incredible. Those bumps may not look like much, but they pack a punch. I’m beginning to rethink my preference for small, high-frequency textures in favor of chunky, low-frequency textures like this; it’s like this toy knows exactly where to press.

The size of the bottom of the shaft is great and provides a nice stretch, but I can’t keep the knot in because there’s not enough length for the stem beneath it. If it were an inch longer, or maybe even half an inch, I could, but the design does not allow it for me. I knew this before considering the toy, so I am not disappointed, but it would have been really nice to be able to actually knot this toy. (Something with more space after the knot would work better for knotting.)

Riding and thrusting both work for this toy, but it can be difficult to push in the last portion of the shaft while thrusting and I find that it strains my wrist if I try for too long.

Due to the length, I cannot get any A-spot stimulation. It’s hit-or-miss for G-spot stimulation at any orientation. The base has minimal texture and does not interest me for grinding purposes, but the size makes it easy to grip.

This toy works well with both water- and oil-based lubes.

Noax propped up by a chonky

In Use (Grinding)

Noax is fantastic for frotting against. The top side provides solid stimulation with the ridges, and the underside is intense with its large bumps. It’s a little awkward to maneuver with the size of the base along with the short length of the toy, but not too inconvenient.

The small tip, gentle shape, and soft finish make the head of this toy viable for docking (in which the tip enters my foreskin/hood to slide alongside my dick).

In Use (Anal)

Listen: This is bigger than I’m used to, so I only gave it one go, but I really liked it. The tip makes it very easy to insert, and the taper makes it less intimidating and easier to take than a toy that starts out with a bulky head. I can only go about halfway down the shaft. With practice, I’m sure I could warm up to taking more of it, but a small would be a much better place to start if I wanted to try that.

The texture on top is very nice anally, pleasurable and interesting and gentle. Turned around so that the bumpy texture rubs along my front wall is too intense for me; not painful, but overstimulating.


Noax appealed to me as a thick, textured toy, and it did not disappoint. The texture is prominent and pleasing, with the underside being particularly delightful against my front wall vaginally, but a little too much anally. I particularly enjoy riding and frotting with this toy, with thrusting being fun but more work. I feel most of the texture and stretch at my entrance or the first couple inches inside, which is where I’m most sensitive.

I would recommend Noax to texture lovers, and would recommend Neotori in general. The finish on their toys is great, their pours are beautiful and unique, and they’re fantastic to work with. I’m thankful to have had this opportunity to work with them and review their toys.

I was provided a coupon code for my readers, Frostychonky, which will add a free Nekoras Chonky to any order made through Neotori’s website.

Five Chonkys in front of a mini print from @nkim_illustrate

Neotori Website
Noax Model Page

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Original post date: August 21, 2021

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