Review: Paladin Pleasure Sculptors Elemental Line Dildos

Paladin Pleasure Sculptors excels in designs that make the most of their overall shapes. They carry a few models with notable texture and fantasy themes, but they lean towards dildos that are smooth and stylized. Their new elemental line, sculpted by Nix—featuring Aquus, Caelus, Ignis, and Tellus—fits right in, hosting classic human characteristics and effective shapes.

While I have a strong interest in fantasy toys, human-shaped dildos work very well for me. The combination of moderate curve, prominent head, and filling girth provides some of my favorite sensations.

I strongly prefer textured toys, but this set is very smooth. Fortunately, the shapes (especially the heads) work pretty damn well for me.


All four of the dildos that I received are in medium size, medium firmness 00-50. These fit my typical size preferences. Medium firmness is soft enough for me to squish, but holds its shape very well and ensures that I can still feel the toy. (Soft toys are nice and cushy for some people, but I lose a bit of sensation with some of them.)

ModelTypeBaseUsable Length (Medium)Circumference (Medium)Diameter (Medium)
IgnisG/P-Spot CurveRound6″7″2.2×2.5″

Aquus and Ignis are in the coloration Frost 2.0, a fade from a deep, desaturated purple to bright sky blue, with purple shimmer across the whole pour. Caelus and Tellus are in my favorite colorway from PPS, Cherry Blossoms, which is a beautiful marble of springtime colors including pink, purple, blue, and pale gold, with some of the colors being translucent or glow-in-the-dark.

Paladin Pleasure Sculptors only offers toys through drops/inventory restocks. The colors are different for each drop, but they are always gorgeous. These models are available in multiple sizes and firmnesses.



Aquus features a swell at the top and a thinner lower shaft. Once inside, the swell—which is a notable size, but not intense—sits snugly and comfortably. It fits right in the comfortable middle zone between “too subtle” and “too much.”

The swell takes a bit of a push to insert. If I pull out part of the swell, the rest of the toy tends to follow, so that push is required again to reinsert. One could possibly use a lot of lube to pop the swell in and out at a fast pace, but the stem isn’t thick enough to provide as much leverage as would be necessary to do that easily.

Due to the swell, it doesn’t work that well for fast movement, but it works well for gentle thrusting or riding along the last couple of inches.

The heart-shaped base is difficult to hold at the point, but it’s easy to hold the balls. Since the base is not very heavy, riding can make it shift if it’s not held down somehow, though this is negligible when just grinding along the lowest part of the shaft.

Aquus is nice to sit on while rubbing myself externally. Beyond that, though, I don’t get much out of it given the smooth texture, and I barely feel the head. It’s really nicely shaped for those who want a gentle grind, but unfortunately, it doesn’t quite appeal to my tastes.



Caelus is my chill warm-up friend. It’s the thinnest of the set, but only a little beneath my preferred specs, so it’s easily within range to make me feel filled. I can pop Caelus in when I don’t want to warm up before inserting a dildo, or if I’m trying to work up to something on the larger side.

I cannot insert Caelus all the way since it’s longer than the max length I can take. This gives me an easier time if I’m riding on the floor without something to prop it up, since the height boost keeps positioning from getting too awkward, though I have to be careful at times not to get overenthusiastic enough to ram my cervix.

The base is not very heavy, so it sometimes shifts while riding, but the base is easy to hold for thrusting.

The overall shape is fairly straight and tube-like, but there is a subtle swell that I definitely feel in use. It’s not strong enough to lock inside like a strong swell, but the bottom of the swell makes for a natural stopping point. Once it’s in that far, it’s very comfortable.

The head makes sensations more intense. I can tell that there’s front wall stimulation when the coronal ridge is faced that way, but I can’t feel the specific texture. It makes for a ride that’s gentle but not boring.

My favorite way to use Caelus is when I want to get off fast with external stimulation. It’s skinny-ish with a small base, so it doesn’t get in the way while I use an air pulse toy, and I don’t need any warmup beforehand.

I enjoy Caelus a lot more than I thought I would. I thought it’d be my least favorite, but it’s my second fave. It’s not always great at getting me off, but it’s pretty good at warming me up.



Ignis is big. Definitely bigger than it looks. Possibly the thickest of this set, in a way that the official specs don’t cover.

The curve makes Ignis excellent for G-spot/P-spot stimulation. As long as the tip is facing forwards, I get constant G-spot stimulation. I can angle it sharply to really hammer the G-spot, though that requires moving the base further back, which is awkward to hold. The G-spot stim is a great experience. It’s not firm or targeted/pinpoint, so not the same as you’d get with something like a metal or glass wand; it’s still very much like any other dildo with a nice curve. When I angle it like that, it sometimes stretches me out too far, since I’m essentially increasing the diameter by changing the angle.

Using it in a more standard way (by not increasing the angle) still gets plenty of G-spot stim, plus the stretch from taking it to the base is amazing.

Switching Ignis backwards so the tip faces the other way around is not comfortable due to the pressure on my anal wall.

I love Ignis for G-spot stim and a solid stretch. If I want to feel not just filled, but totally stretched out, Ignis is a winner. But I need to limit the ways I use it because of its size and intensity, and I have to be 100% warmed up before using it.

I almost always use Ignis by leaning back and thrusting, which allows me a lot of control over the angle. The round base is easy to hold.

I’m pleased with my medium and I enjoy the stretch, but I think I would have enjoyed the G-spot stim more if I went down a size.



Tellus is one thick dildo. It’s very satisfyingly filling; I’m never left wanting more. I need to warm up to it first, otherwise the stretch at my entrance is uncomfortable, but once warmed up, it’s the perfect girth for me. The shaft slims down under the swell, letting it lock in very nicely without maintaining much of a stretch at my entrance.

The head is great for G-spot and A-spot stim and overall feels amazing against my front wall. Of the whole set, Tellus has the best and most prominent coronal ridge. Lying back, I rock it back and forth either fully inserted or halfway inserted, letting the head and its notable coronal ridge rub against those spots. I could literally go for hours. That’s one spot where the low texture comes in handy: Minimal irritation from longer sessions.

The heart-shaped balls are easy to hold. Unfortunately, my preferred way to use this toy is lying back in missionary, so the part I would hold onto is the opposite side. The small triangle on this side is very difficult to hold onto, especially when slick; I need to keep wiping it dry and squeeze it tightly between my thumb and fingers. It’s easier to use with a handle, but I would much prefer being able to hold the toy directly.

Despite the drawbacks of the base, I absolutely love Tellus.

Additional Notes

The above reviews are all based on vaginal use.

All four of these models have some difficulty staying upright while riding since they do not have large bases, so I would recommend using them with a suction cup if riding. I normally just hold them down with one hand if I’m riding, since I normally ride on a soft surface. (Click here and scroll down for a list of shops offering double-sided suction cups.)

The heart-shaped bases on Aquus and Tellus are cute, but they’re a miss for me when it comes to functionality. If I want to lean back or lie back and use them missionary style, I need to either grasp the entire base with my palm against the flat side, or use a handle, since the tip of the heart is very difficult to grasp. The bases for Ignis and Caelus, on the other hand, are easy to hold.

These toys work very well with both my SilcArts handle and Lust Arts handle (with suction cups that are 2-2.5″ wide). Smooth dildos have less resistance in use than textured toys, so there’s a lower chance of the suction cup shifting or popping off, and the minimal bases add less weight than a large base would. I can get more speed using these dildos with handles than with other dildos and it helps keep my hands from cramping.


Aquus, Caelus, Ignis, and Tellus are an excellent set of models that fit right in with Paladin Pleasure Sculptors’ focus on strong shapes. They’re smooth and human-shaped, making for broad appeal and beginner friendliness while still showing off the amazing colors that fantasy toys come in. The bases are not ideal for me, but they make up for it somewhat by working very well with toy handles.

Each model has its own strength. I enjoy all of them and could easily recommend any of them, even to those who don’t always go for low-texture models. Together, they make for a well-rounded set.

As for my favorite: Tellus. It’s the perfect size for me, the head is prominent but not overwhelming, and it puts pressure in all the right places.

Paladin Pleasure Sculptors Website

I was provided these toys in exchange for an honest review. This article includes affiliate links and I may earn a commission from qualifying sales (for Lust Arts only).

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