6 Thin Silicone Strokers (used with Gender-Affirming Prosthetics)

Silicone strokers make me feel like I have the cock I always dreamed of.

I love my transmasculine body, but I also love the idea of having a typical dick. Even though bottom surgery’s not on the table for me right now, I can still experience the fantasy in one way that’s really effective for me: Wearing a gender-affirming pleasure sleeve and stroking it with a thin stroker. If the prosthetic fits well, then it truly feels like I’m stroking my own cock; I can even feel the texture and changing sensations when I stroke past different areas along the shaft.

Gender-affirming sleeves can get stuck in thick masturbation sleeves with tight tunnels, but it’s much easier to use thin strokers with them. I took a look at four thin strokers and two mid-size penetrables that work with my prosthetics.

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Unless otherwise specified, the feedback below relates to use with the FTM Pitstop PeenPocket and Bat Bites Aux, which are both designed to stay on well and have low texture. My feedback may or may not be helpful for those with parts large enough to use these strokers without prosthetics and those who use strap-ons.

All of my strokers and prosthetics are platinum cure silicone, so I can be sure none of them will degrade from contact with each other. I only use water-based lube with them, but oil-based lube should also work. Thick PEG/PEO-based lube works well for ease of use, but may dull sensation transfer. I recommend against silicone-based or hybrid lubes because the silicone ingredients can degrade platinum cure silicone.

A couple of the strokers in this article also work well directly with my anatomy. While I include some feedback on that here, I’ll be covering more on that and the rest of my fullsize penetrables in another article coming soon.

Bad Dragon Snowball (a big, chunky penetrable) next to VaaChar Asena and Chillow Fantasy MadEye Vortex. Snowball is much larger.

Aerlyn (Erotic Effect)

Aerlyn next to PeenPocket

Texture: Ribbed
Super soft 00-20
Triple Neon (purple, pink, orange)
$80 NZD ($49 USD) (+ 10% off with code: FROST)
Inventory or made-to-order

Aerlyn from Erotic Effect features shellfish-inspired gills just like their Aearvon dildo. The high detail on the outside is gorgeous, but the interior is much more subtle, with notable horizontal ribbing and vertical gilled texture. My Aerlyn is a fade of purple, pink, and orange, which was made to order as the named coloration Triple Neon.

Aerlyn works best with a low to moderate amount of lube. Too much lube and the texture is almost gone; too little and the sleeve gets stuck. The smoothness of the glossy finish helps it work with less lube. With the right amount, the texture is like a hum: Nice, comfortable, and leisurely. The ribs offer staggered texture while the gills offer a little more depth, but the tiny gilled texture is so subtle most of it is lost.

Visually, Aerlyn doesn’t fit a fantasy for me, but it’s very affirming to see it expand around my cock. Despite the thinness, I have no concerns about it tearing while stretched, though that could be a risk for some who are well endowed.

I would have preferred if the texture were more prominent or if the walls were twice as thick. The vertical lines are difficult to feel even with my own fingers. The horizontal ribs could stand to be stronger, but they aren’t bad as a gentle experience. The thinness of the silicone means there’s very little pressure, so the stroker has to stand on its texture without any help from that.

Despite the gentleness, the texture is nice and the toy is beautiful, so I enjoy Aerlyn for longer sessions or warmups.

Asena (VaaChar)

Top of Asena, showing off the marbling

Texture: Natural
Pink, maroon, white
€85 ($90) medium size (also available in large)
Inventory or custom
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VaaChar‘s Asena is a canine-inspired stroker that suits my werewolf fantasies well. It’s a mid-size fantasy penetrable that’s thicker than a thin sleeve, but nowhere near the bulky masturbators that I find nearly impossible to use with prosthetics. My Asena was a surprise custom pour based on purple and pastel inspiration, and the result is gorgeous.

Asena feels like I’m having sex with someone real, like an actual werewolf or furry. Unlike many thinner strokers, the texture is not a straightforward repeated pattern, but has organic bumps and tunnel size variation. This makes it really appealing to me, but on the flip side, the less intense texture can make it harder to get off.

Not only can I see Asena expanding around my cock, but I can also feel that expansion much better than the other strokers, probably in part due to the lower frequency texture. It’s a novel sensation that adds more depth to the experience.

While the thin walls don’t offer much pressure, the shape makes it very easy to grip and tighten my fist around specific parts. It doesn’t work out that easily with other strokers.

Hilting myself inside Asena, it offers something most thin strokers do not: a grindable base. The three-pronged labia at the entrance are thick and press against my own labia, adding another dimension. There is a risk of the prosthetic getting stuck and/or pulled off of me when going this deep, but with enough lube, it’s not a big concern.

Asena’s the only stroker so far that has made me come while wearing a gender-affirming sleeve.

Asena from the front

With my own anatomy, the entrance is where it’s all at. The three folds are highly flexible, making it easy to press in while also being thick enough to provide some decent sensation, and it easily fits my hood/foreskin. It isn’t tight like something squeezing or like a mini penetrable, but the lips provide constant pressure even while moving. This offers a stroking sensation and a wide range of movement. However, the internals are too wide, so I cannot feel much past the folds.

MadEye Vortex (Chillow Fantasy)

Texture: Bumpy spiral
Super soft 00-20
Rose gold and chameleon

MadEye Vortex from Chillow Fantasy is a neat design on both the inside and outside. The diamond pattern on the outside would look good in just about any color, and the internal texture’s bumpy spiral is interesting to both see and feel. My MadEye Vortex is a custom marble of two colors, rose gold and chameleon (which is a brown-green colorshift). (While the product listing only shows the option for a single color, a second color can be added for free as a separate listing.)

The texture is strong and distinct. Some patterns can cluster together so much that it all becomes noise, but this one is safely not in that category. The sensation transfers really well, aided by pressure from the thicker sleeve. It offers a delightfully bumpy ride with the right balance of sensation and ease of use. The texture is easily the strongest of the ones reviewed in this article.

It’s easy to hold, but not always easy to use, as it has a tendency to get stuck when I slow down. Adding more lube than usual can get messy, but helps prevent this issue, and the texture is strong enough not to be muted by thick lube.

Offbeat (Godemiche)

Texture: Bumps & Bubbles
Winter Berry (wine red) and Pearlescent Pastel Yellow
£30 ($37) for Grande, £36 ($45) for Venti, +£6 ($7) to choose a color
Custom (single colors)

Godemiche‘s Offbeat is a classic that’s been around for many years. It’s straightforward: A thin sleeve with texture on the inside. It comes in two sizes, Grande (2″) and Venti (4″), and comes packaged in a branded box. Mine came with a soft-bristled bamboo toothbrush for cleaning, which I admittedly haven’t used since it’s easy enough to clean the Offbeats with my hands in soapy water.

They are only available in single colors, but there’s a broad selection to choose from. I like Winter Berry, a lovely deep purple-red. Pearlescent Pastel Yellow turned out to be a much bolder yellow than the creamy pastel I expected from the color swatch, which is a little disappointing especially for a single-color toy, but I generally anticipate that there may be some color inconsistency when ordering handmade toys.

The Bumps texture features a ton of tiny bumps. The high-frequency texture makes for an intense experience; I cannot feel individual bumps, but instead an overall rough and bumpy sensation. While I enjoy that kind of texture with dildos, I’m not so sure about it with strokers; I want something more than bumpy friction. The smaller texture is also prone to catching, so this one needs a lot of lube to work effectively.

The Venti size Bubbles Offbeat is longer than my prosthetics, but that means the far edge will never catch on the head while I’m stroking. The broad bubbles make for a more focused texture experience. Unlike the uniform, noise-like texture of Bumps, the broad Bubbles texture offers noticeable variation between the base and apex of the bubbles. The intensity is middle ground, neither very gentle nor intense, and that works well for this pattern; it’s exactly what I imagine a standard stroker should be. The broader texture allows for both smooth strokes and purposeful sensation, which is a win-win.

I really like the Offbeat with Bubbles texture, but I am not particularly impressed by the Bumps texture, and Bumps does not work that well with my prosthetic. Size-wise, both lengths work for me. Both have a risk of catching/getting stuck if I slow down too much or the lube dries up too fast, but Bumps has a higher chance due to the texture and the shortness, as the far edge can get caught on the outstroke.

As a rubbing toy, the Bumps Offbeat can be turned inside out for a high-texture grinder that fits nicely around my fingers and is very easy to rub against myself. The high texture is strong, which is great if I’m not feeling too sensitive at the time, and means I don’t need to use much pressure to get a lot out of it. The Bubbles Offbeat could probably also be turned inside out, but it’s long enough to make it awkward and I don’t want to risk tearing the thin silicone.

As far as the shop itself, Godemiche has made some missteps in the past that put them outside of some people’s comfort zones, and I’ve seen little followup to that aside from a small product description change. However, their marketing has been pretty clean for the past few years between their Godemiche storefront and their fantasy shop Odyssey Toys, and they are an affordable option for those looking to buy from UK shops offering quality toys (especially with the sales and coupons that go out in their newsletters).

Tosser (

Tosser and Butt Plug

Texture: Dotted
Super soft 00-30
Sugar Baby (pink) and Villain (wine red)
€24 ($26) (€29 ($31) for a two-color custom like mine)
Inventory or custom
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Tosser from is small, lightweight, and easy to store and use. The texture is short and smooth enough not to get stuck on my prosthetics, but defined and frequent enough to make a constant bumpy sensation. My Tosser was a custom marble in separate colors from the plug I also received, but the Tosser and Butt Plug can be ordered together in the same colors as a bundle.

The bumps feel more like noise than individual texture, but not as noise-like as the Offbeat Bumps texture; the spacing between the bumps offers some variation. It reminds me of smooth pebbles. I like it most when the bumps rub across the coronal ridge of the PeenPocket, because that sensation transfers really well.

It’s small and simple, but the straightforward texture works for me. I would put it in the same bucket as Offbeat Bubbles in that it’s a middle intensity texture with enough variation to be dynamic and pleasurable in use, about what I’d expect from a stroker that doesn’t lean to either extreme of gentle or intense.

Tosser turned inside out

As a rubbing toy, the Tosser is very easy to hold and use. I turn it inside out, insert a couple fingers into the sleeve, and rub the now-external texture against myself. I don’t need to use my thumbs or put pressure on my fingertips, and I can move faster than if I were holding a standard grinder. It’s really nice and convenient, though I wish the texture were more frequent and didn’t have so many gaps. (This is where I would probably prefer the Diamond texture.)

Tyramyth (Xenocat Artifacts)

Texture: Ribbed
Super soft 00-20
Tyramyth’s Signature: White-purple fade with a white wash/highlight
$100 standard size (also available in large)
Inventory or customs (limited custom openings)

Tyramyth from Xenocat Artifacts is a gorgeous mid-sized fantasy stroker with high-detail ridges on top, scaly skin on the bottom, and a pierced clit. The character is an alien crew member with magnificent horns, whose art is also available on a body pillow. Mine was an inventory copy of Tyramyth’s signature pour; the model wears highlights beautifully. I love XCA’s other toys, so I had high expectations for Tyramyth, and she meets them easily.

The internals feature a natural ribbed texture, which I find is one of my favorite textures not just for dildos, but also for penetrables. The texture intensity is just right for me: Gentle enough for easy use, prominent enough to feel good, spaced out enough not to feel like featureless noise, and detailed enough to feel organic. It’s not quite as organic as Asena—sometimes it comes across as a plain ribbed texture, mainly if I’m moving fast—but it offers more of a fantasy than a standard pattern. All speeds work well with the texture, whether I’m after a slow ride or really want to go for it.

With Tyramyth upright (clit side up), the texture can sometimes catch on the coronal ridge of the PeenPocket. Flipped upside down, it’s smooth sailing. Either way, I need to make sure it’s lubed deep enough not to get caught on dry sections.

With my own anatomy, Tyramyth offers a gentle experience. My hood/foreskin fits inside and I can feel the lips, but not much of the internal texture. When I got Tyramyth a year ago, it was too loose to use at all, but another year on T must have made my t-dick big enough for it. I don’t get much pressure and it’s not easy to press against the sides to add texture (as I do with thicker penetrables), but the soft touch of Tyramyth’s lips is a very nice stroking sensation.


Thin strokers in conjunction with gender-affirming pleasure sleeves are a game changer for me. With the right combination, they let me feel like I’m truly stroking my own cock. While I was rightfully worried that they could get stuck, it’s just a matter of finding penetrables that are not too thick and using enough lube.

The mid-size penetrables—Tyramyth and Asena—are my favorites. They visually fill a fantasy, the textures work well, they’re thin enough not to make my prosthetics get stuck, and they offer a dual purpose in working with my own anatomy. It can be difficult to see the line between which fantasy penetrables are too chunky and will catch my prosthetics vs. which ones are thin enough to work well, but I seem to have struck gold with these two.

Of the thinner strokers, MadEye Vortex is my favorite. It has a strong, defined texture that transfers through a prosthetic well.

Aerlyn, Tosser, and Offbeats offer similar experiences to each other. Tosser (Dotted) and Offbeat (Bubbles) are great for moderate texture, Aerlyn is the prettiest and gentlest of the set, and Offbeat (Bumps) pushes into “noise” territory with its intense, close-packed bumps. The shorter strokers can also be turned inside out to be used as grinders that fit on one’s fingers.

This article contains affiliate links and I may earn a commission from qualifying sales. I received Godemiche Offbeat x2 in exchange for inclusion in this article. I received Tosser and VaaChar Asena in exchange for inclusion in prior articles. I received a discount on Erotic Effect Aerlyn as an affiliate.

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