Review: PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator

PinkPunch‘s Sunset Mushroom is the cutest vibrator I’ve ever seen. A lot of companies aim to make sex toys that don’t look like sex toys, and PinkPunch has succeeded with this adorable mushroom-shaped bullet vibe.

Seeing so many content creators with this vibe made me curious: Was the vibe actually good, or was it all just marketing? I was fortunate enough to be one of the individuals they reached out to when sending out toys for review, so I could find out how good it was for myself.

PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom inside its charging capsule

Design & Specs

The Sunset Mushroom’s name speaks for itself: It’s a mushroom in sunset colors. The head is very round, painted pink and fading to yellow at the edges, then fading back to pink along the curved stem. A tiny handle sticks out near the end of the stem to which one can attach a silicone retrieval cord included with the toy. The power button is on the very bottom of the stem. The whole thing fits in the palm of my hand and is 3.5″ long, about the length of a typical bullet vibe.

The vibrator is fully encapsulated inside a layer of translucent, unpigmented silicone, making it waterproof. The site states the silicone is food-grade and body-safe, and after speaking with their customer service, they told me the silicone is platinum-cure. It feels like platinum cure and hasn’t caused me any irritation, so I trust it to be body-safe as claimed. The only downside I’ve found to the silicone coating is that it makes the power button difficult to press.

The capsule charger is charged via USB connection, and the Sunset Mushroom charges while inside the capsule. The charger should hold three full charges’ worth of energy, and the amount that’s left can be checked by pressing the button on the side and seeing how much of the bar lights up. The heart-shaped light inside the capsule pulsates when the Mushroom is charging. I’m a big fan of this charger: it’s easy to store and transport the toy, and I don’t have to remember to charge it that often. The Mushroom’s battery duration is about 60 minutes, so that’s around 3 hours of charge that the charger can carry, for 4 hours until recharge is needed if both are fully charged.

Sunset Mushroom next to Blush Silver Bullet

The one thing I really don’t like is that the vibrator smells like plastic. It was very strong when I first got the vibe, and even months later, the smell persists. Since it started fading, it no longer bothers me, but it made for a negative first impression.

The button at the bottom of the vibrator can be held for three seconds to turn it on; it vibrates twice to indicate that it’s on, then sits idle until the button is pressed again. It has three strengths of straight vibrations followed by five patterns. The strength of each pattern is not variable unless you have the app. To turn off the vibrator, hold the button for another three seconds.

Vibration patterns visual from PinkPunch’s website


PinkPunch sells directly from their own website. The Sunset Mushroom list price is $99, but you can take 30% off with affiliate code FROST to drop the price to about $69. They run sales throughout the year as well, such as 30% off for Valentine’s at the time I’m writing this.

The vibrator was shipped in a discreet brown box, but its product packaging is bright and cheery. PinkPunch’s aesthetic is cutesy, bright, and bold. Like the Mushroom itself, it steers away from the sleek minimalism of many vibrator companies and embraces its own unique personality.

The charging capsule is brightly colored, the USB cord is pink and includes the logo, and the box included goodies like a pin and stickers, something I more often see included with fantasy toy packages than vibrators. It’s cute, fun, and makes sense from a marketing perspective with the way they’re building their brand.

In Use

The Sunset Mushroom is a pretty solid vibe all around.

It’s easy to hold the end of the stem without feeling like my knuckles are going to vibrate out of my skin, and it’s very convenient to hold such a small vibe while riding a dildo. I find that bullet vibes can become painful to hold and larger vibes are a lot less convenient to use while riding, so that’s two bonus points to the Mushroom.

The tip of the broad head is where I get the most focused vibrations, but otherwise, all parts of the head seem to have similar vibration strength. This is particularly nice given the growth I have from T. With a typical bullet vibe, the vibrations are focused on a particular point on my dick. The broader shape of this vibe means I can apply the vibrations to more surface area without fully sacrificing the focused vibrations of a bullet vibe. This is also convenient when riding a dildo at the same time, since the movement would cause a typical bullet vibe to shift and lose the spot I’m focusing on; if the area I’m focusing is larger, the shifting has less impact.

I can stimulate a whole side of my dick at once, or focus on half the head, or get a nice combo of stimulating my dick and my outer labia. I don’t usually care about labia stimulation, but this vibe has me rethinking that.

However, without a tapered tip, it doesn’t have the same pinpoint vibrations as a standard shape bullet vibe. I can’t always reach orgasm without that kind of targeted stimulation or a certain level of power. If this vibe had a more tapered tip or one more power level, I think it would tick that box for me.

The vibrations are a decent level, neither particularly strong nor weak, but good enough to get me off most of the time. I don’t hate the patterns, but I’m not that big on them. It’s not whisper-quiet as advertised, but it can’t be heard through a door on the second power level. (I’m not so sure about the third, but using it under a blanket should muffle that enough.)

The Mushroom includes a silicone cord that can be connected to the tiny handle for insertion. I prefer to use vibes externally, but this one’s not too bad vaginally. Since it’s small, it sits just inside my entrance, where I’m most sensitive. Using the vibe on its own, I pretty much have to pick one mode, insert, and leave it be, which is a bit boring. This is where the app comes in handy.

PinkPunch App

The PinkPunch app, which I used on iOS, is a partner app for any compatible PinkPunch models. It includes remote control options via Bluetooth or long-distance partnered play, along with other sections like a shop link, toy info, and a personal profile. When starting up the app, it asked if I was male or female; I was worried this might restrict functionality, but I think it was just so it could show me the male default avatars. (I could still pick any available avatar and can change it at any time.)

The design is all bold and neon with moving parts. The movement on screen is a pretty normal amount for an app until using the remote control options. All of the remote control modes have so much movement I wasn’t sure what I could interact with, and the movement is very distracting; I’d rather not look at the screen if it’s going to do all that. I can’t actually interact with any of the moving parts on the vibration mode screens.

The remote control options offer a very smooth experience. Swiping left or right enables different vibration modes, including standard no-pattern vibrations, various different patterns, and a random vibration setting. Sliding up and down changes the strength (much more smoothly than the 1-2-3 speed options of the vibe’s own button) and is an option for all modes.

The random vibration setting (called Lottery) isn’t a true random setting; it periodically switches between vibration modes, picking one at random. Still, this is way better than the random modes on other vibes I’ve tried, which are usually a single preset pattern that I get bored of because it’s the same thing every time.

I find that the app works best when the toy is inserted, since then both hands are free for external play or using the app. It’s awkward to use the app while also holding the toy against myself, but in that case, at least I have the buttons on the bottom of it. I stick to the standard vibrations or the random mode, and change the strength up and down for some variety.


PinkPunch‘s Sunset Mushroom is an adorable bullet vibe that can be used both externally and internally. The shape works well for my anatomy as a trans man with growth from T, and it’s easy to hold while riding a dildo. The companion app offers better controls than the button on the vibe itself, but works best when the vibe is used internally rather than externally.

If you need a strong vibrator or you prioritize strength, this may not be the vibe for you. A Blush bullet vibe feels stronger, in part thanks to the focused tip, and those run around $30-40. Around the same price point as the Mushroom, something like the Tango/Tango X or NĂ¼ Sensuelle Point would be way stronger.

If you love the aesthetic, want a bullet that doubles as a small internal vibe, or like the sound of broad stimulation from a toy smaller than a wand, the Sunset Mushroom should be a good fit for you.

At the moment, PinkPunch only offers two products: The Sunset Mushroom and Peachu, a peach-shaped suction vibrator. I absolutely love the creativity of the Sunset Mushroom and would love to see more products using such clever shapes and designs, especially if they can come up with something a little bit stronger than the Mushroom. I’ll be keeping an eye out to see what they come out with next.

PinkPunch Website
PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom
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