4 Unique Sex Toy Accessories

Sex toy accessories spice up my masturbation experience and save my hands from pain. Silicone toys can take a fair bit of force to thrust or some funky maneuvering to angle the way I want them to, and frankly, it can do a number on my fingers and wrists.

There’s a lot of accessories out there for anyone looking to change up their experience, and just like fantasy toys, that market is growing and innovating. (Check out genderfreaked’s article for a list of accessories addressing disability-specific needs.)

This article highlights the accessories that I use: Lust Arts Thruster Handle, Liberator Wing, 20spoons Harfordil, and Silc Arts Silc Touch. These reviews are from the perspective of solo masturbation, but these accessories may all have benefits for partnered play as well.

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Lust Arts Thruster Handle

Thruster Handle and a double-sided suction cup, both from Lust Arts

The Lust Arts Thruster Handle is a core piece of my toybox. If I want to lean back and thrust, this handle makes it easy, and it gives me the control to go hard and fast or slow and steady. My handle is size large with a medium size suction cup. It’s firm and easy to hold.

This handle saves me from hand cramps and slippery fingers. Without the handle, I sometimes strain my hand pressing my fingers against the flat of the base of a toy, or I awkwardly grasp the entire base (or a portion that sticks out). With many of my dildos being somewhat bulky, the strain is very uncomfortable. Plus, grasping the base of a dildo gets lube on my hands.

The handle’s suction cup is strong. It fits the bases of all but my smallest toys. It’s functional for the majority of my toys (which are mostly medium size), and the only toys it doesn’t work with are the largest and heaviest few. The suction cup is on the smaller side for my dildos, so it shifts a bit in use and needs readjusting; I may have done better with a large. But the occasional readjustment isn’t too much of a hassle for me.

The handle sticks straight out, so it’s not ideal if I’m lying back. For a position like that, the Silc Arts Silc Touch works better for me. The Thruster Handle works best for me when reclining, which is my preferred way to play.

The Lust Arts Thruster Handle with the same same specs as mine (large handle, firm firmness, medium suction cup, two custom colors) costs $63 at this time. The colors I selected are pale gold and shimmer white.

Liberator Wing

Liberator Wing with two toys on top: Uncover Creations Coral Keeper Grinder and Fantasy Grove Jackalope, held in place by a Harfordil

Liberator manufactures sex furniture, including sex toy mounts. I chose the Liberator Wing as the best fit for my needs. It’s comfy, round, and I can (sort of) wrap my legs around it. Plus, I can hide it in plain sight inside a large pillowcase, like an extra firm pillow. (It should fit inside a dakimakura pillowcase, as the Wing’s circumference is 39″, though it is too short for the full length.)

It’s excellent for flat grinders like those from Uncover Creations, or larger grinders like Maera or large Calypso. While the straps aren’t long enough to wrap all the way around without chaining multiple straps together, the broad flat base against the velvish provides plenty of friction to keep grinders from moving around. Smaller grinders can also stay in place, but not as well as the large ones.

The slit to hold dildos is way too small. I can fit anything that doesn’t have a base, like my glass wands, since the slit goes deep into the cushion, but it’s not wide enough for most of my dildos. For the bases that aren’t too wide, they’re too tall; it’s very difficult to push down the inside material to make enough space. I worried this might be the case since most of my dildos are medium size fantasy dildos, but I can’t even fit most of my smalls, which was a big disappointment.

That said, it works great as a mount for my dildos. While the top of the cushion is curved, it’s mostly flat near the center; I can set a medium or large dildo atop it and it stays in place thanks to friction, provided that it has a heavy enough base. I strongly recommend using a harness/strap such as the Harfordil to hold dildos in place. Straps can also hold penetrables in place when wrapped around the penetrable and the Wing.

For both dildos and grinders, I can use this either riding upright or leaning forward with my chest against the cushion. The pace is moderate to slow either way, given the height of the mount. While I had hoped I could lay on my side and wrap my legs around it for grinding, it’s too wide for me to do that.

Using straps, I can prop the Wing upright at an angle against other furniture and it holds my dildo in place so I can press back against it doggystyle. It’s way easier to use than suctioning a dildo to the wall. The straps shift downward over time unless they are very tight, so it’s not perfect, but it’s the only hands-free doggystyle setup that works for me.

Speaking of height, this thing is tall. If I want to get good mileage from riding, it’s a workout for my legs. This works much better for slow, sensual riding than the rough pace that I normally enjoy. Leaning forward and riding gives me a little more movement to work with, but I wouldn’t really say I can go fast. The only time I really like the height is when I turn it on its side so the thinner side is pointed up/down. This is an exceptional way to grind while wearing a wearable grinder like Cyerce.

The Wing includes a slot to insert a wand vibrator. I don’t have one, so can’t say how useful this is.

The Liberator Wing is great for slow riding and grinding, but the size—too tall, too wide, and a toy slit that’s way too small—is a drawback. If it were 15-20% smaller and had a bigger toy slit, it could be perfect. I enjoy it with some toys, especially with large grinders or for a slow ride on dildos, though I need a strap to hold my dildos in place for the best experience.

Liberator is carried by multiple retailers like Peepshow Toys, but their own site hosts frequent sales. I purchased directly from Liberator, where I got the Wing (a $116 value) for $92.80 at 20% off. It is available in four different colors: Black, Merlot, Plum, and Espresso.


All four sizes

The Harfordil from 20spoons is a versatile strap to hold dildos in place. Each one comes in two pieces, with velcro on one end to connect them together and loops at the other end to hold the dildo. While they have labels on them, they are discreet (labeled SEEL with a seal on them) and do not get in the way.

The straps are sturdy, high quality, and easy to clean. They work as advertised with the loops around a dildo.

While the loops are smooth and high quality, I worry about friction dulling the shiny finish on my dildos with long-term use. For my own peace of mind, I use them with O-rings. My O-rings have an inner diameter of 2.7″, which fits most of my dildos. Functionality, effectiveness, and convenience are comparable with or without O-rings; the main difference I noticed is a little bit of discomfort when repeatedly hilting a toy with an O-ring due to the hard metal.

The Harfordil comes in four sizes:

  • POST: Wraps around bedposts or other small structures
  • TOWEL: Wraps around rolled towels
  • PILLOW: Wraps around pillows
  • CHAIR: Wraps around chairs

The POST size latches a dildo to a post or anything similarly sized. For me, this is perfect for doggystyle position. I can’t get a suction cup to latch on to my bedposts, but the Harfordil fits snugly, and my legs can fit to either side of the post. It’s not my ideal scenario given that the rest of the bed is still in the way, but it’s much easier than trying to use a dildo suction cupped to a wall.

Harfordil holding PPS Tellus against a bedpost

The TOWEL size works great for its advertised purpose. I can fold a standard size bath towel lengthwise then roll it up to get a decently sized base to work with. The Harfordil holds the dildo snugly, letting me use my hands to position myself instead of holding the dildo in place. The towel itself doesn’t have much weight, so the dildo sometimes lifts up with me when I rise and the towel itself shifts around. It isn’t a perfect setup, but it’s pretty steady, and a much-needed addition to using a towel to prop up dildos. I’ve used towels this way so many times and it’s definitely easier with the Harfordil.

The PILLOW size is about as effective as the TOWEL size when wrapped around a pillow. I definitely recommend using a towel or sex blanket on top of the pillow to prevent making a mess, or just using a few towels in lieu of the pillow.

The CHAIR size is large enough to fit around my Liberator Wing while accommodating any size dildo in my collection. It’s perfect for keeping dildos in place while riding on the Wing, especially since the Wing’s toy slit is far too small for my dildos. It also permits me to prop up the Wing and use dildos doggystyle.

I would need an extension in order to actually fit the CHAIR size around my chair, but I am sure it fits some chairs well.

These can also be used to anchor penetrables/strokers in place, provided that the penetrables aren’t thin enough to get easily squished. Connect the looped ends together by putting one half through the looped end of the other half, then putting the velcro end of that side through the looped end of the same side. The Harfordil can then wrap around the penetrable and an object together. This could work great if you prefer a penetrable propped up on some furniture, or if you want to tie two together for a threesome fantasy. The CHAIR Harfordil is just large enough for this to wrap around my Liberator Wing and one of my chunky Weredog or Bad Dragon penetrables.

The Harfordil does its job and it does it well. Freeing up my hands while riding a dildo is invaluable. I can use it with fancy sex furniture or with any supports I can find around the house. If you’re looking for a way to prop up a toy on a budget, using one of these and a towel or pillow is way cheaper and more versatile than buying a toy mount. You don’t need to worry about whether sex furniture can accommodate a fantasy dildo if you’ve got a Harfordil on hand. Just make sure to use a measuring tape to measure the object you want to wrap it around so that you know in advance if it will fit.

Out of the four sizes, the TOWEL and CHAIR are my favorite, for use with rolled towels and my Liberator Wing, respectively.

They are not labeled with sizes, which is the only thing I dislike about the design; I know what each one will fit, but I have to guess and check which one is which, because they all look about the same when folded up.

Harfordils are $18-24 each, depending on size, and extensions are available. The set of 4 sizes (not including extensions) totals $78 on Etsy or $88 via their website. They are currently only available in black.

Silc Arts Silc Touch

Silc Arts Silc Touch saves my fingers from hurting while using dildos and gives me a whole new way to use grinders.

The Suction Cup Handle is compatible with toys that have a built-in suction cup, toys with a flat base if used with a double-sided suction cup, and small flat toys such as grinders. The suction cup should not exceed 2.75″ diameter when flattened. The Vac-U-Lock Handle is compatible with toys that have a Vac-U-Lock hole. The Vac-U-Lock connection is pretty strong; there’s no risk of the handle popping out unintentionally without a lot of lube. It takes a bit of effort to put together and take apart, but I don’t find it too difficult.

I don’t get as much leverage as I’d like with the handles. Keeping my hand(s) at belly button level is awkward, but it’s also awkward to grasp the base of a toy and thrust. Reclining is the most comfortable position and is easy to work with. There’s less chance of a heavy toy drooping or slipping off, it’s easy for me to make any adjustments, and it’s easy to rub my dick.

When I’m lying down, I sometimes need to curl a bit to use the handle, which is somehow less comfortable than if I bent further to just grab the base of the dildo myself. I can make this position work out with some of my medium size toys if I’m on my back with my hips tilted upwards, letting gravity help push the dildo in and using the handle to pull it out/upwards. It’s great for a slow lovemaking fantasy. Otherwise, I’d need the handle to be 6-9″ longer to make it really comfortable to use while lying on my back.

Kneeling forward is okay for a doggystyle fantasy, but having to prop myself up while also moving the handle means I have to move slowly. Still, it’s a way to get that position without a suction cup on a wall (and frankly I’ve never gotten that to work well for me) or contorting to reach behind myself.

Slow and steady movements work best. Long thrusts work, but moving only an inch at a time in and out is easiest. Smaller dildos and the Vac-U-Lock are easiest to use at a faster pace.

In all cases, I get the most out of the handle with two points of contact: One hand near the end and the other along the curve. This lets me move the handle while keeping it stable. This might seem to defeat the point of the handle—one of my hands is right by the base—but even so, there are a few major benefits from using the handle:

  • No pressure on my fingers
  • No worries about grasping the base even if it’s small or wet
  • Movement comes from wrists and/or arms
  • Less effort to keep a dildo deep inside
  • More pressure at the base of the toy for deep thrusts

The Silc Touch is great with grinders as well as dildos. All I need to do is press the back of a grinder against the flat face of the Suction Cup Handle, sit back, and rub the grinder against myself with the handle. Since I’m not thrusting in and out, the friction of the silicone against plastic is sufficient to keep it in place. It’s very easy to hold, with one hand on the curve and, optionally, another near the end of the handle.

It doesn’t really work with large or bulky grinders. Small to mid-size grinders, the kind that would fit in your hand, work very well. The biggest consideration is size. As long as the base isn’t much wider than the flat part of the handle (2.75″ wide), it should stay in place and have pressure well distributed. In some cases, the grinder can be notably wider than the handle, but it works out as long as the center of the handle is behind the point of the grinder that I want to grind against. I’ve found that it works with most of my grinders.

The Silc Touch works so well for grinders that this is the main way I use the Suction Cup Handle. The only downside is that the length of the handle gets in the way. If the end of the handle were moved down so that it were even with the flat part, that would be easier to use.

Silc Arts is developing a second version of the Silc Touch, per posts on Twitter/X. The added length and different shape should make it easier to use the handle lying down or doggystyle.

The Silc Touch starts at $99.

See also: Full review for Silc Arts Silc Touch and Monster Dildo

Vac-U-Lock Silc Touch and Monster dildo


Vac-U-Lock ports should all be the same size, so they should all be compatible with the Silc Touch Vac-U-Lock Handle. Due to the size, however, Vac-U-Lock ports may not be available on small or soft toys. The following fantasy shops offer Vac-U-Lock:

Vac-U-Lock holes are added as part of the production process for each individual toy, so cannot be added to a toy that has already been made.

Suction Cups

The below shops sell double-sided suction cups, which can be used together with a flat-based toy and the Suction Cup Handle as long as the suction cup is less than 2.75″ across when flattened:

Many shops offer toys with suction cup bases, so I won’t list them all here.

Which Accessory Works Best?

Each of these accessories has its own unique features and addresses different needs, so a 1-to-1 comparison wouldn’t be perfect. These are the ways I prefer to use them:

  • Lust Arts Thruster Handle: Reclining position; small to medium toys; up to a moderately fast pace.
  • Liberator Wing: Large grinders; slow to moderate dildo riding; hugging while riding/grinding. Accommodates almost any size dildo if paired with a harness.
  • Harfordil: Riding almost any size dildo up to a fast pace. Very versatile positioning. May be paired with an O-ring.
  • Silc Arts Silc Touch (Suction Cup): Reclining or lying down; slow to moderate pace; smaller to medium size dildos; small to medium size grinders.
  • Silc Arts Silc Touch (Vac-U-Lock): Reclining or lying down; up to a moderately fast pace; requires toys with Vac-U-Lock holes added during production.

All of these accessories add variety to my personal playtime and save my wrists some strain.

While I could recommend any of these quality products if they fit your needs, the Lust Arts Thruster Handle and Harfordil are the two I most highly recommend to anyone as part of your toybox. The handle is straightfoward, Harfordil is extremely versatile, and both are very effective and easy to store.

Lust Arts Thruster Handle
Liberator Wing
20spoons (Etsy) / Harfordil (website)
Silc Arts (website) / Silc Touch  (Etsy)

This article contains affiliate links and I may earn a commission from qualifying sales. I received the Harfordils in exchange for inclusion in this article. I received the Silc Touch handles in exchange for inclusion in a previous article, which was copied in part into this one.

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