Phenomenal Fantasy #1

Phenomenal Fantasy highlights new and exciting changes in the indie and fantasy sex toy world, from new models to big sales. It’s an ever-changing market fueled by passion and creativity. I hold a lot of love for the artists who craft these toys and I want to do more than just review their products; I want to share the neat things they’re doing, point buyers to good deals, and make it easier to keep track of all of this in an age where social media limits the reach of adult businesses.

The indie and fantasy shops featured here produce high-quality toys made from body-safe materials, primarily platinum cure silicone, in a dazzling array of colors. These toys are hand-crafted by passionate creators, so each one is unique.

Phenomenal Fantasy is a feature and does not cover all sales, new releases, sneak peeks, or events. To keep up-to-date with your favorite shops and exclusive offers, sign up for their newsletters and follow them on social media.

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Table of Contents

New Releases

These past couple months saw a flurry of new friends entering the fantasy realm, including dragons, demons, and a host of high-texture designs.

Scroll down for a collage showcasing these models.

Note: Most indie and fantasy shops are very small operations with a low production volume. New models may sell out fast. Take note of a shop’s upcoming restock/drop dates to see the next time new inventory will be added. Some of these models are not yet released, but the majority are projected to be released by the end of November.

The new models mentioned above, in the same order. Images are from the respective shops.

Rehomed Models

New shops spring up all the time, but so too do shops shut down. While some models may be gone for good, others are sold to active shops. The below models have been recently picked up by shops who will continue to produce them. Some of these models may have been edited, so may not be exactly the same as the originals.

Some of these models are currently available while the rest are scheduled to debut in Black Friday drops.

  • Dragon Grinder (Fantasy Grove): A broad, highly textured grinder with spikes and scales (originally produced by Foxy Moxy)
  • Dragon’s Tail (Wandering Bard): A curved, tapered, scaly tail designed by Nix (originally produced by Monster Smash as “Zilla’s Tail”)
  • Fable the Crystal Unicorn (Colorful Cook): A round-tipped spiraling horn with crystals along the base (originally produced by Foxy Moxy as “Crystal Unicorn Horn”)
  • Hammer of Glory (Fantasy Grove): A hammer penetrable that comes in two varieties, one with the hole in the head of the hammer and the other with the hole in the shaft (originally produced by Foxy Moxy as “Thunder Hammer”)
  • Horiss (Strange Bedfellas): A devilish equine dildo designed by ExcelDDesigns (originally produced by Damn Average as “Devil’s Mustang”)
  • Horned One’s Token (Fantasy Grove): A short, moderately thin stroker with Celtic inspired designs on the outside (originally produced by Foxy Moxy as “Celtic Knot Stroker)
  • King Kong (Paladin Pleasure Sculptors): A stout, knotted, curved dildo designed by Nix (originally produced by Monster Smash as “Kong”)
  • Shin (Paladin Pleasure Sculptors): A dildo with skeletal ribs designed by Nix (originally produced by Monster Smash)
  • Trident (Fantasy Grove): A set of three slender tentacles (originally produced by Foxy Moxy)

New Shops

These new shops have joined the scene, offering new and unique models and pours.

Sales & Drops

Check out Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and drops below!

Some drops/restocks may not include discounts and some shops may have discounts not listed here. Some discounts may only show up in cart or at checkout. Drop times are listed in the shop’s own time zone + EST. Check the shop’s site or social media for further details on sales, including start/end times. I will continue updating this list through 11/23.

Click the ✨ to see reviews I’ve written for that shop.

  • Alchemist Echidna: Drop on Tuesday 11/21 9pm EST | Guided customs open Friday 11/24 9pm EST | 50% off old inventory 11/24-11/26
  • All Night Toys: 40% off stock, 40% off standard single color toys, and 25% off customs 11/24 12am PST (3am EST) – 11/28 12am PST (3am EST)
  • Aubergine: 20% off 11/20-11/26
  • Baphomet’s Workshop: 30% off all inventory and 40% off big bears
  • Bat Bites: Customs for Black Gold coloration open Friday 11/24 6pm EST | Drop on Friday 11/24 8pm EST | 20% off inventory 11/25, 30% off 11/26, 45% off 11/27, 60% off 11/28-11/30 | 30% off Black Gold customs
  • Built Up Beasts: Drop on Friday 11/24 12pm EST | 40% off old stock, 25% off new stock
  • Carnal Compendium : 40% off 11/21-11/27
  • Creature Feature Toys : Drop on Friday 11/24 12pm EST | Up to 20% off old stock – Additional promotions on the site
  • Dee’s Big Daddies: 25% off 11/24 EST
  • Dread the Empire: Drop on Friday 11/24 at 1pm CST (2pm EST) | 45% off select items starting 11/24 12am CST (1am EST)
  • Erotic Effect : Drop on Friday 11/24 3pm NZDT (Thursday 11/23 9pm EST) | 25% off 11/23-11/27 NZDT (32.5% off with code: FROST)
  • FactoryD: Drop on Monday 11/27 8pm EST | 20% off customs and 20-30% off premades
  • Fantasy Grove : Drop on Friday 11/24 2pm EST | 25% off new stock, 40% off old stock
  • Friendly Toys: 20% off 11/23-11/27
  • Frisky Labz: 25% off 11/24-11/26
  • From The Edge: 30% off inventory 11/24-11/26
  • Hodge Podge Entourage : 30% 0ff 11/20 12pm EST -11/27 11:59 pm EST | BOGO or 40% off Friday 11/24 12am EST – 11:59pm EST
  • Howling Horrors: 25% off inventory and 15% off customs 11/17-12/1
  • HumpToy: Inventory is 10% off 11/20, 20% off 11/21, 30% off 11/22, 40% off 11/23, 50% off 11/24
  • Kisu and Friends: 25% off inventory with code BLACKFRIDAY 11/24-11/27 | Additional 20% off Halloween stock
  • Kraken Monster Lab: 20% off inventory 11/24 10am AEST – 11/27 12am AEST (11/23 6pm EST – 11/26 8am EST)
  • Kreature Toys : 25% off through 12/31
  • A Krows Nest: 40% off all November
  • Kudu Voodoo: 40% off old stock, 20% off new stock 11/23 11:30pm CST (11/24 12:30am EST) – 11/27 11:30pm CST (11/28 12:30am EST) | Purchases are eligible for entries into a custom giveaway
  • Lair of Lust: 20% off customs and 40% off inventory
  • Lycantasy : 35% off Lump of Coal and Yuletide colorations | Free squishies with orders
  • Magic Within : Up to 40% off inventory and single-color customs
  • Midnight Menagerie: 25% off new stock and 40% off old stock 11/24 12pm AEST – 11/27 12pm AEST (11/23 8pm EST – 11/26 8pm EST)
  • Neotori : 10% off customs, 20% off premades, 30% off flops and selected models
  • NoodleCrafters: Inventory is 10% off 11/20, 20% off 11/21, 30% off 11/22, 40% off 11/23, 50% off 11/24
  • Odyssey Toys: 20% off with code BLACK20 11/10-11/30
  • Paladin Pleasure Sculptors : Drop on Friday 11/24 2pm CST (3pm EST) | 15% off inventory
  • Phoenixflame Creations: 50% off 11/24 EST
  • Phreak: Up to 40% off inventory all November
  • Pleasure Forge : Drop on Thursday 11/23 10pm EST | 15% off inventory 11/23 10pm EST – 11/30 (20% off for newsletter subscribers with an emailed code)
  • Rexalpha: 25% off 11/24-11/26
  • Simply Elegant Glass: 35% off most toys (11/20-11/30)
  • Something Squishy Toys: 20% off customs, MTOs, and mystery boxes 11/23-11/26 EST | 35% off premade stock 11/23, 45% off premade stock 11/24-11/26
  • Strange Bedfellas : Drop on Friday 11/24 10am CST (11am EST), Friend Requests and Customs opening Saturday 11/25 10am CST (11am EST) | 20% off inventory 11/24-11/26 CST | 30% off inventory 11/27 CST
  • Tentickle Toys: Drop on Friday 11/24 6pm GMT (1pm EST) | 35% off old inventory and 20% off MTOs 11/23-11/27 | BOGO half off 11/24-11/27
  • ThemFriends: 15% off inventory and 25% off solid black toys 11/24-11/28
  • Top Notch Dongs: 20-30% off inventory and 10% off customs 11/24
  • Twilight Meadow Creations: 35% off old stock and 25% off newer stock 11/23 6pm EST – 11/26 6pm EST | 45% off old stock and 35% off newer stock 11/26 6pm EST – 11/28 6pm EST (newsletter subscribers only)
  • Twin Tail Creations : 30-40% off Dark Matter toys, 20% off signature color customs, 20% off inventory, 10% off For Science surprise customs 11/23 9pm PST – 11/27 9pm PST (11/24 12am EST – 11/28 12am EST) | 24K Gold Vein hourly drops
  • Uberrime (Etsy): 20% off 11/24 12am EST – 11/27
  • Uncover Creations : Up to 30% off dildos and up to 50% off grinders, extenders, and sheaths
  • Vagary Grove: 30% off snails and 50% off berries
  • Wandering Bard : Drop on Monday 11/20 6pm EST | 20% off most stock 11/20 6pm EST – 11/26 6pm EST | 10% off Firbolg & Dryad 11/24 6pm EST – 11/26 6pm EST
  • Weredog : 30% off non-flop inventory and 30% off jet black customs 11/23 11:59pm GMT/6:59pm EST – 11/27 11:59pm GMT/6:59pm EST
  • The Wicked Hunt: Customs for Black Friday & Ghost colorations open Friday 11/24 12am PST (3am EST) | 35% off old inventory 11/24-11/27
  • Wyvern’s Vault: Drop on Saturday 11/25 4pm CST (5pm EST) | 25% off old stock & BOGO on tiger and gargoyle squishies 11/11-11/30, plus additional discounts all day 11/24 and the first 12 hours 11/27 CST

Many retailers are also offering sales this weekend!

  • Early to Bed: 10% off everything, or 20% off We-Vibe, Womanizer, and Fun Factory, with code CYBER23 11/23-11/27 | Early to Bed carries a selection of silicone dildos, including fantasy dildos from Uberrime, and they have a gender gear section that includes the FTM Pitstop PeenPocket, a super comfortable wearable prosthetic
  • Liberator : 30% off sitewide with code BF30 and 60% off sale items
  • Peepshow Toys: 20-25% off sitewide


Recent reviews of indie and fantasy sex toys and related products.


  • Looking for a gift this shopping season, but don’t know exactly what to get? Want a small surprise for an online collector friend? Or maybe you want to take advantage of the sales but decide on the exact toy later? Gift cards put the choice in the recipient’s hands.
  • Funkit Toys offers affordable toys year-round, including dildos as low as $20.
  • Twilight Meadow Creations is cooking up a video game side project in collaboration with other shops – check out the teaser!
  • Fantasy Grove‘s unique starry pours like Lunar Lullaby and Mermaid’s Dream will be in stock for their Black Friday drop.
  • New huge toys on the market for those who like them big: XXL Aearvon from Erotic Effect (see my review of the much smaller medium size Aearvon here) and Legendary Vein from All Night Toys (for those who want their own 19 inches of Venom Vein)

Inclusion of any shops or products in this article is not necessarily an endorsement, and exclusion from this article is not intended as a slight or lack of endorsement. This article is not intended to be 100% comprehensive. Shops are welcome to advertise their seasonal sales or new releases in the comments of this article or my social media posts advertising this article.

This post includes affiliate links and I may earn a commission from qualifying sales.

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