Review: Creature Feature Toys Emblazoned Artemis Dragon Dildo

Creature Feature Toys’ Artemis—which comes in two versions: standard and emblazoned—is a beautiful dragon model. The emblazoned version, which I have, is larger and more textured than the standard, fitting comfortably into my size and aesthetic preferences. In place of scales, the base features spikes, giving it a suitably dragon-like appearance.

Creature Feature Toys has been open for a little over a year now. I already enjoyed the Kose that I purchased from them, so I was excited to try out another one of their models. That the character is a dragon is a plus: It’s dragons that pulled me into the fantasy dildo scene to start with, and I love seeing all the takes on these fantastical creatures.

I was provided this toy in exchange for an honest review.

* Update 1/8/22: The official sizing for this model has changed. While this review refers to a small-size toy, the sizing I received is now considered a medium-size toy.

Artemis toy next to Artemis art card


Small* Emblazoned Artemis is pretty thick for a small. The shaft reaches a girth of about 2.25″ diameter (6.5″ circumference), though the usable length is a comfortable 6″. For my tastes, it’s a near perfect fit.

The shaft is a relatively consistent size throughout. It features a low-detail, rounded head, plate-like texture on the top of the shaft, and three ridges on the underside. In medium firmness (00-50), it’s decently squishy without being too soft.

The pour is a shimmery three-color marble of seafoam (light blue-green), bubblegum (vibrant pink), and gold, and they all glow in the dark. The shimmer really stands out thanks to the glossy finish, and the marbling style leads to beautiful ribbons between the gold and seafoam. While I think the gold overpowered the other colors**, the color combination ultimately gives me a neat art nouveau vibe.

** Not that I’m disappointed with the outcome; it’s exactly what I requested. The unpredictable nature of silicone means we won’t always get the ideal pour and colors may not match the image in our heads, and that’s okay.


I received this toy in exchange for a review and did not go through the standard ordering process. Creature Feature Toys accepts custom orders alongside offering premade inventory.

The toy arrived sealed in a plastic bag. Included in the package were two stickers (one holographic), a care card, a card featuring art of the shop’s characters, a small card with the character Artemis on it, and two squishies: one Critter Fritter (a tiny Emblazoned Artemis) and one slice of pie.

At time of writing, a custom three-color small* Emblazoned Artemis with glow costs $80.

All the items received

In Use (Vaginal)

Size-wise, as mentioned, this is a nice fit for me. Emblazoned Artemis is thick enough to be filling, thin enough to thrust easily, long enough to provide A-spot stimulation, and short enough for me to fully hilt—That’s a win all around.

The curve is good for both shallow and deep penetration, though I find it can take a little maneuvering to get consistent G-spot or A-spot stimulation from the head when using with the curve facing upward. Rotating it halfway so the underside is against my front wall gets me some solid G-spot stimulation, which is excellent.

The base doesn’t have much weight to it, so when riding, I typically have to hold it down with one hand if not using a double-sided suction cup. Thrusting is a lot easier in comparison. There’s enough base to grip onto, though the spike at the top of the base doesn’t make for a sturdy handle.

The texture is quite interesting. The ridges along the underside provide lovely stimulation, smooth but not too subtle, while the plates on the top are more prominent. The geometric shape and flattened edges stand out and they feel about the same way they look, giving me a unique sensation that I’m not sure I’m into. It’s not bad, but it’s not my favorite.

Despite the prominent texture, this is a really smooth ride; the glossy finish makes sure of that. While I prefer matte toys since they provide more friction, it can be a nice change of pace when I want something textured yet gentle.

The spikes at the base don’t provide much to grind against and can be a little awkward, especially given my growth from T. There are spikes right along the center on both the front and back sides of the base, and the closest spike ends up pressing against the underside of my dick or even inside the foreskin. Since they’re silicone, it’s not painful, but it isn’t exactly pleasant. I have to rotate the toy slightly to avoid this.

This toy works well with both water- and oil-based lubes.

Artemis next to Kose


Creature Feature Toys carries beautiful models and has consistently gorgeous pours. Emblazoned Artemis is a neat take on a dragon-inspired model. It features a fair amount of texture yet is smooth in use, and the curve is fairly decent. The small* size is really nice for my medium-size-loving self. The spikes at the base are awkward when taking the toy to the hilt, but rotating the toy mitigates the discomfort.

This toy isn’t a perfect fit for me, but between the colors, size, and texture, there’s a lot to love about it. I would wholeheartedly recommend Creature Feature Toys as a whole, and could recommend this model to anyone who enjoys glossy toys and is interested in a dragon-inspired toy.

Creature Feature Toys Website
Emblazoned Artemis Model Page

This post does not contain any affiliate links. I received the toy in exchange for an honest review.

Original post date: Nov 12, 2021.

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