Review: Paladin Pleasure Sculptors Calypso Grinder

Calypso from Paladin Pleasure Sculptors is a unique and beautiful merfolk grinder. It looks absolutely gorgeous in every color I’ve seen so far, many of which truly give it the appearance of shimmering scales. It also appeals to my interest in aquatic designs; some people are dragonfuckers, but I’ll follow the siren’s call any day.

It’s no wonder I like Calypso: I designed and sculpted the model myself. I’m absolutely flattered by the positive response from collectors—it practically flies off the digital shelves—and in constant awe of the magic that PPS works with colors on this toy.

Two Calypsos and two Puppicorns


Calypso is a vulva grinder with aquatic inspiration. A lightly textured vaginal dip is nestled between frilly labia. Two erect, hooded clits sit at the top, one connected to the labia minora and the other to the labia majora. Two sets of fins fan out along the sides of the scaled base.

(Not familiar with grinders? Check out this guide by Queer Mushroom Forest.)

A lot of the designs I make aren’t planned in advance; I come up with a concept and then play about with sculpting until it turns into something coherent. This one started out as a penetrable design, but was too plain without much detail. I couldn’t figure out how to finish it, so I shelved it for a couple of months. Then I opened up the file, added the labia and scales, emphasized details, and made it into a grinder instead.

Paladin Pleasure Sculptors contacted me to purchase the design, and in September 2022, the first Calypsos were put up for sale.

I intentionally avoid gendering the model because I created it without a specific gender in mind, and so far PPS has not created a character or gender for it, though the name is feminine. I made one of the clits large enough to be prominent, but not an obvious or hyper-sized t-dick the way I do with some models, in the hopes that it could easily read as either cis or trans.

My own Calypsos are a custom coloration of green, silver, and translucent, aiming for the appearance of a merfolk in swampy waters. (This is loosely based on an Everglades merman from one of my fanfics, though in the story, the merman is cisgender.)

Specs & Ordering

Calypso comes in small and large sizes. The small is about 3.5″ wide, 5″ long, and 1.3″ tall, with a slit 1″ long and up to 0.5″ deep. The large is about 5″ wide, 7″ long, and 2″ tall, with a slit 1.5″ long and up to 0.7″ deep. Both of mine are in soft firmness 00-30. The small is floppy if I wave it around, but the large is chunky and pretty solid in this firmness.

Large Calypsos are $70 ($92.50 for Near Clear) and small Calypsos are $40 ($55 for Near Clear). Near Clear is more translucent than the regular Ecoflex silicone that PPS uses, which shows off shimmery colors much better.

It is only available through drops/restocks, which PPS announces through their newsletter (sign-ups available at the bottom of their site) and on Twitter. Right now, Calypsos sell out within minutes, so I recommend keeping track of the drops if you’re after one.

While my colorway was custom-made, this was an exception I received as the designer and is not something that PPS currently offers.

One really cool thing about drop toys: PPS occasionally partners with other shops for mold swaps, meaning those shops pour some PPS models in their own style, which PPS then sells in a drop.

In Use

Small Calypso is comparable to a lot of hand-held or palm-sized grinders, while large Calypso is more akin to one that you would strap down.

The ridges of the clits and labia are really nice. Most other grinders I have don’t have this sharp an angle or details this thin. It makes for a strong sensation when moving side-to-side, which I also get a little bit when pushing forward, just from natural sliding about.

With water or lube, it’s possible to get some suction in the vaginal entrance with a finger laid partially flat, but not in use given the oblong shape. Even without getting suction, this grinder can get noisy in use as a result of this feature.

The scale texture is mild and the scales and fins are not that easy to access in use. They’re more decorative than functional, at least for me.

Large Calypso fits the fantasy of having a life-size partner (or larger!) and is my favorite of the two in use. It works best when propped up on a support, such as pillows, towels, or furniture like my Liberator Wing.

The clits give me something solid to rub against and, in this firmness, they really sell the fantasy of a soft and erect clit. With my growth from T, I’m able to penetrate the slit and feel the moderate texture against the sides of my shaft, but can’t press down for the level of pressure that I prefer. The fins at the sides don’t get in the way and don’t chafe.

Orally, large Calypso is fantastic. It’s easy to eat out the slit and suck the larger clit. The noisiness of the slit just makes this experience better.

Small Calypso is easy to hold. I can sit back and rub it against myself, which is particularly nice when moving it side-by-side to get stimulation from the raised labia and clits. It’s much thinner than the large, so I need a handle to get the pressure I like without hurting my hand, but the texture alone is pretty nice even without pressure. The clits are surprisingly prominent even in this size and firmness.

The small size and oblong shape it possible to use this like a wearable grinder by inserting it into my underwear and grinding against blankets or pillows, with less mess than some other handheld grinders of different shapes. It’s not ideal for this purpose, but it is one way to use it. It can also be propped on my Liberator Wing without much fuss, though it’s easier to slide off than the large if I’m really going at it.

Unlike the large, the fins on the small catch on my thighs when maneuvering the toy by hand. They’re small and flexible, so it doesn’t hinder use so much as make it a little annoying. They don’t get in the way when the toy is propped up.


Calypso is one of my favorite grinders. It fits my merfolk fantasies, features solid texture, and works well with my transmasc anatomy. The large is the perfect size and works best when propped up, while the small is great for handheld use.

I’m proud of this design. It carries colors beautifully and is way better in use than I imagined. I’m thrilled and flattered that it’s popular right now, and always impressed with the work that Paladin Pleasure Sculptors does with this model.

Paladin Pleasure Sculptors Website
Calypso Model Page

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