Review: Jundaoai HB-1 Vibrator

Jundaoai HB-1 promised a new experience as my first pinpoint vibrator. It’s bright, beautiful, and I couldn’t wait to give it a go.

While I can’t say it wowed me, it’s fun, unique, and a gorgeous addition to my collection.

About HoneysX

HoneysX is a retailer that carries a wide variety of products from various brands, including big names like LELOWe-Vibe, and Satisfyer. They aim to provide “a select list of the world’s finest adult sex toys” and guarantee “genuine, body-safe, high-quality products.”

Design & Specs

HB-1 is a sleek red vibrator with a thin pinpoint tip and has a golden plastic plate along the front. Visually, it’s beautiful, making the most out of an efficient design. It comes with three tiny tip attachments for different sensations. There are two buttons, one for the tip and one for the other end.

The HB-1 product listing does not specify what sort of silicone it’s made out of. As far as I can tell, it smells and feels like platinum cure silicone, and according to a test for cure inhibition, it’s not tin cure (which would not be a safe material). Because of that, I trust that it is safe to use, though I store it separately from my other toys just in case.


Jundaoai HB-1 can be ordered from HoneysX’s website alongside other toys, lube, and accessories from other brands. Both the HB-1 and Zini Bloom arrived together within two weeks, each of them in their own product box inside the plain cardboard shipping box. HB-1 arrived with a magnetic charging cord.

At this time, the HB-1 costs $79.99.

In Use – Clitoral

When I first turned on my HB-1, I thought, oh no. It sounded like some kind of staticky radio unable to find a station. I thought for sure it would be too weak to enjoy.

The first setting is pretty disappointing and buzzy, but the second and third speeds are a lot more enjoyable and give me the strength that I need from such a targeted vibe.

The pinpoint tip is intense, especially on the strongest speed, and I find that sometimes I need to dip down to the first setting (which, while buzzy, works for me at those times). The intensity is muted when I use it on my foreskin/hood rather than directly on the head of my dick.

With the tiny tip, I can focus specifically on the areas where I’m most sensitive, like the underside of my dick or specific areas on the left or right ridges. It’s small enough to easily slip under the foreskin, which also stimulates the more sensitive parts of my foreskin, not something many vibes can do.

On the flip side, given my growth from T, the tip is too small at times. I can focus on a tiny area, but if the zone where I want vibrations is larger than just a small spot, then it’s frustratingly small.

I can’t use any pressure when using this vibe, otherwise it stops the vibrations due to the thinness of the neck. I really like pressure, so this is not ideal for me, but it does provide an opportunity to tease myself.

The tips change the experience more than I expected they would. They dull the vibrations slightly, but with how sensitive I can be, this is not a problem.

The flat tip makes the vibrations feel a lot like a bullet vibe. It’s very comfortable, but misses out from being unable to press down with any pressure. Being able to hold it for as long as I’d like without my hand going numb, however, is a nice change from bullet vibes.

The pointed tip that looks like a tiny tongue is even more focused than the pinpoint tip on its own. It’s not particularly pleasant and just feels pointy.

The three-pronged tip is interesting. It spreads the vibrations across a wider surface area, but not the same way as a broad vibrator surface does. I’m not that keen on it for clitoral use. I’m not inclined towards nipple stimulation, but this tip has the nicest effect in that regard.

Accessibility-wise, I really like the HB-1. The vibrations don’t reach my hand to make my knuckles vibrate uncomfortably and I don’t need to have my hand all that close to my bits. I can rest the hand holding the vibe on my thigh while using the tip. Between the small tip and the ability to keep my hand out of the way, this vibrator is very easy to use in conjunction with riding a dildo.

There is a divot at the other end of the toy which vibrates extremely weakly when the other button on the vibrator is pressed. I have no idea what function this serves.

HoneysX Safety & Marketing

Despite HoneysX’s claim that they commit to high-quality and safe materials, they carry a lot of questionable products, including ones whose materials include “medical grade silicone” (which is not a thing). Very few of their products actually list platinum cure silicone, which is the standard in safety. (Tin cure silicone is not as safe due to the potential to degrade or to carry toxins.)

That said, many of the name brand products they carry, such as LELO, are reputable for their high quality and use platinum cure silicone (even if they don’t specify platinum cure in the site’s description). I would recommend purchasing products that are known to be of safe, quality materials, and doing a bit of research if you’re not sure. (Since my blog is very dildo-centric, I’ll make a specific note about dildos: The only ones I would trust from their site at this time are Blush brand.)

Their website includes messages on products, such as “# sold in last # hours” and “# customers are viewing this product.” These are randomly generated numbers (which is visible when one uses Inspect Element). When I contacted HoneysX about this, they let me know that it was a default Shopify function and that they would look into it. Their site also features very gendered marketing, categorizing toys as “For Men” or “For Women,” which personally puts me off a bit.


Jundaoai HB-1 from HoneysX is a beautiful pinpoint vibrator with tips that can be swapped out for different experiences. It’s moderately strong and easy to hold without my hand vibrating, and I can use it while riding a dildo without my hand getting in the way. Combined with the flat tip attachment, it’s like using a bullet vibe, but more convenient.

The HB-1’s tips are the magic touch that make me really enjoy this toy. I haven’t seen any other pinpoint vibes with this feature and it’s an exciting way to bring some variety to the experience, But the HB-1 falls behind when it comes to strength of vibrations. I don’t personally have one to compare, but a Zumio model at a sale price would be within the same price range and I’d bet you’d get more bang for your buck when it comes to power. (At least, according to a number of reviews I’ve read.)

HoneysX has an admirable goal as a retailer to carry high quality, safe toys, but they fall short, carrying some products from brands that are highly questionable (which I won’t name here) or which don’t provide sufficient safety or material information (like the Zini Bloom). I find the Jundaoai HB-1 to be of good quality, and HoneysX also carries a wide variety of well known high quality brands like LELOWe-Vibe, and Satisfyer.

HoneysX Website

I was provided this toy in exchange for an honest review. This article contains affiliate links and I may earn a commission from qualifying sales.

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