Review: Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder

Is there anything more quintessentially fantasy than tentacles? They’ve been the subject of erotic fantasies for centuries and a staple of the fantasy dildo market for years. Tentacles were some of the first toys I looked at ten years ago when I first started shopping around. There were so few models back then, but with this industry’s growth, now there’s more than I can count.

The Tentacle Grinder from Uncover Creations, released in March, embraces the visual of writhing, eager tentacles with a mass of them intertwined and frozen in motion. The detail brings a level of fantastical realism, the thickness makes it luscious, and the overall image is as erotic as it can get.

But does the toy live up to its appearance in use?

Close up of the toy focusing on the logo

Design & Specs

This grinder is a chunky one. It’s meant to be set in place so that one can grind against it, unlike a lot of smaller, handheld grinders. At 7″x5″ and nearly 2″ thick, it’s about the size of a paperback book.

There are two holes on either side of the toy, creating handles through which the nylon straps provided with the toy can be inserted. The straps may be used to secure the toy in place for a hands-free experience. They can be removed by unlacing one side of the strap from each buckle.

There’s a lot of texture on this grinder. The tentacles are small and numerous, but they’re designed in a way to make them look girthy. Each one has tens of tiny suckers and subtle ridges along its length, resulting in an appearance similar to octopus tentacles. The base of the grinder is mostly smooth on the outside, but the tentacles rest atop sand and seashells, a delightful detail that gives the model more character.

The colors I chose were moonkissed (shimmery black), silver, and frosted thistle (light purple) in Undercover Creations’ super soft firmness (00-50). It’s relatively squishy and soft to the touch, but firmer than most grinders out there. (Note: The images in this post were taken in two different kinds of lighting. The images that appear less blue, such as that of the toy in its delivery box, are more color-accurate.)

The finish is smooth matte. Uncover Creations offers a Silky Smooth Upgrade using an additive for a smoother finish, but I did not opt for the upgrade because I have a nut allergy. As disclaimed on the product page: “We recommend you avoid the silky smooth upgrade if you are allergic to durian, tree nuts and tree nut derivatives or musk thistle seed.”

Tentacle Grinder next to a paperback book


Uncover Creations sells their products on a made-to-order custom basis. They provide a selection of colors to pick from, most or all of which are shimmery, and their support is available if there’s a color you’d like that isn’t on their standard list. They were really nice to interact with when I was deciding what colors to get!

The toy arrived in a box with tissue paper and paper confetti, with a thank you card and 10% off coupon code at the bottom of the box. Unlike most silicone toys, this one was not in a plastic bag; however, the box was not damaged and there was no color transfer from the tissue paper, so the toy was in perfect condition after its international journey. The nylon straps were already laced through the holes when it arrived.

A three-color Tentacle Grinder with standard finish costs $81.00/£64.99 through their website or $90.17/£69.99 through their Etsy.

Tentacle Grinder inside the delivered box

In Use

The first thing I tried was to sit down and rub the Tentacle Grinder against myself by holding it in my hands. The toy’s size makes it a bit unwieldy and awkward, but on the flip side, it’s easy to add pressure without straining my fingers thanks to the large surface area. After a few minutes, I got the hang of it. Despite the size, using it this way does not wear me out as much as thrusting a dildo goes.

The second thing I tried (because apparently I prefer familiarity over logic) was to squeeze the grinder into my underwear and grind sideways against a pillow. The aim was to have my underwear keep it in place so I could grind against it, much like I do with my Cyerce Symbiote. The underwear ultimately wasn’t the best idea since it just got lube on my underwear and it would have stayed in place well enough between my body and the pillow, but the position worked out alright. The edges of the grinder chafed my thighs when wrapping them around the pillow for pressure.

The third time, I finally tried something that the toy actually seemed intended for. I piled up a few towels, set it on top, and went to town. The piled up towels gave me the pressure I needed and I could slide across the surface with as much or as little movement as I wanted. Even without the straps, it mostly stayed in place, 10/10, would recommend using it this way.

I managed to find a box to set it atop for grinding. It worked out nicely, but I didn’t have anything to keep the box itself in place, so it’s not something I could do for long. A piece of sex furniture dedicated to propping up toys might work out well here.

Until I can find a long-term solution on how to support this toy, I’ll be sticking with holding it in my hands or using the towels.

The straps are convenient, but not perfect. I can’t latch them to something smaller than the toy, like my bedpost, without the strap coming undone or the toy falling down. I can tie them around my thigh (which is comfortable so long as it doesn’t pinch my leg hair), but could need to reinforce the strap if someone were to ride it vigorously in that position. The silicone loops for the strap are sturdy and can handle some roughness. I opt to use the grinder without straps; it won’t slide across most horizontal surfaces, so between my body weight and the silicone’s own friction, it stays in place well enough for me.


So what about the texture?

There’s so many suckers and tentacles on this thing and they feel just as intense as they look. Sometimes too intense; if I’m particularly sensitive, it’s overwhelming. Most days, however, I love strong texture.

This toy is great to use if you grind with a wide range of motion across the full surface of the toy. I tend towards smaller motions grinding against a specific small area—thankfully, that works just as well, with a whole selection of small areas to choose from. I can grind against one of the raised tentacles in the middle, the clusters of smaller tentacles at either end, the areas where tentacles converge… there’s a lot of options.

I don’t feel the shape of the suckers in use so much as I feel something that’s textured and raised, similar to a line of bumps. I can’t differentiate between one sucker and the next. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it’s just how my body interprets the texture.

With the large size and sensitivity of my clit, the suckers’ stimulation toes the line between delicious and painful. The shape of the tentacles themselves, combined with some stimulation from the suckers, makes for a surface that is ever-changing, always interesting, and delightfully textured, even when grinding only in a small area. My favorite unexpected part was feeling the tentacles rub against my entrance while grinding my clit, adding that much more sensation to the experience.

If I had this exact toy without the suckers, it would be a perfectly bumpy ride that I could play with any day.

As for the firmness, a softer firmness would provide lower intensity texture, which would be a great thing on days when I’m more sensitive but not as great when I crave strong texture. The current firmness of the silicone makes it easier to add the pressure that I need, but also makes it possible to add too much pressure; there are a couple positions I tried where the tentacles pressed into my vulva uncomfortably in a way that could bruise if I kept going. (If you feel pain when using a toy, slow down and make adjustments to prevent injury.)

This grinder works well with both water- and oil-based lubes. I prefer water-based lubes since they’re easier to clean out from all the nooks and crannies, and a thicker lube adds a bit of padding to soften the intensity of the suckers. Using more lube makes it easier to slide across and use more of the surface at once.



The Tentacle Grinder from Uncover Creations is a beautifully sculpted piece that fulfills a fantasy and is intense in use. It works best when mounted atop a support and may be used for both small-area grinding and using the full expanse of its surface. The nylon straps that come with it help keep it in place, but may need reinforcement to withstand vigorous movement and are not required.

I would recommend this toy to anyone who enjoys heavy texture and a tentacle fantasy. If the option is provided in the future, I would recommend a softer firmness than Uncover Creations’ super soft 00-50.

Uncover Creations recently released the Tentacle Grinder II. It features similar details to the first grinder, such as suction cups, but only one central tentacle. If that sounds more your style than the one I reviewed here, it might be worth taking a look!

Update – August 2022

Uncover Creations has come out with yet another one! The Tentacle Grinder III maintains the picture perfect image of writhing tentacles, but with thicker tentacles, larger suckers, and a bit more smoothness to balance out the texture. As far as redesigns go, this one looks pretty damn good and addresses everything that didn’t work for me.

Uncover Creations Website
Uncover Creations Etsy
The Tentacle Grinder Model Page

This post contains affiliate links as of 8/18/22 and I may earn a commission from qualifying sales. I received the toy in exchange for an honest review.

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