3 Gender-Affirming Pleasure Sleeves

Silicone sex prosthetics have been around for a hot minute, ranging from strap-ons and Feeldoes to sheaths and penis extenders. Thanks to continued creativity and innovation, suction-based prosthetics geared towards trans men are a growing market, sometimes referred to as pleasure sleeves. They can make me feel like I have a cis penis or a big t-dick, which is a huge ego boost and very gender-affirming.

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What Are Pleasure Sleeves?

Gender-affirming pleasure sleeves are wearable, suction-based prosthetics with a tunnel inside of them to suction onto the wearer, keeping them in place while the wearer plays hands-free. They transfer sensation to the wearer and can fill the fantasy of having a typical penis.

(The term “pleasure sleeve” can refer to penetrables in general, but for this article, I will use it to refer specifically to small suction-based prosthetics.)

They do not transfer 100% of all sensations, but depending on a few factors, I can get a lot of sensation out of them. It never entirely feels like it’s my own flesh, but it’s good enough that I can forget myself in the fantasy.

They are largely marketed towards trans men and transmasc individuals who have growth from T and they may fit people who otherwise have large clits or t-dicks. That gives the sleeves something to suction onto. I’ve heard of some people with smaller parts being able to get some of them to work, which makes sense if the suction is strong, but I cannot say myself how well that would stay on.

While I enjoy pleasure sleeves, I cannot get myself off while wearing them. I require a lot of pressure on my clit in order to orgasm and these do not hit the mark. Regardless, I like them a lot, even if I have to take them off before I can orgasm.

I strongly recommend using lube inside a suction-based prosthetic for increased comfort, decreased risk of tissue tearing, and increased suction.

Axolom Pleasure Sleeve, FTM Pitstop PeenPocket, and four Bat Bites Aux

Jerking Off

Let’s start with the most straightforward use: Suctioning on a sleeve, sitting back, and jerking off.

Due to silicone’s friction, lube on the outside is necessary. An oil-based lube would probably come in handy over a water-based one. I find water-based lube dries up extremely fast, especially the softer and more matte the toy is, and I have to keep reapplying every minute or two. Silicone-based lube is not recommended as it can degrade the stroker’s surface.

It feels pretty good. I can vary the tightness of my hand at different points along the shaft for different sensations. The motion feels like I’m giving myself a handjob, though the fantasy falls through when it detaches if I’m a little too rough. Instead of making a fist around it, I find it easier and more effective to rub my palm against one side or the underside. It’s awkward and not ideal, but it’s not bad.

The biggest drawback (and the reason I rarely use them this way) is that I need to keep reapplying water-based lube so often and I don’t like how tacky lube feels on my hand. Instead, I prefer jerking off with a thin silicone stroker—more on that further down.

Wear, Don’t Touch

I find this one of the most affirming ways to wear pleasure sleeves. It might be a little ironic—part of the purpose of these is to offer pleasurable sensation to the wearer—but I love the fantasy of being a bottom with an untouched cock hanging beneath me.

I suction on a sleeve, grab a dildo, and go to town without touching my cock. Thrusting while sitting or reclining, I really enjoy the visual of my own hard cock resting there. Riding or thrusting doggystyle, I can feel my cock bouncing as I take a dildo; the weight of it swinging beneath me is delectable.

The prosthetic’s suction may be agitated if I take a large dildo vaginally and it pulls on my inner labia/the skin attached to my clit. My medium-size dildos (typically 1.8-2.2″ diameter) do not cause any issues unless the base is large enough to bump against the prosthetic, but even then that’s only if I hilt them.

Erotic Effect Aerlyn next to FTM Pitstop PeenPocket

Masturbators, Strokers, and Sleeves

Silicone penetrables, similar to Fleshlights, can be used with pleasure sleeve prosthetics. I love some but find others difficult to work with.

Thin strokers like Tosser and Erotic Effect Aerlyn work very well. Using these while wearing a prosthetic truly feels like I’m stroking my own cock with a stroker. The sensation transfers well; I feel the internal texture of the strokers, I feel tightness when I squeeze, and it feels different when I’m stroking the head, shaft, or all the way down to the base. Aerlyn in particular is thin with a passage narrower than my prosthetics, and let me tell you, it’s amazing to see how it stretches when I fuck it. I just need to be careful that the texture inside these strokers doesn’t catch on any texture on my prosthetics; wider textures work better than smaller, more frequent textures.

Big chunky masturbators from shops like Bad Dragon are usually too tight to work with my prosthetics. The tightness of the thick walls is stronger than the suction of the sleeve, pulling it off on the outstroke. Fiona’s Muzzle, which has a wider hole and smooth entrance, is the only one so far I’ve found that works with these, but I still have to be careful and use plenty of lube.

I’ll cover exactly which penetrables work best in upcoming articles.

Partnered Use

I don’t have a partner to play with, so I can’t offer much on that aspect. Because most pleasure sleeves (including the three reviewed below) do not have flared bases and the suction can potentially disconnect very easily, I do not recommend penetrating a partner anally while wearing one of these. They may work for oral and vaginal penetration but I cannot speak to ease or functionality.


FtM Pitstop PeenPocket

Size: One size
Firmness: One firmness, supersoft 00-20
Color: Skin tone 002

Price: $50 for a solid color
Availability: Inventory only

FTM Pitstop PeenPocket is a short, soft prosthetic that comes in four different skin tones. It feels like 00-20 firmness which is very soft and squishy, but tacky to the touch and impossible to de-lint. The base has rounded edges and is in a V-shape which cups the top and bottom of one’s t-dick. It includes a lube pocket in the head where one can insert lube that can be squeezed out for ejaculation. It comes in single-color, painted, circumcised, and uncut varieties on FTM Pitstop’s site, with four skin tones available, and some retailers offer a more limited selection.

I love my PeenPocket. It’s very comfortable and the suction is strong and effective; I can ride a dildo and have this thing flop around as much as I want with minimal worry about it falling off.

It makes me look like I have a penis, but a very short one, especially since it’s half-hidden by my labia. No shame to small penises—I’m a fan of all sizes, honestly—but it doesn’t fit the image I want for myself. Neither does the super soft squishiness.

Thin strokers catch on the coronal ridge, especially when they have higher texture. I can make it work if I’m careful about the intensity of textures or if I rotate the stroker to avoid getting stuck. The uncut version is much less likely to have this issue and may work better with strokers.

Despite the potential to catch on the ridge, the PeenPocket is exceptional when used with thin strokers. It has great sensation transfer and suctions on well enough to survive a little rough handling.

My only real complaint would be that it’s too short and too tacky. I effectively lose an inch of length unless I keep a hand in place to pull back my outer labia (with it being only 3.5″ to start with, that’s a lot!), and I don’t like the tacky feeling of it in hand. If this had another 1-2 inches added to the externals and were made available in 00-30 or 00-50, I think it would be perfect for me.

Bat Bites Aux

Size: Relaxed; Tight; Relaxed Short; Tight Short
Firmness: Soft 00-30 and medium 00-50
Color: Black to silc pig purple; aqua/magenta colorshift wash over black base; white, orange, pink; pink to light pink fade

Price: $25-35
Availability: Inventory, custom, or MTO

Aux, carried by Bat Bites and designed by me, is designed to work as either a mini pen or a prosthetic. A t-dick for your t-dick, or t-dickception (which was the working filename for this one). It has a rounded base for comfort and is available with four different internal tunnels, a variety of colors, and multiple firmnesses. Because Bat Bites does custom colorations, a wide range of skin tones is available, but they may or may not be able to accurately replicate specific tones.

I got all four tunnels, with three in soft firmness 00-30 and one in medium firmness 00-50. Both firmnesses provide sufficient suction and feel comfortable, with minimal difference between them. As the designer of the model, I received these copies at no financial cost.

Size-wise, the tight tunnels (0.5″ across) don’t really fit me. The relaxed tunnels (0.8″ across) fit my hood/foreskin snugly. Both the long and short tunnels fit me alright, but I find myself wanting a 1.75-2″ long tunnel; the short tunnel is a tad shorter than I would like, and the long tunnel does not suction as well. However, thanks to the thickness of Aux’s walls, the long tunnel doesn’t get the “flat dick” effect of the Axolom sleeve.

The visual effect and fantasy of Aux is amazing. My own clit doesn’t visibly stick out because of my thick labia and FUPA, but wearing Aux makes it look like I have a huge pumped-up clit. When stroking it with lube, it actually feels like a thick t-dick in hand, especially with the squishiness of soft firmness 00-30. I imagine it might feel more realistic in supersoft 00-20.

I’m able to stroke Aux in hand much easier than the PeenPocket or Axolom sleeve. The other two need lube reapplied every half minute or so, in my experience, but I can get at least a few minutes with Aux and can easily wrap my entire fist around it thanks to the smooth satin finish (as opposed to the matte finish of the other two) and secure suction. While the sensation transfer is not that strong, I really like tugging on it on the outstroke to get a strong suction feeling.

On the downside, Aux does not work out particularly well with textured strokers. I can’t tell what the strokers keep catching on, but I suspect it’s the girth and labia on the lower half of Aux. A smooth stroker (like a textured one turned inside-out) works better. Aux is also not as effective as the other two at transferring sensation, but it suctions on just as well as the PeenPocket.

Aux sometimes has bubbles on the rounded base from air that got trapped during the production process, and the short tunnels have printer texture on the base. I cannot feel either the bubbles or printer texture.

Axolom Uncut Classic Pleasure Sleeve

Size: Large
Firmness: One firmness, possibly 10A
Color: C1

Price: $48
Availability: Inventory only

The Axolom Uncut Sleeve features realistic detailing and thin silicone walls in a relatively firm firmness (possibly 10A). It is available in two colors: Pale peach and light brown. Mine arrived with an adorable Axolotl keychain.

I’ll be honest, I went for the largest internal size knowing it would be a struggle to fit, but I really wanted the larger external size. Had they offered this external size with a smaller internal tunnel, I would have gone for that. So far this is the only pleasure sleeve I have that I don’t feel is too short, but it doesn’t work particularly well for me.

When I can get it to suction adequately (which requires me to be fully erect), it stays on well enough, but isn’t as secure as the others. Unfortunately, it seems like it’s built to collapse on itself; the internal tunnel goes all the way through the shaft up until the head, and to get good suction, the air needs to be squeezed out. I can get it to suction without squeezing the air out, but it’s not very secure. The image of a flattened cock is not entirely pleasant and breaks the fantasy for me.

The hard edges of the flat base are not comfortable, especially for a longer masturbation session. Like nails digging into my flesh. It kind of proves my point in going for prosthetics with gentle or rounded bases like the PeenPocket.

Aside from the downsides, when it works, it’s nice. The thin, firm silicone transfers sensation well. The shape fits comfortably into my hand and it isn’t tacky. The tube-shape would be ideal for using with penetrables if it didn’t collapse on itself.

It can work, and I’m sure it works well for some people, but Axolom’s sleeve does not work well for me. A smaller one might work better for me, but the discomfort of the base is not worth it.

The base of the Axolom Sleeve


Pleasure sleeves are very affirming for me and fun to use, but only when they do their job well and have a rounded base. I prefer Bat Bites Aux for stroking in hand, FTM Pitstop PeenPocket for using with thin strokers, and both of those two for wearing while riding a dildo to give me the feeling of having something more dangling around. I like the Axolom Uncut Sleeve external design, but in use, it’s not very comfortable or effective in the large size I have. Looking at myself in the mirror, Bat Bites Aux is my favorite.

There are more pleasure sleeves out there, like those from Gendercat, that offer a broad range of skin tones and/or realistic skin colors painted onto the prosthetic. Not all of them fit what I’m looking for though, especially with a rounded base.

I really want to see more of these kinds of toys in both realistic and fantastical designs and colors, without dealing with the discomfort of a flat, hard-edged base. I want them longer, because I lose an inch of length to my outer labia, and I don’t want to have to occupy one hand to spread them just so I can use these sleeves; I have to do enough of that when I’m not using a prosthetic. And I want long ones with strong, effective suction; I’d happily sacrifice some sensation for the weight and appearance of a big cock. (That would fulfill my dream of being a big-dicked bottom with an untouched cock.)

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    1. These will probably not work for most individuals who have not taken T unless their anatomy is a comparable size (either as-is or after pumping). If any of them were to work, then short tight Aux potentially could, but I could not guarantee it.

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