Phenomenal Fantasy #2

Phenomenal Fantasy highlights new and exciting changes in the indie and fantasy sex toy world, from new models to big sales. It’s an ever-changing market fueled by passion and creativity. I hold a lot of love for the artists who craft these toys and I want to do more than just review their products; I want to share the neat things they’re doing, point buyers to good deals, and make it easier to keep track of all of this in an age where social media limits the reach of adult businesses.

The indie and fantasy shops featured here produce high-quality toys made from body-safe materials, primarily platinum cure silicone, in a dazzling array of colors. These toys are hand-crafted by passionate creators, so each one is unique.

Phenomenal Fantasy is a feature and does not cover all sales, new releases, sneak peeks, or events. To keep up-to-date with your favorite shops and exclusive offers, sign up for their newsletters and follow them on social media.

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Table of Contents

New Releases

A bunch of new models have been released in the past month, wrapping up the year with some amazing new designs.

Note: Most indie and fantasy shops are very small operations with a low production volume. New models may sell out fast. Take note of a shop’s upcoming restock/drop dates to see the next time new inventory will be added.

The new models mentioned above, in almost the same order. Images are from the respective shops.

New Shops

  • Darkmoon Desires – Darkmoon Desires has picked up Afternoon Delights’ full lineup, including The Traveler, The Magistrate, The Hive Queen, and more
  • Nyoon
  • Velociraptoys

Sales & Drops

Some drops/restocks may not include discounts and some shops may have discounts not listed here. Some discounts may only show up in cart or at checkout. Drop times are listed in the shop’s own time zone + EST. Check the shop’s site or social media for further details on sales, including start/end times.

Many shops not listed here have a lot of beautiful toys still in stock. If you don’t see your fave shops here, check them out directly to see their inventory and deals!

Click the ✨ to see reviews I’ve written for that shop.


Recent reviews of indie and fantasy sex toys and related products.


  • Twilight Meadow Creations has over 100 toys in stock, including a ton of beautiful pastels and lots of gold
  • Erotic Effect has some stunners in stock, including toys with heart-shaped inclusions
  • Fantasy Grove is highlighting their beautiful pours from over the years on Twitter/X with hashtags #newyearsflashback #pourprogression
  • Bat Bites is making magic with stunning colorations like Fire Opal and Infernal Majesty
  • Many indie shops host giveaways on social media; there’s been a number of them already this holiday season! Consider following your faves on your platform of choice to keep up-to-date with chances to win a cool new toy.

The beautiful custom Tatsuya that I won as part of Raw Love Studio’s monthly giveaway, “A Mini Photo Journey

Inclusion of any shops or products in this article is not necessarily an endorsement, and exclusion from this article is not intended as a slight or lack of endorsement. This article is not intended to be 100% comprehensive. Shops are welcome to advertise their seasonal sales or new releases in the comments of this article or my social media posts advertising this article.

This post includes affiliate links and I may earn a commission from qualifying sales.

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