Review: Neotori Thorvald’s Prism Mini Penetrable

Every time I see a fantasy toy specifically intended for transgender people, I feel a little giddy inside. We’re not afterthoughts and we don’t just passively exist in the fantasy toy community; we’re actively acknowledged and respected. It’s something I greatly appreciate, both from shops and other collectors.

Neotori recently released Thorvald’s Prism, their first mini penetrable. The design is a magical prism and it fits well with the collection of characters that represent the shop’s models. I’ve been keeping my eye out for this ever since they mentioned on Twitter that they were working on this—and I’ve had a great time reviewing their dildos—so I jumped at the chance to try it out.

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Thorvald's Prism and additional items


Thorvald’s Prism is a closed-back mini penetrable/masturbation sleeve/FtM stroker* geared towards transmasc individuals with growth from testosterone. (For an introduction to mini penetrables, check out this overview by Mx.ed reviews.) The internal texture consists of evenly-spaced ridges, while the outside is highly textured with ridges along the bottom and a geometric design on the top, following the design theme of Neotori’s Thorvald dildo.

The Prism has a usable length of 2.4″ and a total length of 2.9″. The internal diameter is listed as 0.63″, but my measurements find it closer to 0.75″ (2.4″ circumference), and it can be stretched further if needed. I can easily fit my thumb (2.5″ circumference) inside for a snug fit.

The firmness is Neotori’s soft A00 (comparable to 00-40 on the 00-shore scale). It has plenty of squish, but it’s a pinch more sturdy than most of my other mini pens. The surface is matte and smooth, making it feel much like skin.

I opted for surprise colors. According to Neotori’s site, “Surprise Me pours are chances for us to try new combinations, techniques or tools. So we will do our best to create something stunning worth showing off with.” The result is a gorgeous multicolor pour: Magenta with purple shimmer, gray-blue with cyan blue shimmer, and pale yellow with warm gold shimmer (the latter of which is exceptionally difficult to photograph). Under blacklight, the magenta glows pink and the blue glows blue.

* Not every trans person uses the terms FtM or MtF, and these toys work for a wider audience than just transmasc people—anyone with small enough bits may enjoy a mini penetrable.

A glimpse inside the toy


I received this toy in exchange for a review and did not go through the standard ordering process. With expedited shipping, the package was delivered to me in the US only six days after it was shipped from Germany.

Alongside Thorvald’s Prism, I received a Nekoras Chonky in the same colors, a MiniTori, a holographic NT sticker, and a small storage bag.

At time of writing, a surprise color Thorvald’s Prism costs 49.95€ through Neotori’s site, which converts to $52.70. On Etsy, the same item is 69.95€ or $77.22. This includes an upcharge for the surprise coloration.

In Use

Let’s start with the suction.

It’s intense.

Neotori’s Thorvald’s Prism is a closed-back penetrable, meaning it creates suction in use. As I’ve mentioned previously, I prefer open-ended strokers since I find that they allow for more movement, but that’s not to say I dislike closed-back ones.

The design makes it easy to generate suction by squeezing the sides, particularly the indented (and therefore thinner) sections. While the silicone is soft, it’s firm enough to make the suction strong, moreso than mini pens in softer firmnesses. Add a bit of lube and you’ve got a recipe for suction that’s so strong it takes a real effort to pull it off. If it’s latched on well enough, I literally need to spread the opening with my fingers to remove this toy because pulling it off the normal way is far too intense. (Which is not a bad thing!)

The excellent suction has a number of benefits:

  • Stays suctioned despite enthusiastic movement
  • Acts as a pump, enhancing erections
  • Works both with and without foreskin/hood, soft and erect

My favorite (and unexpected) detail about this toy is that it stays suctioned so well, I can move about without worrying about it detaching. If I’m in the mood for it, I can suction this onto my cock and then ride or thrust back onto a dildo. The weight makes it feel like I have a standard-size penis flopping about while I’m riding or getting fucked, and that’s one hell of a gender-euphoric feeling.

Size-wise, I have a moderate amount of growth from T and the suction works great for me. Given that it works both with and without foreskin (a notable difference in girth) and whether I’m erect or not, this should work for a variety of sizes for t-dicks and large clits. The wide entrance may make it difficult for those with no growth or who are otherwise on the smaller side, but I can’t say for certain.

I don’t get as much from the internal texture as I had hoped. When the toy suctions to my foreskin, movement essentially pulls the foreskin along my length, leaving me feeling just the texture at the entrance where it’s suctioned. However, when angled the right way, I can get some of the texture to rub against the top or bottom of my head. The underside is particularly sensitive and, thankfully, the easiest to get the texture to rub against.

At times when I can get the texture, the combination of suction and texture matches how I imagine receiving oral would feel, as if someone were enthusiastically sucking my dick. Otherwise, when I get it suctioned on with the right amount of lube and tug on it, it feels very similar to one of those air-suction vibrators (which can get me off very quickly).

The only downside to all of the above is that I haven’t yet been able to orgasm with this toy. The suction is too intense to keep going when I’m close to orgasm, and being unable to rub against the internal texture much, I can’t get the necessary friction I would need to get off that way, either.

Externally, the texture is well designed and fun to rub against. But I need pressure to enjoy grinding, and it’s not easy to get much leverage with the external size and shape of Thorvald’s Prism, so I typically don’t grind against the outside.

This toy works well with water-based lubes. I do not use oil-based lubes with this toy on account of the difficulty of cleaning out the inside.

Thorvald's Prism, Chonky, and the MiniTori


Thorvald’s Prism from Neotori is an excellent closed-back mini penetrable. It suctions extremely well, providing strong sensation, a firm grip, and a way to pump oneself for a larger erection. For me, the sensation of having the Prism latched on while using a dildo is gender affirming in a way I had not anticipated.

This would be a great toy or those who enjoy suction, especially on the stronger side, and for those interested in a mini penetrable that isn’t designed to look like a mouth or genitals.

I was provided a coupon code for my readers, FrostyChonky, which will add a free Nekoras Chonky to any order made through Neotori’s website.

Neotori Website
Thorvald’s Prism Model Page

This post no longer contains affiliate links. I do not receive any compensation for use of the coupon code. I received the toy in exchange for an honest review.

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