Review: Bad Dragon Nox the Night Drake Dildo

I’ve had Nox for years now. It was one of my first two fantasy toys, and I chose it after agonizing over all of Bad Dragon’s catalog at the time. Did I want something more or less phallic? Alien or dragon? Knot or not? Nox and Terra won out.

The sculpt is gorgeous, the specs are great, and I love a good dragon fantasy. By all accounts, this should be a perfect toy. But I find it difficult to love it as much as I want to, and more often than not nowadays grab another toy in similar specs.

Nox on purple fabric


Nox is a dragon-inspired design with a scaled base. The head has three gentle spikes along the ridge which lead into a line of nubs along the top side of the shaft. The underside and base feature muscular texture and a vein runs along the side of the shaft. The top 2/3 of the shaft is a gentle swell with a strong curve.

In medium size, Nox stands over 8″ tall, with 7″ of that usable, and the girth reaches up to 2.1″ diameter (6.5″ circumference). This is comparable to many medium-size toys.

In medium firmness 00-50, Nox has a decent amount of squish. The finish is relatively matte but not rough. The surface texture was not tacky upon arrival, but has become tacky over time. I can’t definitively confirm the cause, though it may be due to having used a hybrid lube and condoms on it a couple of times. Silicone lubes can impact silicone toys, though it may take extended contact for that to happen.

My toy is light purple.


I ordered this toy somewhere around late 2013/early 2014. Technically, my boyfriend at the time ordered it for me. We ordered an in-stock frankenpour Nox in a marble of blue, white, and/or ice blue (I can’t recall the exact colors now) along with a frankenpour Terra. Frankenpours are Bad Dragon’s mixes and matches of random colors, creating unique color combinations varying from gorgeous to awful. The frankenpours were discounted slightly from the standard price.

It took a month for Bad Dragon to get back to us to say that the beautiful Nox we had ordered had gone missing.

They offered a partial refund or a replacement pour in a solid color using a hex code* of my choice. I didn’t want a solid color replacement for the multicolor toy I had ordered, but I didn’t want to sit around and shop for another Nox. The hassle of shopping and shipping outweighed the color inconvenience, so I got the replacement poured in a light purple color.

Was the replacement fair? Yes: I received equivalent value to what we ordered, as is written into Bad Dragon’s Terms of Sale. Was I happy with it? No. As my first fantasy toy purchase, it was disheartening to end up with a solid. I still pout a little when I see the solid purple.

* Bad Dragon no longer pours custom colors based on hex codes.

Nox stock image © Bad Dragon

In Use (Vaginal)

As I mentioned at the start of this post, the specs on Nox are just about perfect. Maybe it’s because this was my first toy and that helped set my preferences, or maybe it’s just naturally a great fit for my body. Whatever the case, when I go shopping now, I use Nox as my point of reference when it comes to specs.

It’s long enough to hit my A-spot and with the right curve and head shape to do it consistently. G-spot stim with the head isn’t as reliable, but still manageable. When turned so the underside is against my front wall, the curve is just right, giving me broad G-spot stim for an overall good time.

The slight swell of the top part of the shaft locks in nicely, giving a natural stopping point before the increase in girth at the base of the shaft. It’s exceptionally easy to slide in and out, whether riding or thrusting, especially with such mild texture.

The texture is subtle enough that I can’t pinpoint it in use, but I can identify the added friction and stimulation. Although it’s not as prominent as I prefer, it works with the model overall; the shape itself does a good job of targeting all the right places.

Nox is good for both riding and thrusting. The base is heavy enough to keep it in place on a flat surface, and large enough for a steady grip when thrusting. It’s also nice to use when suctioned* to a flat, vertical surface, such as a bathroom wall.

As with most dildos, grinding against the base doesn’t work out for me. Nor does frotting against the shaft; it’s too smooth to be interesting and it’s too slippery.

While the size and shape make Nox a good fit for oral use, it’s too tacky for me to enjoy.

This toy works well with both oil- and water-based lubes.

* I use a separate double-sided suction cup.


Bad Dragon Nox is well-designed and fantastic in use. It’s got the curve that I love for A-spot stimulation, it was just the right size for me starting out and remains a favorite in that regard, and the dragon-inspired design is beautiful and unique. Aside from the tackiness—which may or may not be the result of brief contact with silicone lube—the model itself is everything I could want it to be.

If someone’s shopping Bad Dragon, I would recommend this model for people dipping their toes into the waters of fantasy toys, those who like A-spot stim, those who like low-texture toys, or those who like the look of the specs.

A Note on Bad Dragon

I am not the only individual who has had issues ordering from Bad Dragon. I have seen others receive the incorrect toys in their orders, whether it’s the wrong size, color, or order entirely; receive toys with undisclosed flaws, like embedded hairs or fibers; and have issues contacting and finding resolutions with customer service. I am not linking specific posts here as I do not want to put a spotlight on anyone. While these issues account for a small amount of overall orders, they’re worth being aware of. (That said, when BD does find an amenable resolution to order issues, they tend to be generous with awarding shop credit.)

From an ethical standpoint, Bad Dragon has had numerous issues in the past and the current day. Some of these issues are pointed out here and there are links in this this tumblr post, plus some other lists can be found online. (I consider these sources a starting point rather than an authority and do not necessarily agree with the listed accusations. I encourage everyone to take the information with a grain of salt and do their own research. I’ve seen enough of the mentioned scenarios firsthand to form my own opinion.)

I don’t ask that others not buy from them; they’re a huge company with high product availability and a big catalog. The occasional purchase will not make or break them, and frankly, I believe many customers find indies after first getting into Bad Dragon. But I do encourage everyone to make informed purchasing decisions.

Bad Dragon Website
Nox Model Page

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Original post date: February 12, 2022.

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